We all did Conference calling at some point in our lives. Not only this, conference calling was getting used at a corporate level to connect with clients and discuss the project details. But, things have changed with time, especially after the pandemic started. After the pandemic, small, mid, large, every company has been shifted to work from home, and managing a team has become difficult. To solve this problem, companies started using conference call services. As a result, they have to manage teams virtually.

Even in 2022, the same trend is going on. More than before, companies are willing to collaborate with other employees globally. Yet, connecting and staying updated with employees becomes crucial with this virtualization. And for this, you need the best free conference call service having many features.

Best conference call software will let you connect with hundreds of people at a time and offer features like;

  • call recording
  • video conference calls
  • screen sharing
  • video recording
  • cloud storage
  • unlimited meetings
  • unlimited audio conferencing
  • affordable.

So, stay tuned if you hunt for the best conference call service provider in 2022 to organize online meetings easily.

After thorough research, we have included the top 20+ Conference Call Services in this article. We have compared their prices, conference call features, compatibility, and other factors to give you convenient options. So, check out the list below and make your selection per your need.


How to Find the Best Conference Call Services?

You want the best conference call services to connect with your team anytime without a problem. Now, how to select or find the best conference call service? The answer is neither simple nor complicated. It depends on your business and departmental meeting needs. But, there are some elements that you should not skip at any cost.

Let’s unfold these vital elements that should be present in the best conference call service.

Video Conferencing

While selecting the conference call software, employers see the two important things are;

  • video conferencing option
  • video conferencing features.

We often need to have video calls and share screens to understand the project in detail. It increases productivity, and things happen half of the time than an audio call. Also, it saves your traveling costs.

Video & Audio Quality

Video conferencing platforms are nothing if the audio quality is poor. For proper video meetings, sound quality should be pro and run without an error. Also, when you have less to discuss, you will prefer audio conferencing. So, whatever you say or discuss should be audible to other listeners. As a result, you should not overlook video and audio quality.

Call Recording

The best conference call provider must provide a call recording option. In addition, employers often need software for important meeting recordings. So, having a call recording feature in conference call software is like icing on the cake.

Call Scheduling & Setup

Before fixing a date for any meeting, especially a virtual meeting, employers require to schedule calls. It helps organize things beforehand, and everyone can make themselves available for the meeting. So, the call scheduling feature is a must in the conference call services and the setup option.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Conference Call Service

Picking the best conference call provider for your business is crucial. But, many people fail – they do not consider the following points while selecting conference call software. If you are sure what your business and teams need, you will choose the best free conference call service.

Otherwise, you will make the same mistakes as others. Also, do not consider the same conference call service your competitors are using. Their business and team needs are different and so do yours. So, consider the following questions and select the jewel in the crown for your business.

Who is attending your calls?

Analyze the personality of attendees; it helps you pick the most satisfactory conference call service for your business.

How can you analyze this?

Simple. Divide the call receivers into some categories. Check out the below points:

  • Are you making conversation internally or externally?
  • Familiarity of attendee with the platform
  • The goal of discussion on the call
  • Are attendees geeky?

How many attendees are there?

Before selecting the communication platform, count your team size. For example, you might be looking for a one-to-one conference call or unlimited conference calls at a time. Also, take note of future team growth.

How often will you need a conference call line?

The important point. Decide the conference call service duration. Do you want it monthly, yearly, or for the only particular period? Then, as per your need, select the plan.

How much can you spend on a conference call line?

Every organization has a fixed budget, and you also need to stick to it. Make the list of features and services you want in a conference call software. Set your budget in the first place. Adding several features and services can level up the price. This way, you’ll not spend extra.

How long are your conference calls?

Some businesses get meetings done in an hour, and some need to conduct it a day-long. So, know the duration of your call well.

What do you need after a call?

Many employers need transcripts or recordings after ending the call. Sometimes, you forget to take the notes; this time, transcripts work like a backer. Also, you can share the video recording with people who were unable to attend the meeting.

What additional features do you need?

It depends on the services you offer and the business you run. You might need to share the screen, take notes on the virtual whiteboard, and many other features. Keep the updated list of features you need in a conference app.

Top Conference Call Services

Do you not have time to read the entire article? No worries! To save your time, let’s give you the most popular video conferencing apps straight here – Nextiva and Ringcentral.

