Are you thinking of starting a blog? But what would be your first step? Undoubtedly, primarily, you have to think about the domain name. After brainstorming, you’ve come up with one domain name just to see it’s already been taken by someone else. You will feel disappointed as your hard work has gone into vain.

But the good news is that you can take the help of a blog name generator tool and generate the stupendous blog name by entering root names. So, you can generate as many blog names you want, as the best blog name generators are not bound to specific niches.

Food, travel, or lifestyle blog? Domain name generator makes everything convenient. However, a few of us are unaware of such online tools, so let’s reveal the story behind blog name generator tools.

What is a Blog Name Generator?

A blog name generator is an online tool specifically designed to generate exceptional blog name ideas.

The features most of them have:

  • Provides blog name ideas depending upon the keyword you put in
  • Check the domain names availability as per the blog name ideas
  • It helps in buying and registering the domain name you select for your blog

There are mainly two types of blog names you can generate through online tools – 1) keyword-based 2) brand-based.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

What are keyword-based names?

Every digital marketer is aware of the keywords and their importance. However, if you belong to a different occupation, this term is new to you, and you want to know this topic in detail.

Everyone uses the browser and Google for searching and gaining knowledge, right? So, the terms you search on Google or any other search engines are called the keywords.

For example –

Suppose you need top digital marketing agencies, so you search them on Google by typing “top digital marketing agencies,” “best digital marketing agencies,” Etc. So the words you typed in are known as keywords.

With this example, we are assuming you have understood what keywords are. Now, let’s move ahead.

What are the keyword-based names?

Let’s assume you are a traveler and want to start your blogging journey with a traveling-relevant blog. But how will people find out about your blog? By considering the domain name that includes the keyword relevant to your niche.

You can consider something like this for a traveling relevant blog – Here, what you are doing, you are including the keyword traveling and joining it with another word ninja (means expert).

Suppose is already grabbed by someone else. You can try other combinations of keywords synonyms or can take the help of a travel blog name generator tool. The keywords-based blog names help users to identify your blog niche.

Using keywords in your domain name makes you more likely to appear on search engines if someone searches for the term relevant to your niche.

What are brand-based names?

On the other hand, brand-based names cannot reveal your blog niche until any user reads your content. However, if you are planning for the long-term, going with a brand-based blog name would be a great pick.

Brand names can start with your name, place name, the combination of two names, initials, Etc.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Everyone knows about Neil Patel as he has become a synonym for digital marketing. His website is a perfect example of a brand-based domain name. However, brand-based names take much more time than usual to become famous, but once you have become popular, your blog name will be renowned for the niche.

If you want to start a cooking blog, you can include your name in the blog name. If your name is Cristiana Willams, you can use something like this – or

What Makes a Good Blog Name?

Naming a website is more complex than naming a baby! It’s reality; it looks easy, but it is not. A good domain name should be short, simple, unique, and easy to remember.

You can either go with keyword-based names or brand-based names; the decision is yours but makes sure that the name you are picking follows the definition of a good domain name.

Do not go with generic and common names, as it will become difficult for you to rank in the search engines. Also, do not take already taken domain names; availability check is crucial.

Suppose you want to start a finance-relevant blog, and you have come up with, but what if it is already registered? In these circumstances, do not go with available extensions, like .net, .org, Etc. You won’t make a successful blog; it is better to pick another unique domain name.

Keyword-based Names or Brandable Names?

The hack you can use here is that instead of opting for an exact keyword-based domain, opt for a partial match keyword-based domain as it will benefit in SEO. However, it should be backed by high-quality content, proper external linking, and a pertinent social media presence.

However, it is entirely your decision, but make sure they are easy to pronounce, spell, and remember. Do not take names that are difficult to pronounce as people might misspell them and end up visiting other’s sites.

6 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Coming Up With a Name for Your Blog

The domain name you will finalize will become the identity of your brand. So, before going to any climax, you should do your research well. Otherwise, it will become tricky to switch to another domain if you’ve good traffic on your blog.

So, here are the six crucial steps that you should consider before giving a name to your blog.

Short vs Long Name

According to top bloggers, the name of your blog should be short, easy to understand, easy to remember, and straightforward. If you are planning for a longer domain name, you must drop your idea as longer domain names are difficult to remember and spell.

A perfect domain name consists of 1 or 2 words, not more than that. For example, has two words, Neil and Patel. Short, easy to understand, and spell.

Does It Pass the Radio Test?

