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There was a time when purchasing and selling domain names was a big deal. Identifying premium domain names that will be valuable in the future, was much easier in the early Wild West days of the Internet.

If you knew where to seek and where to sell your domain name. you might make a lot of money. While domain flipping is far from dead, things have altered dramatically.

The concept of generating a lot of money by purchasing and selling domain names without having to create a website. Without learning affiliate marketing or building a business, this might be a tempting option.

Being a domain flipper is a difficult method to generate passive revenue. Being able to accomplish this full-time will be a significant difficulty.

Even as a side job. Domain selling takes a lot of labor, study, and a little bit of luck in order to make decent money.

Finding the best places to sell domain names will be a key element in determining whether you succeed or fail.

Getting Direct Offers

Receiving a direct offer is one of the simplest methods to earn compensation for a domain name. While that may not seem like much, I don’t own many domain names. And I don’t waste time hunting for a “sellable” domain name.

I don’t consider myself a domain investor. These three incidents amounted to little more than additional cash in the bank. There is one critical step missing here: you cannot have privacy over your WHOIS information. If you do, they will be unable to reach you.

Many people are uncomfortable with having some of their personal information made public. And this will very certainly increase the number of spam emails you get. However, you must have at least one public email address.

This is where anyone interested in purchasing your domain name can find it. They will be able to locate your contact information and determine your asking price.

If you receive a direct offer, bear the following points in mind:

1. Obtain a formal contract at all times.

2. Before transferring the domain, always take money.

3. If you have a bad feeling about something, don’t do it.

This is very ordinary fare. It may be kept low-key. However, you must have this information.

What prevents PayPal, Stripe, or a bank from refunding your earnings is the signed contract. They abandon you, both financially and in terms of the domain name.

In any case, this is just smart business. You must be legally protected.

The following step is to confirm payment. This should not be a stumbling block. You cannot take something from a store before paying for it.

You pay, and then, you receive the goods. The transaction is put up in the same way here. You deposit the funds into your account before releasing the domain name.

If you’re not tech-savvy, get the assistance of someone you trust to assist you with the transition. In most situations, this is not difficult. However, it varies depending on who you purchased the domain name from.

Once you have received payment, begin the process of transferring the domain as soon as feasible.

In most situations, this is a two to four-step process. So make sure to follow through so that everyone is satisfied in the end.

Domain name registrars

If you do not have a big number of prospective buyers knocking on your door. Then it’s time to turn your attention to your next best option: the domain market.

These are websites that are specifically created for the purchase and sale of domain names.

If you want to sell domain names. This is frequently the greatest choice for monetizing a domain name. This is where you may locate a potential buyer as well as any type of domain broker.

Auction by Godaddy

Image showing GoDaddy logo

Godaddy Auction is one of the registrar’s useful functions. It enables its clients to purchase and sell domain names in the most convenient manner. To participate in this market. You must pay a modest membership fee of $4.99 each year. This membership enables you to bid on and acquire domain names, as well as a free listing of your domains for sale. Your charge schedules include:

1. Organizing a 7-day public auction

2. Establishing a BIN price (Buy It Now price)

3. Accepting or rejecting buyer proposals, as well as offering a new Counter.

The Godaddy commission is based on the sale price of your domain. If the domain was sold for less than $5,000, the commission is 20% ($15 minimum). If the selling price is between $5,000 and $25,000. The fee is $1000 plus 15% of the amount beyond $5,000.

If you are a purchaser. There are no hidden costs. When you win a bid, you will be charged a one-year renewal cost for the Expired Domains Auctions and Value Priced Names. If the original domain owner has chosen to renew or reclaim the domain. Then you have the right to a full refund.

The Flippa Marketplace

Image showing Flippa logo

Flippa is currently one of the world’s most popular domain markets. They are the location to purchase and sell domains as well as online companies such as websites, applications, SaaS, and Amazon FBA. There are presently over 2 million open listings on Flippa, with over $200 million in total sales.