Top video conferencing apps should have the best video conferencing features,

  • sound quality
  • unlimited cloud recording
  • cloud storage
  • voice intelligence
  • free conference call HD
  • screen sharing
  • team collaboration
  • password-protected meetings
  • quick calls, 100-person webinars
  • unlimited video participants

You might be wondering that you have to pay a hefty amount for all these features. So what if we tell you, you are wrong. No matter what your budget, team size, or other requirements! You will indeed find the perfect solution in this article. This detailed conference call services guide has included both paid and free conference call services.


Nextiva Logo

What is it?

The reason behind placing Nextiva in the top position is its freedom to communicate with anyone, anywhere. It helps to run your business with ease. You are only required to unite your phone system with company apps, AI, and automation. As a result, you can run your business on a single platform.

From its founding year 2006 to now, Nextiva has been known for its Amazing Service. They focus on valuable customer communications and customer administration. Also, their skilled engineers maintain a scalable network to provide personalized onboarding support. This way, their customers get a superior experience.

Nextiva is not an ordinary VoIP phone system. But, its inventions like unified communications solutions, NextOS keep it in the top place.

Above all, Nextiva’s products are built keeping the non-tech savvy people in mind. You do not have to be a technical wizard to use their products.

The products they offer are:

Phone System

It offers a VoIP service perfect for modern work that benefits every business.

Contact Center

It provides stellar customer service that builds customer loyalty.

Video Meetings

It is the best video conferencing app as it offers several notable features, such as

  • video conferences
  • audio meetings
  • screen sharing
  • file sharing
  • unlimited users per month
  • live streaming
  • webinars


Do you have a global team? No worries! Work with anyone, anywhere, with Nextiva’s Co space.

Mobile App

Switch easily between desktop and mobile within no time; no excuse is left to delay work.

Further, Nextiva comes with built-in business apps and tools. Sales Tools, Service Tools, Automation, Call Pop, Analytics, and Customer Journey.

How much does it cost?

If you are still not convinced, take their 7-day free trial. Yet, its prices are low, starting from $18.95 per month only. Moreover, you can always talk to their round-the-clock customer service. They will guide you on advanced features and upgraded services.

Who can use this?

Nextiva covers every business need. You can have a big or small company; Nextiva has plans that suit every individual’s needs.


Webex Logo

What is it?

Are you looking for something that includes everything and works for everyone? Then, Webex by CISCO would be the ideal choice. It works for all teams, offering calling, meetings, and messaging in the cloud. Its popularity is proved by its Fortune 500 companies.

Benefits you’ll get are:


Its flexibility allows you to work according to your terms as it works with any device, workstyle, and role.


You can belong to any country and understand any language, but Webex Teams will treat you equally.


With Webex, your business is in completely safe hands. It has a system that protects your business’s data from threats.

Most popular products by Webex


The complete cloud phone system allows you to connect with colleagues and customers all time. Make and receive calls on any device with no error.


Virtual meetings become better than in-person meetings when you share the presentation with Webex.


Collaboration with messaging creates an efficient workflow. For example, with Webex, you can message and share files with internal and external teams.


For activities like polling and Q&A, Webex offers you easy interactive audience tools. In addition, it helps to encourage participants.


Host virtual events at a large scale and reach globally, i.e., up to 100,000 attendees.

How much does it cost?

If you are one of them who is looking for the best free video conferencing app, you can stop your hunt at Webex. They offer their basic plan at zero cost. Moreover, you only need $25/month for their business plan, which gives you countless features.

Who can use this?

The best thing about Webex is that any sized company can use it and enjoy its enormous features.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Logo

What is it?

A few years back, people relied on Skype for video conferencing services. Now, Skype for Business no longer exists. Instead, it has been replaced with Microsoft Teams for better performance.

A single place where everyone can meet, chat, call and collaborate without a location barrier. You can keep everything together. Docs, pictures, videos, meeting notes, or chatter history, you can keep them in one place.

The prominent feature about it is that you can integrate all the apps in one place and use it the time you need. So instead, waste your time bouncing around.

The benefits you’ll get are


Make your chat more interesting with GIFs, stickers, and emojis. Emojis are available in both group chat and in-person chat.


