Ultimate Guide On 800 Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers allow new and existing clients to contact your company immediately. Many clients would instead call a company phone number then send an email.

They are more likely to do so if they can call a toll-free number because they are available to the caller. It also aids in the acquisition of new consumers.

And cultivate long-term connections with your current clients.

Toll-free numbers were formerly solely utilized by significant corporations. However, they are currently incredibly inexpensive. As a result, even small business owners may obtain an 800 toll-free number for their company.

In this article, we’ll show you how to acquire an 800 toll-free number for your business in 13 simple steps.

You would not need to install costly phone systems. Instead, purchase new gear or even recruit additional employees.

Does it sound right? Let’s get this game started.

What exactly is an 800 Phone number?

In the United States, an 800 number is one of numerous toll-free phone numbers. It’s undeniably the most well-known. As a result, it is the most preferred option for enterprises.

With a toll-free number, it will not charge your consumers for making the call. Instead, calls from toll-free numbers are routed to a local number. And the call is paid for by the number’s owner.

To differentiate them from regular landline numbers, toll-free numbers all have a three-digit prefix.

In addition to 800, the following numbers are used: 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833, regardless of which one your firm chooses.

These lines are available to callers for free.

Major corporations once solely used toll-free numbers. However, they are now considerably more inexpensive and widely employed by organizations. And people throughout the country.

You may also get a toll-free vanity number that spells out a memorable word. Alternatively, use the company name in addition to the numbers. For example, the well-known 1-800 FLOWERS.

What was the origin of 800 numbers?

AT&T pioneered the use of 800 numbers in 1967. Who wished to reduce the number of time-consuming collect calls that required a live operator.

Hotels were the first to use the service. And vehicle rental firms that got bookings from all across the country.

Eventually, other businesses adopted the concept. It evolved into the call center concept. However, the toll-free service was not inexpensive.

Switching providers was also expensive since businesses had to start utilizing new toll-free numbers.

An FTC judgment on ‘portable’ numbers in 1993 meant that customers might choose a new provider. They should also bring their 800 numbers with them.

Small companies may now be able to participate. Prices have also been driven down as a result of carrier rivalry.

Initially, it used the 800 prefixes for all toll-free phone lines. However, to satisfy demand, more toll-free prefixes have had to be generated. 844, the most recent extension, was published in 2017.

And it allows for vanity numbers with up to seven characters.

A national register stores all toll-free numbers. Somos, Inc maintains this toll-free directory. That allows firms known as RespOrgs to operate (Responsible Organizations).

The Advantages of a Toll-Free Number

Image About Toll-Free

Whether you select an 800 number or another toll-free prefix, there are several reasons why free calling should be an essential component of your business strategy.

One of the benefits of toll-free numbers is the ability to:

  • Incentivize customers
  • Maintain a professional appearance.
  • More ground to cover
  • Make your advertising more efficient.
  • Improve your bottom line

We all know that making phone calls is much cheaper than it used to be, owing to free minutes and generally reduced rates. Customers may not be as concerned about price.

But getting anything for free is still a great experience.

They’ll also be more likely to call you on a toll-free number. It provides a chance for your staff to provide five-star service. And what if someone complains to you?

They will be less irritated, and they won’t have to pay for it if they don’t have to!

Regardless of the increase in digital platforms, many individuals still prefer to dial a company’s telephone number.

Make contact with a live person as well.

Making this option available for free will allow you to develop strong interactions with a broader group of consumers.

Toll-free numbers also give your company a more professional appearance. And they’re well-known because they’re still associated with profitable businesses.

They aren’t limited to a specific geographical area.

You’ll be able to cover additional markets. Customers from all around the world may call you on the same number.

Using a single toll-free number to cover various locations of your company makes it easy for customers to remember. You can also simplify your marketing.

You are choosing a unique vanity 800 number that includes your name. Your phrase will increase brand awareness and ad response rates.

Most toll-free number service providers allow you to redirect calls to your current phone lines and cell phones. Customers may contact you regardless of where you are.

You can also use the 800 number for phone or SMS. In addition, create rules for inbound calls depending on characteristics such as business hours.

Home-based company entrepreneurs can continue to work. And keep your personal life distinct with a toll-free business line. And lone proprietors or individuals who do not have a physical location can manage all business calls on their cell phones.

Using a corporate VoIP service provider, such as RingCentral will also allow you to make lower-cost calls. There is no need for any specialized gear or additional phone lines.

You can receive calls using a PC or a mobile device. Advanced features such as call blocking, call forwarding, and an auto-attendant are also available with VoIP phone systems.

Optimize your toll-free number

It is critical to have your 800 number displayed on your website. As a result, individuals may readily perceive that it is a communication choice. Assume a prospective consumer has a problem at the checkout.