What is the use of your selected domain name if people cannot spell it? This is where you need to see whether your domain name is passing the radio test or not.

Radio test is also known as the phone test. You can test it by telling someone your blog name on a phone call and see whether the person can spell it correctly or not.

A good domain name should be easy to spell and understand. Keep the following points in mind while performing the radio test.

  • Do not use internet lingos.
  • The domain name should not consider hyphens and numbers.

For example – is easier to remember and spell than or

  • Neglect the use of homonyms at any cost. Homonyms’ words have similar pronunciations but differ in spellings and senses.

For example, year and ear have similar pronunciations but have totally different meanings and spellings.

Your Blog Should Be Niche Yet Scalable

Picking a blog topic is as hard as naming a blog name. Your blog topic should not be too specific or too general.

If the blog topic is too general, you’ll have difficulty making your presence in SERP. On the other hand, being too specific will not give you enough traffic.

While picking a topic, keep two things in mind: target audience and topic popularity. Suppose you have decided on food blogging, so list out the topics you will cover in it. You can also search on Google for a bunch of suggestions.

It helps narrow down your audience and build your brand prominence on the web.

Make Your Blog Brandable

From the starting of this blog, you keep on reading about keyword-based and brand-based blog names. But the initial purpose of both terms is that your brand should be unique and represent your blog niche.

When we say Harsh Agrawal, we immediately recognize Thus, make your brand name unique and painless to grab people’s attention.

Pick .com as the TLD for Your Blog

Mostly newbie bloggers pick the fancy top-level domains (extensions), like .recipes, .shop, .company, Etc., relevant to their blogging niche.

It might sound logical to pick the name representing your niche but adhering to the .com extension has long-term benefits. Since most people are habituated to typing .com. Also, when they see you have another domain extension, they are less likely to revisit your site as .com helps build the trust factor.

Let’s say you purchase real.estates domain name, but many people are used to .com, so they might end up typing

To your surprise, .com also helps in ranking. However, if you want to go for fancy extensions, you can, but do not forget to redirect it to the .com.

Avoid Copyright Infringement

Last but the most important one is as you are about to close your blog’s domain name. Before finalizing it check the copyright and trademark rights. It should not violate any of these. Otherwise, you will encounter legal trouble. So, your blog name, content, the logo should be unique and original.

Best Blog Name Generators to Find Good Blog Name Ideas

We have reached the segment you have been waiting for since you’ve started reading the article. So, let’s reveal the best blog name suggestions‘ tools to generate the blog name ideas list. Here, we have included the best blog name generators to make your first move towards your blogging journey.

Blog Name Generator by Themeisle

Blog Name Generator is the newly launched tool by the Themeisle family. While searching for technical blogs, you indeed come across this website. The Themeisle team worked hard on this tool to bring the best to the audience by studying competitors’ plus and lack points.

Accordingly, they have improved and created the best version, grabbing first place in our list.

So, to get a popular blog name (which means it will become one eventually), visit Blog Name Generator Tool. On the search box, type the seed term that describes your blog niche well. And within a few seconds, you will get numerous blog name suggestions with their availability for registration.

Also, if you have got your desired domain name, you can immediately purchase by clicking on the button next to it. The button will redirect you to Bluehost, where you can buy the domain name before anyone else.


Are you hunting for creative options? DomainWheel offers innovative options, along with a simple and easy-to-use interface. The best thing about it is that it shows many non-registered domain options.

Importantly, it is easy to use; you have to put the keyword idea in the search box. It can be related to your blogging niche or combine two to three words to get better ideas. Once you enter the keyword, press the “Search Domain.”

DominWheel shows the result in three categories. The first category offers top domains ending with extensions, like .com, .org, .net.

The second category includes DomainWheel’s suggestions based on your input but does not include the keywords you have entered.

The last category also offers three types of suggestions:

  1. Blog name similar to the keyword you’ve entered.
  2. Synonym or rhyme of the keyword you’ve put.
  3. Random suggestions.

Some results are in green, attaching price labels as available domain names. So, you can directly buy them through the tool by clicking on the buy button, and you will redirect them to the domain registrar. Good one, right?

Zyro Business Name Generator

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Zyro’s Business Name Generator is next on the list, popularly known as a website builder. So, if you are searching for a blogging platform to build your blogging website, Zyro can become your partner in crime. Well, this is a topic for another day.

Zyro Business Name Generator is backed by AI and provides spectacular blog names.