Swap between group chats to video conference with a single touch of a button. You can connect to a team of one or 10,000+ in a single place from any corner of the world.


Microsoft Teams offer advanced features such as group calling, call transfers, and cloud voicemail. Advanced features help you make and accept calls straight in a Mircosoft Team.


Microsoft Teams allows you to use apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint in real-time to make changes.

How much does it cost?

Besides the best free conference call service, you can use its basic version at no cost. However, suppose you want to use its other plans with less expense. In that case, it offers cheap plans that anyone can afford.

Check out its plans here:

  • Microsoft Teams Essentials – $4.00/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic – $5.00/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard – $12.50/month

Who can use this?

Home, Business, Enterprise, Education – No matter which industry you belong to, you can use Microsoft Teams. Above all, it is affordable.


Join.me Logo

What is it?

Host a meeting or join a discussion? Join.me makes everything manageable. Its primary goal is to make communication easy amongst the teams. That’s why Join.me created a simple platform for easy and fast communication.

It has both video and audio conferencing features. Participants dial a toll-free number in audio conferencing and proceed with a password. In contrast, candidates do not need to download an app or software for video conferencing. This way, participants who do not have apps can also join the meeting.

Join.me provides cutting-edge audio features, few of them are;

  • audio management for meeting hosts
  • joining the meeting through phone or internet option
  • local conference numbers in the US and 50+ countries.

Another best thing about it is that it comes with bridge audio conferencing. So participants can join the meeting the way they want and be on the same page.

Are you an iPhone and iPad user? No need to become sad as Join.me provides a whiteboard feature, especially for iPhone and iPad users. The whiteboarding tool allows participants to check notes, illustrations, and screens. You can even save the whiteboard virtually and send it to the participant you want.

How much does it cost?

Join.me has three plans, mainly, Lite, Pro, and Business having the monthly cost of $10, $20, and $30 respectively. So, choose any one of them as per your need.

Who can use this?

It is recommendable for small businesses as this service has fewer features than others on the list.


Ringcentral Logo

What is it?

We have reasons to put RingCentral at the #5 position; yet, don’t be confused about its ranking and outstanding features. Because RingCentral has everything for everyone and has enormous reasons to rank #1.

RingCentral integrates everything in one place, including phone calls, video calling, and messaging. Having everything in one place makes communication easy with the team. Above all, RingCentral’s Video quality gives you the feeling of being physically present in the meeting.

At a time, you can connect with up to 200 participants in RingCentral’s conference call. Further, you can convert a regular conference call to a video conference call within no time. And that too without any extra screen sharing software. As a result, you do not have to put extra money into screen-sharing software. Isn’t this feature enough to convey to you?

Do not forget to mention it has private and public chat features too. So, participants can have a conversation through a chatbox without hampering the speaker.

“Wait! one more app, and I do not have enough space”. If you are also having such a reaction, let us tell you that RingCentral allows participants to join through a browser. So, no need to worry about the phone or computer space; you only need to dial in number mentioned in the invite. Feather in the cap, RingCentral has a smart-switch feature allowing you to switch between phone and computer.

Other top features are

  • Optional password to secure conference meeting
  • Single sign-on feature for quick and easy login
  • Collaboration hub for instant conversation with the team

And many others.

How much does it cost?

It is categorized into four plans as below:

  • Essentials – $19.99/month
  • Standard – $27.99/month
  • Premium – $34.99/month
  • Ultimate – $49.99/month

Make your choice as per your requirements and business needs. However, these plans are cheap compared to their enormous features.

Who can use this?

Enterprise, small businesses, startups – anyone can use this regardless of industry type and team size.


Zoom Logo

What is it?

Zoom – you indeed heard this name before. Most companies prefer Zoom because of its dedication to its customers. If you have seen its customer reviews, you would have understood it. It ranks #1 in terms of customers’ reviews. In addition, big enterprises trust Zoom because it offers top-notch audio and video quality. Not a single competitor can compete with Zoom in this.

They work on four pillars mainly:

  • Mission
    • Secure communication with no interference
  • Vision
    • Achieve more with video communication conferencing
  • Value
    • Care and value their customers, communities, and teammates
  • Culture
    • Customers’ happiness

When it comes to video conferencing and cloud conferencing rooms, not a single competitor is present in the market. So for professional video presentations through conference calls, you can trust Zoom.