It would be preferable to chat with a live person. However, they are unlikely to want to spend more money doing so.

Make an effort to return all incoming calls as soon as possible. The goodwill garnered by not charging for the call will go fast if your consumer keeps waiting for an extended time!

It would be best to use call recording and voice analytics to collect and evaluate consumer data.

That not only aids in the improvement of customer service. However, it also allows you to contact them again in the future for a follow-up or upselling opportunity.

Ways to Get an 800 Toll-Free Number for Your Business in 2021

Toll-free numbers are the phone numbers you can dial without any charge to the person placing the call.

Toll-free numbers are not limited to a particular geographic area. Customers from all around the world may contact you using the same phone number.

It offers your company a more professional appearance and trustworthiness. It is also more accessible to the market since it may use a unique phone number. And make use of it in all of your marketing initiatives.

Let’s look at the best ways to obtain a toll-free 800 number for your company.


Image Shows Nextiva

Nextiva is the market’s top business phone service provider. They provide the most straightforward method for obtaining a toll-free number for your small business.

Each Nextiva package includes a free toll-free line. You can also obtain a local number from any place in the United States.

Nextiva provides a straightforward dashboard for monitoring your calls. Set up voicemail greetings, outbound caller ID, call routing, caller ID, logging, and more.

It allows you to manage your business calls more effectively. Also, make the most of them.

You may receive calls on your toll-free number using a laptop or a desk phone. Alternatively, you may use their app on your phone.

It eliminates your reliance on specialized hardware. And it allows you to carry your business phone with you wherever you go.


Image Shows Ringcentral

RingCentral is yet another fantastic option for obtaining a toll-free number for your company. They provide all standard toll-free numbers. 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 are just a few examples.

RingCentral allows you to redirect calls to an existing number or utilize a current toll-free number. They include a plethora of services. Such as call routing, voicemail, call statistics, message notifications, answering rules, and more.

They feature an easy-to-use dashboard that you can control from your browser. Desktop software or mobile applications when you’re on the move.


Image Shows Freedomvoice

FreedomVoice is a toll-free number industry veteran, having been in business since 1996. A virtual attendant accompanies their services. There’s also a free smartphone app.

Their website is terrific since they take rapid service seriously.

When you look at their price, you are immediately taken to a simple website. It specifies if you want a local or vanity number. Alternatively, dial 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833.

When you’re finished with it, you choose the strategy you desire. It is done on a minute-by-minute basis. It also provides the opportunity to add “Get Name & Address” and call recording.

There’s also random hold music.

  • Best For: This well-established company places a high value on user-friendliness when it comes to signing up. They clearly outline three simple steps that anyone can follow. You can follow it regardless of experience.

Their pricing is quite reasonable as a result; they are an excellent choice for everyone. Startups benefit significantly from mobile apps. And side hustles in which teams are constantly on the go.

  • What’s Missing: The lack of desk phones and softphones with the CloudNumber plan makes it difficult for small enterprises. Who wants the whole product at a reasonable price.

If they don’t already have the tools, they must upgrade. They must have whatever they require at their disposal.

Ooma Office Phone

Image Shows Ooma Office Phone

Ooma is a well-known commercial VOIP phone service provider. This company provides 1-800 toll-free phone lines at reasonable costs. It may add a toll-free number to any Ooma office package.

They will automatically choose a toll-free phone number for you. You can, however, select a different one.

The Ooma office platform includes a plethora of solid capabilities. Virtual receptionist, extension calling, music-on-hold, intelligent mobile phone apps, and other features are standard.

The best thing is that it is straightforward to put together. And you can accomplish it in a matter of minutes.


Image Shows Grasshopper

Grasshopper is the only toll-free number provider. We’ve looked at that it is designed to make it easier for businesses to obtain a business number. Their service is genuinely fast.

Allowing companies to check for available numbers from an inventory pool, choose your own. And even aid with possibly purchasing numbers directly from their webpage.

They even provide a real-time update when fresh batches become available:

Image Shows New Batch

Their service includes numerous lines—the option to text from your toll-free number. Call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and no need to purchase new gear.

Suppose you want to communicate by mobile. Users of Grasshopper may also make business calls from their desktops. They are utilizing the web-based admin interface or their desktop app.

According to its website, Grasshopper has toll-free numbers 877, 888, 866, 833, 844, and 855, as well as a minimal supply of genuine 800 numbers.

  • Best for: Every Grasshopper plan includes unlimited minutes. Their regular pricing plan may be prohibitively expensive for companies. However, regardless of the package you pick, they provide limitless minutes. It helps to offset the more significant expense.
  • What Is Missing: The lack of an auto-attendant makes it more difficult for cells to reach the appropriate department or representative. Suppose a firm wants to improve the user experience. And because they rely mainly on toll-free phones, auto-assistants may be pretty helpful.