The only thing you have to do here enters the blogging niche relevant keywords; after every keyword, put the comma and press the generate name button. You’ll get the list of domain names. So, pick the domain name you liked and buy it with a single click.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Are you looking for personal blog name ideas? Are you nodding yes? Nameboy will not disappoint you. It will offer you the best domain names based on the keywords you’ve put. For this, you’ve to put some information in the primary description, secondary description (optional), and mention you want hyphens or rhymes in your blog names or not.

Have you got your favorable domain name or confused between them? Then, add them to the cart and decide later. The plus point about the Nameboy is that you can add and manage all the domain names in one place. So, this way, you can effortlessly buy the domain name you like and protect it.

The additional features you’ll get here are domain registrations, domain security, and many other features that make it a top choice for users.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Wordoid comes under the category of the competent naming tool as it generated the domain names having no more than 15 letters.

What do you have to do?

Type a blogging niche relevant keyword, pick the quality level and language. However, you are unrestricted to choose more than one language. Also, mention the place of the keyword in the blog name. Soon after all these steps, Wordoid will generate several unique blog names, along with their availability.

The names generated by them are easy to pronounce, attention-grabbing, and simple.

It does not take a single dollar. But, for viewing the previous history, you must sign in to the platform through Facebook or Google.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Like its name, the platform is also exhilarating and offers creative options. Explain your idea in two words and hit the Search button. It gives you many alternate suggestions based on your input.

The fascinating thing about the platform is that it does deep research to check the availability of names. So even if the name is taken on Facebook or Twitter, Panabee will let you know.

An additional feature you’ll get there is to check the app name and domain name availability. Not only this, you can check country-based domains as well.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

123Finder offers almost the same features as other mentioned blog name generators. But, besides that, it also provides three additional features.

  • You have the autonomy to choose the domain name’s character length in between minimum to maximum. Not only this, you can use other filters as well.
  • It shows the person’s details if the domain is already registered.
  • For easy sorting, it split up the domain name ideas alphabetically.


Instant Domain Search and Domainr almost works similarly. The only difference is that Domainr does not classify the results. Instead, you can view blog name suggestions through their column and registration section.

Another feature you will get here is that it shows the platforms where you can buy the available domains at an affordable cost.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

DomainIt somewhat lacks flexibility compared to other blog name generators. Still, when it comes to best suggestions, we can not overlook DomainIt.

Simply put the keyword in the search box, and it will come up with many good blog names.

DomainIt also gives you the option to purchase the selected domain name on its website. This way, you can seize your favorite domain right away.

Lean Domain Search

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Lean Domain Search comes under Automattic supervision, the same people who work behind WordPress and WooCommerce. As a result, it is comparatively less creative but good to try out.

And one more reason to try this is that it checks the generated name ideas on Twitter. So, you can check whether a similar name has been taken as a username or not. Also, you can filter the results by popularity, length, and alphabetically.

Name Mesh

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Do you have many niche blog ideas in mind like travel, food, lifestyle, etc.? Then, you can surely check out the Name Mesh especially if you are looking for a lifestyle blog name generator.

Name Mesh offers blog name suggestions in many categories, yet generated names are short, simple, new, and recognizable.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

On the list of intelligent name generator tools, IsItWP is the first one that comes to people’s minds. It gives you several top-notch suggestions for your blog to give you the most identical blog name.

You can put the niche relevant keyword or brand name and hit the “Generate Names” icon. You’ll receive the list of many names depending on the input you’ve provided.

If you are looking for food blog name ideas, enter keywords like “mouthwatering recipes” and hit the button. You’ll receive something like this.

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

This way, you can get many combinations from your seed keyword. Then, as per your liking, you can choose any of them or do the research again to get more desirable results.

WPBeginner Business name generator

Have you ever thought of using an AI-powered business name generator tool? Well, for finding catchy blog name ideas, an AI-powered tool is the best pick. So, selecting a WPBeginner Business name generator would be the perfect blog name option.

Also, the tool is straightforward to use; enter one or two keywords in the search bar and hit the Generate button. Within seconds, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of available blog names.

Let’s understand this by taking an example. If you are looking for lifestyle blog name ideas, pick a keyword similar to “lifestyle tips.” Check out the screenshot of results you’ll get

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Also, it shows you the domain’s availability, so it rescues you from the brainstorming process. You can choose any registrars from the given names and register the domain name instantly. Further, it saves your money.