You’ll be amazed by their client base as top companies prefer and recommend Zoom because of their mentioned four pillars. A few of them are – Blue Yonder, National Australia Bank, Zendesk, Ciena, and Capital One.

Above all, Zoom has a comprehensive knowledge domain, along with day-and-night phone support. Also, live training sessions are available with some plans.

How much does it cost?

With the features and quality it offers, you have to pay comparatively less. Plus, if you are a startup, you can go with their Basic plan as it does not cost you anything and offers many outstanding features.

It’s other plans are:

  • Pro – $149.90 /year/license
  • Small business – $199.90 /year/license
  • Enterprise – $240 /year/license

Who can use this?

It is usually the first choice of large enterprises; yet, small startups can also enjoy it. Further, they have clients from every industry, such as Education, Finance, Government, and Healthcare.

G Suite Meet

Google Meet Logo

What is it?

Don’t get perplexed by its new name! Everyone is familiar with Google Hangouts and Hangouts Chat. Now, Google fused both of them and launched G Suite meet. G Suite meet is steadfast and offers exceptional service as part of the Google product.

Employers can conduct Google Hangout meetings, such as conference calls and video meetings through the G Suite. In addition, it offers every feature that other competitors offer on this list. A few of them are secure messaging, chat, video conferencing, and audio conferencing.

Being a part of G Suite, you will get many benefits. Presently it is amongst the best communication tools in the market. Benefits you’ll get are; professional business email addresses, sheets, Docs, cloud storage, calendar, and more.

Further, it safeguards your privacy with built-in protection and secure-by-design. As a result, many enterprises worldwide choose the G Suite meet.

G Suite meet is not an ordinary conferencing tool; it’s more than it. You can integrate everything in Google Workspace and jump into the task within no time. Further, everything is manageable, and all settings require only a few minutes. So what else do you want?

How much does it cost?

Google’s products are always known for high-quality services at cheap rates. Yes, you heard it right. With little spending, you can get the best plan.

Check out its pricing here:

  • Business Starter – $6/month
  • Business Standard – $12/month
  • Business Plus – $18’/month
  • Enterprise – Contact sales for pricing

Who can use this?

The good thing about Google’s products is that anyone can use them. Similarly, any business group and industry use G Suite meet.



What is it?

When it comes to a free conference call HD, skype video conferencing app is preferable. With our personal experience, Skype is the first app that everyone uses for video and audio conferencing. Above all, Skype is compatible with all devices, including Phone, Desktop, Tablet, Web, Alexa, and Xbox.

Due to this, hundreds of millions of people use Skype for chatting and calling daily. However, there are other reasons as well. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Plus points you’ll get from Skype

Audio and HD video calling

Get high-quality audio and video calling through Skype with a person or group. React calls with reactions. Isn’t it amazing?

Smart messaging

Messaging with fun is something new. You can react to messages with fun reactions or use @ to mention someone and let the person know you are talking about him.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing lets you share presentations, photos, or anything else effortlessly.

Call Recording and Live Subtitles

Record the necessary conversation and take notes further. If you have difficulty understanding an accent, you can use live subtitles. It helps you know what they are pronouncing.

Call on Phones

If your friends are not active users on Skype, you can still call them through Skype’s international calling. Its rates are highly affordable.

Private Conversations

Make your conversation private when needed with end-to-end encryption.

How much does it cost?

Skype is free to use. Yet, if you want to do international or any other calls, you can opt for upgrades. But pricing varies depending on the country you live in.

Who can use this?

Skype is preferable for one-to-one conversation, but 100 people can participate in the Conference at a time with new updates. So, it would be an excellent pick for small businesses.

GoTo Meetings

Gotomeeting Logo

What is it?

After reading the name, you indeed got the overview of the GoToMeeting. Are you nodding, no? Read this segment; you will answer all your questions and know GoToMeeting at the upgrade level.

In GoToMeeting, you’ll find the only useful features, along with precise and top-notch solutions. Plus, GoTo is always in the race of upgrading and adding new features to make their platform better than before.

