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We strive to provide the most correct value to our readers and advertisers. We welcome all interested parties to connect with us for the advertising opportunity. aggregates the best stories on the web regarding web design, development and associated topics. We also feature the top guides, tutorials, and interviews with industry experts. At WebDesignTips, we are committed to foster the growth of the Web Design community and thus our primary audience is everyone who loves or owns a website.

 Our Audience

  • Website owners
  • Bloggers
  • Website Designer
  • Website Developers
  • Website Design Agencies
  • Website Development Companies

Anyone who designs a website or is a Website Expert visits our website. Anyone who owns a website and looking to troubleshoot his problem visits our website.

Why do Website Designer and their customers visit our Website?

We have a separate section where we feature the best web designers and their works. So, you will get the best of everything related to web design and web designers at the same place. These website experts are featured and they advertise our website further to their audience which makes our website a virtual community.

Who can advertise on our Website?

If you have a digital service or product which will interest our readers, then we invite you to inquire with us about the advertising opportunity. We only seek long-term collaborations with businesses that share our vision. Even if your budget is not big, we encourage you to connect with us.

  • Website Design Professional to get visibility.
  • Website Development Professional to get visibility.
  • Website Design or Development Agencies / Companies to get visibility.
  • Any Website Theme or Plugin Developers to get to our audience.

Currently, we have five different advertising options- sponsored posts, display banners, custom marketing solutions, sponsored review and featured designer in the future.

5 Ways to Advertise with

1. Sponsored Posts

With a sponsored post, you get a permanent article on our site. Writing a sponsored post is a good way to increase exposure to your site. There are three different types of sponsored post packages beginning from only 60 USD per post.

  • $0.00

Submission Guidelines for Sponsored Posts

  • Please include Sponsored Post in your subject line.
  • Please write the post in such a way that it covers the topic completely.
  • Minimum of 800 words. (We have seen advertisers posting content with 1500-3000 words of quality content getting better results)
  • Please keep the topic about WebDesign and Web Development or something this audience loves. If unsure about the topic, do send us an email to
  • Please provide the Image of the Sponsored posts which we will further improve ourselves with respect to its dimensions and colour shades. If you are out of ideas, please do include them in your email and we will help you out with an image.
  • When you reach out to us, please include details about your product or service and link to the page to which you wish to link back or feature on our website. It helps us understand and reply to you optimally.
  • If you are a digital marketing agency and wish to get your client featured on our website, please mention details of the website or webpage of the client so we can help you in a better way.

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2. Display Banner Advertisements

Banner ads are one of the most effective forms of digital advertising. It is one of the easiest ways to build your brand and reach. You can choose among three different banner sizes and their placement on

There are few limited numbers of banner advertisement slots on a monthly or yearly contract basis.

Choose or more of the types of Banner Slots from here:

Please select here which brings below three options

  • Sidebar Small (200×200) for $245.00 for one month
  • Sidebar Banner (468×60) for $245.00 for one month
  • Top leaderboard (728×90) for $995.00 for one month

Please contact us here or email for any clarifications, questions you may have for us and we will happy to help you.

  • $0.00

3. Custom Marketing Consultation

Are you lost on how to grow your web design business or would like to promote your product or service?

We can help you with customized marketing consultation. You can book a 30min slot only for $50 and you can be confident that our one meeting will come out with crystal clear solutions to your problems.

Book one consultation for only $50 USD

  • $0.00

4. Sponsored Review

We like to promote products or services which will help our community of web designers and website owners.

We help connect our audience to great products and great products into the hand of users.

Who can order a Sponsored Review

  • If you have an awesome product or service which a website owner can use in its website or even its business.
  • If you have an awesome product or a service that a website designer or a developer or an agency can use to:
    • make their client’s website great
    • improve their website design/development business in someway
  • You should be comfortable to:
    • Share a copy of your product or service as a demo for a period of “reasonable time” which we may use and prepare our review.
    • Edit our draft review and supply us with finished content (but without changing any intent which we have shared in our draft. (This edit is been requested by you, to ensure that we don’t commit any mistake as our few days of product usage won’t be enough to cover your product or service. There are chances we may miss out or make a mistake. You are free to let us know about it and the final version has to be made collaboratively.)

If you have a product or a service solves offers any of the things mentioned above, we can help you get an engaging audience and gain traction with our sponsored review services.

Once you order, please do email us at with the subject line “Sponsored Review”.

Order a Sponsored Post for $495 Only

  • $0.00

5. Featured Advertising for Web Designers

If you have a web design or development agency or you are a freelance website designer/developer hungry for clients, then you must be featured on our Website. You can choose to get featured in single or multiple cities.

Getting featured on our website will help you get more leads through organic search results as well as through the traffic from our own website.


  • Get Featured in 1 USA City – $75 for 1 month or $750 for a year
  • Get Featured in 4 USA Cities – $250 for 1 month or $2500 for a year
  • Get Featured in 10 USA Cities – $500 for 1 month or $5000 for a year

Please contact us here or email us at for any clarifications, questions you may have for us and we will happy to help you.

Please place your order here:

While ordering you will go to the form to submit details. Please enter one or more names of the cities or locations where you need to get featured and one of our team members will contact you back to process your advertisement. Your day 1 starts the day when you get featured/day when your ad starts showing on the site for the city(es) for which you paid.

  • $0.00

If you have any custom requirements, please email us at and we shall create something for you.


Refunds policy:

Due to the nature of business, we cannot offer any refunds once an order is placed unless explicitly mentioned in any of our emails to the party concerned. In general, there are no refunds. However, management may decide to refund at its discretion and case to case basis.