Image Shows Mightycall

MightyCall, unlike Grasshopper, is not focused on toll-free 800 numbers. However, they provide an equally effective answer. They, like Nextiva and RingCentral, are a provider of business VoIP.

When you join up for their service, this is the first thing you do. As mentioned on the website, you should select a toll-free number.

It guarantees that your company is committed—a professional phone number for existing and future customers to call.

Because they are a VoIP service provider, their toll-free lines have all of the capabilities of a typical corporate VoIP service. Call forwarding to any device, call recording, VIP/deny listing, and call routing are just a few examples.

And a mobile app for making and receiving toll-free calls from your smartphone or tablet. There is no gear required, and customers may migrate their current phone numbers for free.

All you have to do to sign up is click their sign up button. Put in your address. Choose a strategy. Then figure out how you’re going to pay.

Image Shows Strategy.

  • Best For High-quality VoIP phone system features include unlimited calling, call queues, visual call flow setup, and mobility.
  • Furthermore, call forwarding on any device makes it simple for companies that want a high-quality toll-free number. In addition, VoIP services are available in a convenient, low-cost bundle.
  • What is Missing: The lack of a pay-as-you-go option puts companies in a bind. Whether or not to upgrade from their most basic plan to their standard plan.


Image Shows Phone.com

Phone.com is another simple option to obtain a toll-free number. It enables you to handle your business calls effortlessly utilizing PCs and mobile apps.

They provide vanity and toll-free phone numbers that you may use with your current phone number.

It has all of the standard features you’d expect from a cloud phone service.


Image Shows 800.Com

Return to dedicated toll-free number service providers.

Because their whole platform is centered on providing toll-free 800 numbers, 800.com is an excellent choice.

Again, all you need to do is visit their homepage. You’ll also notice a search bar if the desired number is available.

They provide some options beneath that you can purchase right away to expedite the process.

Many of the features stated on their website are available. It is on the feature lists of some of the top cloud phone systems. Call forwarding, number parking, vanity numbers, and an auto-attendant menu are among the options available.

And number portability, There are 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 numbers accessible. It provides consumers with a wide range of alternatives from which to pick.

It is assuring that they can obtain the desired number immediately.

Best For: 800.com is a user-friendly website designed specifically to sell toll-free 800 numbers in real-time, as shown in the image above.

They stress immediate assistance by providing several phone lines. Also, make it simple for companies to buy. Their intermediate option is expensive.

They are making their service a better fit for the demands of small businesses. Number parking allows companies to pay only for the services they utilize.

What Is Missing:

Because there is no call recording or auto attendant for the expensive fee, users may go elsewhere for a cheaper service with more features.


8×8 Image

8×8 Another simple way to acquire a toll-free number for your small business. They provide toll-free and local numbers in a variety of countries.

As a result, they are a good option if your target consumers are spread across different areas.

All of the standard call management capabilities are included, as well as interfaces with G Suite and Office 365.


Vonage Image

Vonage is another business phone provider that provides both toll-free and local numbers. You have the option of using the popular 888, 877, or 866 codes.

It will also ring your current company phone number.

To manage your calls, they provide an easy-to-use web-based management panel. It contains all of the extra features you’d expect from a VoIP service provider, such as voicemail, auto-attendant, and forwarding, as well as call routing, simultaneous call ringing on many devices, and other features.



CallHippo makes it incredibly easy for users to obtain a toll-free 800 number by explaining the process immediately on their webpage if it’s your first time visiting their website.

There will be a 5-step sign-up form before deciding on a monthly or annual membership. Users can also choose from up to twenty countries across the world.

Using virtual extensions, many users can utilize the same toll-free number. They are making things simple for small companies. Startups, on the other hand, should choose CallHippo because their expenditures are generally considerably less.

CallHippo prides itself on being easily accessible. And it shows, from their simple sign-up procedure to their website’s calls to action.

“Sign up now,” they say. And in just 3 minutes, you may start making and receiving phone calls.” Their CTAs would appear unreasonable without this openness. However, for individuals who require a toll-free 800 number straight away. CallHippo is an excellent choice.

Ideal for: Startups and small enterprises on a low budget. Businesses that operate in many countries, clients who have customers in other countries, will profit from this information. You may purchase those figures from more than 50 nations.

Low rates as well as the possibility to add more users; as a result, CallHippo is an excellent alternative for enterprises on a tight budget.

What is Missing: There is no call blocking. Alternatively, blocklisting makes it more challenging to filter out calls from spam numbers, making their presence known all the time.