Productivity and collaboration both are keys to a successful venture. This is why GoToMeeting offers

  • quick & secured collaboration
  • available on both iOS & Android stores
  • everything under one roof – communication, collaboration, engagement, support, identity, access, and you name it.

The feature we like is their all-in-one hardware and software kit. In this, they include everything that you require to convert your physical room into a virtual conference room.

Let’s cover their other top features:

  • Video Meetings
  • Enhanced Audio
  • Latest Security
  • Account Management

So, going with GoToMeeting would be a good choice.

How much does it cost?

At present, they offer three plans Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Of course, you can pick any of it as per your choice. But, if you want to try their services in the first place, you can check out their 14 days free trial plan.

Who can use this?

Small, mid, or large – any business type can use this platform. One thing for sure, you’ll get high-quality service.



What is it?

UberConference has now become a Dialpad Meetings. Yet, only name changes; all other things are the same. We all know everything is getting merged with AI, and Dialpad Meetings applied it in the early stage. So, with this, you can imagine their hard work and passion for their product.

As this has AI-enabled features, it transcripts everything in real-time, including who said it what said for every call you meet. This way, you do not need to take notes, you can focus on your call, and AI-enabled features will make notes.

Beyond all, Dialpad Meetings organizes the most effortless meetings on the planet. So let’s talk about the benefits you’ll get from the best video conferencing app.

  • No downloads, no PINs need – copy the link in the browser or app, and you all set.
  • Follow the policy of chat, share, and meeting. Then, jump to the place you need with our all-in-one app.
  • Easy to share your screen, whiteboard ideas, and transfer files.

It is possible to manage everything with the designed platform for hybrid work.

How much does it cost?

Dialpad Meetings take care of everybody’s needs. So, they have free plans and pro plans. Pick your plan as per your desires. Please refer to their official website for plans pricing.

Who can use this?

As per their official website, it is suitable for every industry and business size. So, you have to decide in which category you fit in.

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What is it?

As a startup, you are searching for a platform that offers free service. So, FreeConferenceCall.com is at your rescue. You read it right. It provides an entirely free conference call service; it allows you to host a conference call having up to 1000 participants. In addition, you can either host an audio conference or opt for a video conference.

Further, it includes a free-conference call USA feature giving you the ability to call anywhere in the USA you want. FreeConferenceCall.com is presently obtainable in 83 countries. But, it doesn’t stop here; it also offers local dial-in numbers in 70+ countries.

If you think that being a free conference service provider compromises features, you are wrong. On the contrary, it offers better features and services than other listed conference call providers.

The top features you’ll get here are remote drawing tools, private chat, recording capabilities, screen sharing, Etc. However, as they offer a free service, they limit some features. So, to get benefits on toll-free call-in numbers, you must upgrade to their plans. Moreover, the investment you will make is too small in front of their countless features and fantastic service. Check out their plans in the next segment.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned earlier, it is a real deal-breaker. The amount you invest is small compared to other competitors in this list. You can contribute $4 and upgrade your plans. $4 seems more no problem; you can invest as much as you want or opt for their free plan. You can not ask for more than this!

Who can use this?

It offers up to 1000 participants at a time; Fortune 500 enterprises small, and mid-sized companies can rely on this.


What is it?

Vonage is a business cloud communication provider, offering you several outstanding features. A few of them are messaging, video, adaptable & scalable voice, and handling data. They have divided their offerings into three sections –

  • Communications APIs
  • Unified Communications
  • Contact Centers.

Every plan offers unique features and pros. For example, the Unified Communications plan provides many ways to conduct a conference call. One of its features is Conference Bridge; you can include up to 30 participants in one click. The only thing you have to do here is copy the bridge number, share it with the participants, and access them. Also, you can add or mute conference attendees using the moderator dashboard.

Call Conference feature is the best alternative for shorter conversations. Additionally, no need to pay extra with the Unified Communications plan. With this, you can only make a three-way conversation, but you can include another person in an ongoing call; no need to set up new credentials.

A few days back, Vonage introduced Vonage Meetings. Team members can hold voice meetings, send SMS messages, or schedule meetings in one place. Isn’t this you want?

How much does it cost?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, they have categorized their plans into three modes. So, please land on their official website and pick the best plan. Also, they have a free trial period on Communications APIs.