Not to forget to mention that WPBeginner’s business name generator tool is not limited to generating blog names. You can create names for an eCommerce store, YouTube channel, Etc.

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

When it comes to blog name generators, how can we forget Besides being the best blog names generator, it is popularly known as a domain name registrar. This is because it generates many unique and original names displaying their registration cost.

To get the suggestions, enter the keyword of your choice, and will check its availability. If it is taken by someone else, it will reveal the WhoIs identity.

Most people like the favorite thing about is that they offer new and premium names.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Are you in need of a free domain name generator? Fortunately, you have an option and is Blogtyrant. The actual purpose of its invention is to generate fresh domain ideas and lessen the burden on bloggers.

Enter the keyword in the search box to get dozens of innovative ideas, and Blogtyrant will assure the rest.

However, like other blog name generators, it does not directly show the domain availability status. For this, you have to click on the view details button, and then you can check the domain’s status.

Network Solutions

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Presently, Network Solutions has 7+ million domain names registered, making it the most popular globally.

Network Solutions has an in-built domain name generator offering keyword-based suggestions for your blog names. Start your search by entering the root keyword, and it will check for .com availability.

If .com is not available for that entered keyword, it will show other extension options. However, for buying a taken .com domain means premium names, you have to contact the domain’s owner and finalize the deal.

Name generator

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Name Generator – different yet best one. It offers a name for every occasion, including characters, newborn babies, authors, brands.

Name Generator offers two search options – either you can do a random search or sort out by using a filter like gender, birth year, popularity, and country. However, it has many other additional features which you can use according to your requirements.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

DomainsBot has a good reputation on the web, offering several domain options in 11 different languages. Plus, it covers almost all extensions, such as gTLDs, nTLDs, and ccTLDs.

The surprising thing is that top leaders, like Network Solutions,, OpenSRS, and Weebly use DomainsBot service to get the top domain suggestions for their clients.

So, increase your business sales with the unique yet catchy domain name with DomainsBot.

Blog title generator

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

Blog Title Generator is powered by SEOPressor, specially designed to offer the best blog name suggestions. It provides countless, snappy, and stunning ideas based on a keyword you put.

You have to put the keyword, select the option from the equivalent box for best results, and click on the “Generate Titles” button. Within a few seconds, you’ll be stunned by seeing such unique options.

The best blog name generator is that it does not generate irrelevant and meaningless blog names. So, you can believe that the result you are getting is all quality results.


20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

NameStation is among the best blog name generators. Still, you have to register to start your blogging name research. However, it is free to use if you are only interested in the .com extension. For other extensions, you have to purchase its premium plan.

For name suggestions, type keywords and select your desired TLD to get the best results. It is easy to use and offers pretty good results in a free plan. So, buying a premium one or not, it’s your outlook.

Instant Domain Search

20+ Best Blog Name Generators To Find The Perfect In 2022

As the name indicates, you will get suggestions here instantly. The moment you start typing in the search box, it shows the domain suggestions.

The results you will see on Instant Domain Search are divided into three categories –

1) Extension – it shows different TLDs

2) Generator – it gives you domain name ideas

3) For Sale – it shows you the list of domains that are on Sale, along with prices.

Besides these, you can check the WhoIs information of the already purchased domain.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this 2022s detailed guide on Blog Name generators and found your favorite one.

Every blog name generator has its pros and cons. But you’ll indeed find the one that perfectly fits your criteria.

Our personal favorites are Domainwheel, Nameboy, IsitWP, 123finder, and Blog Name Generator by Themeisle. However, you are free to make your decision.

Before selecting any blog name, the points you should always keep in mind are – branding campaign, blogging goals, branding elements, and audience expectations. It helps you make the appropriate decision.

Still, not sure which one to use? Start using one by one and then decide.


What is the best domain for blogs?

Well, there is no particular definition of a perfect domain name. But do not go with fancy extensions, like .online, .shop, .company, Etc. Your domain name should be short, easy to understand, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and should end with a standard extension .com.

What’s next once you have your top blog name generator?

Check whether your desired name is already taken or not. If taken, you have to search for another name, and if it is for sale, you can purchase it. Or else, if it is not taken, make your purchase fast; otherwise, anyone else grabs it.

What is a blog name generator?

A blog name generator suggests unique and fresh blog names that make your work easier. With the help of a blog name generator, you can easily find your blog name and purchase the domain name according to it. In addition, it fastens your process and lets you understand what’s trending in the market.


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