Kall8 Image

Kall8 promises on its website that you may quickly obtain a toll-free 800 number. And, like some of the other providers mentioned above, their page layout.

As a result, the procedure is relatively easy. Before signing up, visitors can look for vanity numbers. They can also select from an extensive range of 800 numbers. It allows the visitor to proceed directly to the checkout.

They are also a pay-as-you-go service, which ensures that the responsible company only pays for its uses. There will be no pressure to agree to a plan that is either more or far less than you require.

One standout aspect of Kall8 is its online administration. It allows customers to keep track of specific call metrics as well as call history.

Best For Pay-as-you-go service for companies looking to establish themselves as genuine. Or, if you’re looking for something more splendid, look for a firm that’s worth doing business with.

Startups also do not want to be bound by contracts because the nature of establishing a new business is unstable.

What’s Missing: The lack of a desktop or mobile app makes it difficult for businesses. Who currently use VoIP phone systems and want to utilize a Kall8 toll-free number more smoothly.

When companies begin to expand, pay-as-you-go may quickly add up. When that time arrives, firms may be forced to seek elsewhere.


Godaddy Image

SmartLine is a service offered by GoDaddy. It is another quick option for businesses to obtain a toll-free 800 number. They do an unusual thing by laying out the pricing of their plans upfront. Which we presume is an endeavor to be as open as possible.

You may discover more about how the service works as you scroll down. You will find how a toll-free number may help your company appear more professional. And how your company does not need any hardware to use their service.

Suppose you have five minutes to spare. That’s all it takes to have your company’s new toll-free number up and running with SmartLine.

You select a number and link it to their app, which it may use on Android and Apple devices. According to the SmartLine website, users may “make calls using the SmartLine app.” In addition, your toll-free number appears on caller ID.

It protects the confidentiality of your phone number. And instructs customers to dial your toll-free number instead.”

Best For:- GoDaddy’s toll-free number service is best suited for mobility-driven and well-established enterprises. Their software is simple to use. It also enables mobile companies to handle incoming calls.

And outgoing calls, no matter where they are. They are also not required to ask clients to contact their phone numbers.

It might lead to conflicts between your professional and personal lives.

What’s Missing: GoDaddy is a bare-bones service that provides consumers with very few features. That is a typical practice among other service providers. If all you need is another supplier of 800 numbers, GoDaddy is an excellent option.

However, keep in mind that you are paying the same price as other carriers for far less. It is not the most excellent solution for a startup.

How much do toll-free numbers cost?

Your phone plan determines the cost of a toll-free number. A toll-free line should cost between $10 and $15 per month. Calls to the number will cost you between 6 and 30 cents per minute, depending on your service provider.

Suppose you are unsure whether or not you want to pay the extra expense of a toll-free number. You’ll be relieved to know that many business professionals believe toll-free numbers are becoming obsolete.

Because of the internet, we don’t believe toll-free numbers are as vital as they formerly were. “And cell phones have brought the cost of making a long-distance call down,” said Fred Manuel, general partner at Alliance Cost Containment in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Even if your phone number is toll-free, cell phone customers will continue to pay their standard rate to call it.

According to Manuel, businesses that provide services should always have a toll-free number. “If you’re attempting to guide a client through an issue, it’ll take a half-hour.” “You want to offer them a free way to make that call,” he explained.

What Is the Difference Between a Cheap 800 Toll-free Number and a Local Number?

You will be given an 800 toll-free number or an equivalent three-digit code toll-free number when you want customers to phone or text your company without paying for the call or text.

Customers, on the other hand, pay for calls to local numbers. That is why an increasing number of firms are opting for toll-free lines.


Obtaining an immediate toll-free 800 number is a straightforward procedure. However, determining where to search is difficult.

We’ve broken down 13 easy options for businesses to get toll-free numbers fast and easily.

Many corporate VoIP solutions include toll-free numbers as a feature. Some systems only deal with toll-free numbers. That makes obtaining a toll-free 800 number much more accessible for businesses.

The fact that both channels support number portability is what makes them so valuable. It allows companies to maintain their present phone number even if they change service providers.

Toll-free numbers help businesses of all sizes. However, small companies and startups, in particular, gain the most. Marketing teams utilize toll-free numbers and vanity numbers to distinguish a company. At the same time, show how to reach them.

Customers are also encouraged to contact since they do not have to worry about the expense of doing so. They have nothing to lose because they have nothing to lose. Toll-free numbers are a tried-and-true marketing strategy.

That your company can put into action right away, 1-800-Flowers was a huge success right away. Even though some first questioned what they were thinking.

It is not a guarantee that your company will have the same level of success. However, boosting the number of calls to your business is your aim. Toll-free numbers are an excellent approach to accomplish this.

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