Who can use this?

Like big brands, Domino’s, DHL, Allstate, glassdoor, and Zipcar are using the Vonage. So these big names are enough for your question.


What is it?

Want an upgrade in your business? Nothing is better than Mitel. The primary focus of Mitel is to upgrade everything for better outcomes. So they believe in reassessing, refining and re-investing.

Mitel’s MiCloud Connect platform is an easy-to-use, all-in-one cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center service built on Google Cloud. So it’s reliable, secure, and scalable.

Following are the benefits you’ll get from Mitel’s MiCloud Connect platform:

  • Contact center service is built on Google Cloud
  • Unified communications on cloud
  • Workable

All these pros make MiCloud dependable, safe, and accessible. Further, it is a web-based platform that includes audio and video conferencing. You can share screens, view, or transfer files with the team members. As per participants’ convenience, companies can schedule meetings before or immediately.

As a web-based platform, attendees can join the meeting through a web browser; there is no need to download applications. This way, having an app installed or not, anyone can join the meeting on time.

In large group meetings, everyone has something to discuss and add their valuable contribution, but this leads to talking over one another. What if we tell you Mitel has a raise hand option feature to run your conference calls.

With the above feature, anyone wants to switch to Mitel. To which category do you belong?

How much does it cost?

Mitel’s pricing varies as per the client’s needs. So for the best deal, call their sales number (844) 446-2234 and grab the best deal for your business.

Who can use this?

Small Business, Midsize Business, Enterprise – works for three of them.


What is it?

Fuse merged with 8×8, so officially, Fuse has become 8×8. It’s an American company offering Voice over IP products. Moreover, it integrates audio, video, chat, contact center, and enterprise-class API solutions. As a result, it is a reliable and secure cloud communication platform. This way, people feel connected, and it further helps them stay productive.

Let’s discuss its communication platforms in bit detail:

  • Contact center

AI-powered workflows make things easier; it helps to connect with employees, customers, and agents. As a result, happy customers.

  • Business phone

Change the way of using the Business phone. Boost its quality and reliability with one easy app.

  • Video meetings

It is loaded with powerful features, uncomplicated to use. It fits any sized business—experience HD video quality both on desktop and mobile.

  • Team chat

It is an instant way to connect with your teams and solve your doubts quickly. Connect through 8x8s business chat and reach out to your contacts within no time.

  • Communication APIs

Communicate with SMS, audio, video, and chat apps with your preferred medium.

Take your business communications to the next level with 8×8.

How much does it cost?

Check out their pricing page for detailed information. Every plan is designed to meet every individual business needs.

Who can use this?

It has a fanbase of 2 million business users worldwide, including a few names like McDonald’s, LiveOakBank, Regus. So, it is suitable for any business type.


What is it?

ClickMeeting started its journey in 2011 and established itself as a complete webinar solution. Their favorite industries are Education, Business, and Non-profit organizations, regardless of size.

You might be thinking about what ClickMeeting is doing in Best Conference Call Services? Just like you, very few people know, along with being a popular webinar solution, it also offers conference calls. Its practical and helpful conference call tools let you collaborate with teams and keep the work going.

It is a webinar tool focusing on presenting insights. From this, you can imagine its video quality, through which you can have an interactive user experience. Plus, it is easy to customize and flexible to use.

The video conferencing experience you’ll get through ClickMeeting goes beyond due to its webinar capacities. So, going with ClickMeeting will benefit you in video conferencing.

How much does it cost?

Do you want a test drive? Go with a 30-days free trial. Or you can pick their monthly plans, starting from $25/month.

Who can use this?

As per its official website, they offer custom plans for Enterprise. It means any business size can use ClickMeeting and upgrade their business to the next level.


What is it?

The first thing that matters is audio quality in a conferencing call. What is the use of audio quality if the video quality is poor? This is why BlueJeans is recognized by the most prominent businesses and brands worldwide – Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you are the kind of person who is concerned about audio quality more than video quality, you will love the BlueJeans. The Dolby Voice technology powers it, and you might be aware that Dolby Laboratories are audio experts. They reduce the extra noise or completely diminish it and offer sharp audio.

So, if you are in a room with other people and need to attend the meeting with no background noise, trust us, you need BlueJeans as your partner. Isn’t this sound like you have been looking for this all your life?

How much does it cost?

Don’t make assumptions looking at its technology as it is affordable and will come into your budget. The starting price is only $12.49 per month, with a limit of 50 participants.

Who can use this?

Perfect for small businesses but can be used in large enterprises. But if you are a big company, you have to talk to them first and tell them your requirements in detail. Then, accordingly, they will send you a custom quote.


What is it?

Lifesize is a precise and convenient tool for video and audio conferencing. Like others, it also offers handy features, such as the save and share meeting option depth reporting of whether the participant understands the software or not. Further, it has a calendar integration tool; you can manage the calendar according to life events.

Well, it does not stop here. Lifesize wants everything perfect for its audiences, including HD quality video, sharp audio quality, countless integration options, round-the-clock customer support, and whatnot. The only thing little disappoints you is its chat tools. Yet, Lifesize is working on its cons, so soon, this issue will be resolved.

Above all, Lifesize will benefit you in every possible way.

How much does it cost?

It offers both free and paid plans, so it’s up to you which one you’d like to go with. For example, you can make a meeting call with 25 participants with no duration limits with free plans. Want more features, land on their $14.95/month plan.

Who can use this?

Mid-size enterprises and other large businesses can opt for this and stay ahead in the game.


What is it?

Every employee and owner desires a simpler work-life, involving less stress and more productivity. But, very few people can achieve this as most do not know about appropriate tools for their business, which they lack.

So, if you hunt for the right tools to improve and fill the gap between productivity and communication, nothing is better than Slack. It is the most popular tool amongst remote teams. Further, it has a built-in audio and video call feature to make conference calls within the app.

Slack brings everything together, whether it’s the right people, information, and tools. This is why it is famous as the collaboration hub. Not only this, it has 2400 apps available to integrate and improve your productivity. A few of them are Asana, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Zoom.

Because of all these benefits, many businesses use Slack and give direction to their business, system, and teams. So what’s your reason for picking Slack?

How much does it cost?

It has a total of four plans, and one of them is free to use but has a limitation of 10,000 message history and 1:1 calls. The rest of them are given below:

  • Pro – $US2.67/mth*
  • Business+ – $US5/mth*
  • Enterprise Grid – Contact Sales

Who can use this?

Their biggest clients are Netflix, Uber, Expedia, Ameritrade, and many others. From this, you can understand the capability of Slack and why people prefer this platform.


What is it?

Communication plays a vital role when running a business. However, business communication requires a perfect solution to get the work done quickly. Also, to meet modern demand, such as work-from-anywhere, constant updates on ongoing work, and solutions for a growing business need a tool that follows the trends. And Phone.com perfectly fits into the definition of modern demand.

Every individual prefers different types of communications, and Phone.com knows this exceptionally well. As a result, it fulfills every individual’s needs. Voice, text, video, fax, conferencing, you will get everything on one plate. Finally, it results in active collaboration.

Enormous features and quality – they balance both of them. So, you do not have to worry about their quality service. Along with this, they also provide the essential tools for your business.

Exceeding all, you can mix and match plans according to your business and team needs. It helps manage your budget, and you will never spend on a plan you do not need. Don’t you think this is the best deal?

How much does it cost?

Its basic plan starts at $10.39/user per month only, giving you 300 pooled minutes, video conferencing with up to 10 people, and lastly, 1000 pooled text messages. Also, as mentioned, you can change the plan as per your team and business needs.

Who can use this?

Best for small businesses who need to be in constant touch and make sure things are getting done on time.

Vast Conference

What is it?

For spur-of-the-moment conference calls, you need a perfect conference calling tall, and when you say excellent Vast Conference is at your rescue. With Vast Conference, you can start meeting any moment, anyplace, without scheduling it before.

Being a Vast Conference user, you will receive a unique number. And while starting a meeting or dialing the number, enter the given access code. Vast Conference is recognized for instant conferences without a debate, but it also has the pre-scheduling feature.

Further, it gives you an operator-assisted conference option too. Vast Conference has a team of professional and polite operators who recognize your callers and greet them. When you are conferencing with several people, this option is best.

The Vast Conference has many collaboration tools to offer you. A few of them are screen sharing, document sharing, file transferring, and conference recording. Also, if you are worried about a poor call quality mess-up, here is the good news for you. Every plan has built-in HD video and audio. As a result, you can call it one of the best business phone services.

Do you have a global team? Well, hosting international conference calls is never easy as Vast Conference, and it sustains international calls with 70+ countries. So, you do not have to pay extra international calling fees or worry about disruption in calling.

How much does it cost?

Check out its plans and pricing below:

  • Essentials – $11.99/user/month
  • Standard – $15.99/user/month
  • Professional – $31.99/user/month
  • Enterprise – Contact Salesperson

If you want a test drive, go for a 14-day free trial and then make your decision.

Who can use this?

Vast Conference supports every size industry conference calls. However, they allow fewer participants in Conference calls up to 500 as other competitors offer more. But very few companies host conference calls with 500 participants, so this factor is negligible.


What is it?

Grasshopper offers Conference calling and taking care of small businesses by providing them with a virtual phone system. It is not a typical conference call software, but it still deserves a spot on this list for its versatility.

Many people believe in work-life balance, and therefore, they want individual phone numbers for personal and business work. With a Grasshopper, you can simultaneously use your phone for personal and business. Its mobile app gives you a different number for business. It does not suit everyone, but in urgency, it would be a terrific alternative if you want to use a virtual phone system.

You have to follow simple steps:

  • Choose the phone number you desire.
  • Land on plans.
  • Start downloading the app.
  • Link your phone number.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the procedure, and you are all done. Plus, it offers a handy feature that helps you set up automated messages and take follow-ups if you are not available. You can program the system the way you want and let them call your caller and know your availability. This way, you can still be in the game when you cannot pick the call right away.

How much does it cost?

You can use it free for seven days, and if you like it, you can go with their paid plans given below:

  • SOLO – $26/mo
  • PARTNER – $44/mo
  • SMALL BUSINESS – $80/mo

Who can use this?

It is best for small businesses that are compatible with Virtual Phone Systems.

What’s the Best Conference Call Service for You?

Every company and every industry has different requirements, and accordingly, one needs to select the best conference call service. However, in 2022, both an audio and video conference call will be crucial. So you have to choose the call service that offers both.

Our favorite 2022’s collections are Webex, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Zoom, and Slack.


With time things have been changed tremendously, and the world adapted to the changes with a somewhat perplexed mind. However, slowly, companies understand the importance of remote teams and using the tools and softwares to make conversation easier. Therefore, many companies have tilted towards conference call services, and some are thinking of doing the same. Many types of conference call service providers are present in the market offering custom hold music and many other features.

We have listed the 20+ best conference call services in 2022 that you should not overlook to solve your puzzle. Check out our favorite picks if you do not have time to look at every listed item.

  • Nextiva
  • Webex
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • G Suite Meet
  • Slack

Rather than, other service providers are also an excellent choice, but as mentioned, these are our picks. As per your business type, size, and budget, you can choose your favorite one. We hope this detailed 2022s Best Conference Call Services have solved your confusion to some extent.


How do I set up a conference call service?

Setting up a conference call is not rocket science, and you require to follow below given basic steps:

  • Start with creating a conference call account if you do not have it.
  • Then, select relevant dial-in numbers for your team members or callers.
  • Next, select the date and time for your conference call.
  • Next, share a conference call invitation you’d like to.
  • Finally, start the meeting at the given time and date.

Which is The Best Conference Call Service?

The best conference call service term entirely depends upon the individual needs. But our personal favorites are:

  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Nextiva
  • Webex
  • Microsoft Teams

However, you are free to make your selection.

Do hangouts have a time limit?

Google Hangouts is replaced by Google Meet, which offers you 1 to 1 video chat option all day and night. But, group calls having 100 participants have a limit of 6o minutes duration. Plus, you will get a warning when you reach 55 minutes.

How does a conference call service work?

A conference call means talking to more than one person on a call. However, this term got recognition in companies after seeing work from home and remote teams. Here companies send an invitation link to whom they want in the conference call and share dates and times. But modern conference calls are not limited to audio calls, and today it also involves video calls. Suppose someone is not available for video calling. In that case, employers can join him by a dial-in number that one can get from a conference call service provider


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