To join this marketplace and offer your domains for sale, you must pay a nominal listing charge of $15 per month, regardless of your business type. Flippa charges a success fee of 5% to 15% for each listing sold successfully, as shown in the chart below.

When you sell
$1m to $5m+$500K to $1m$1 to $499KBroker partner
Success fees5%7.5%10%15%

Image showing Sedo logo
The Sedo Marketplace

Sedo is an excellent resource for purchasing, parking, and selling domain names. They provide several services to buyers and sellers, including free registration, free transfer service, free parking, and so on. Sedo also provides a free service for listing domain names for sale. You just give them a commission when the domain is successfully sold. The commission for a successful sale is determined on the kind of listing and TLD you choose.

The table below shows the commission percentages you must pay to Sedo when you make a sale;

Parked & Buy Now Domain Sale10%
Buy Now & Make Offer Domain Sale15%
Domain Auction Sale15%
SedoMLS partners Domain Sale20%

If you are a buyer who purchased a domain through the Buy Now price or Domain Auction. Then you are not required to pay any fees or charges other than the price of the domain.

NamePros Forum


Image showing namepros forum logo

Nowadays, NamePros is the world’s top and largest domain name forum. They presently have over 1 million users, over 1 million topics, and over 6 million posts.

Everyone who wishes to be a part of the NamePros community may do so for free. In addition, as a free member, you may establish up to two current domain listings for sale.

If you wish to list more items, you must upgrade to a Supporter or Business account.

NamePros Supporter$5/month
Business Account$10/month

Business (yearly)$99/year

NamePros does not charge any fees or commissions on domain transactions that are successful.

NameCheap Marketplace

Image showing namecheap logo

Namecheap is a prominent domain registrar that also offers web hosting. They now have over 2 million clients and more than 5 million domain names under control.

If you are a customer of NameCheap and have domain names on their platform, you may list your domains with a fixed price for sale completely free of charge.

Namecheap charges a flat 10% fee on every successful domain sale on the marketplace.

Efty Website

Image showing efty marketplace logo

Efty is a domain administration software that allows domainers and domain investors to easily manage their domain portfolio. They have offered domain investors tools to measure sales and traffic.

One of the most useful aspects of Efty is the ability for users to quickly establish their own domain name marketplace website. You may also make the marketplace style, content, and logo more professional by customizing them.

The prices of Efty’s three packages are listed below.

Basic $4/monthUp to 50 domains
Growth$7/monthUp to 1500 domains
SSL enabled
Professional$19/monthUp to 5000 domains
SSL enabled
White label
Stripe integration

eBay Marketplace
Image showing ebay logo

eBay is one of the world’s largest platforms for selling anything. They provide a tiny part where you may list domain names for auction or at a fixed price. If you are a buyer, you do not need to pay them anything; simply create a free account and purchase the name you choose.

However, as a seller, you may post up to 50 free listings with a free account. If you wish to sell hundreds or thousands of domain names, you need to purchase an eBay Store subscription, which starts at $19.95 per month with an annual subscription.

Subscription FeeBasic StorePremium StoreAnchor Store
Monthly (With Yearly subscription)$19.95$59.95 $299.95
Monthly $24.95 $74.95$349.95

eBay will charge you a 10% commission as a final fee on each successfully sold listing. This percentage is adjusted based on the overall quantity of sales by category.


Image showing BrandBucket logo

Brandbucket is a popular marketplace for buying and selling brandable domain names. This marketplace is intended to focus on domain names that are one-of-a-kind, brandable, and hand-picked as premium domains.

You cannot sell your domain names on your own. All domains must be carefully checked and authorized by the BB team. BrandBucket will take a fee of 30% on each successful sale. In comparison to other markets, I believe this rate is a little excessive.

Above Website

Image showing Above website logo

Above is an example of a website that uses technology on its platform to assist domain investors to increase their earnings. has expanded its services to include a Registrar, Marketplace, and Brokerage.

If you successfully sell the listing, you must pay a 10% commission on the sale price and receive free escrow service.

SnapNames Website

Image showing Snapnames website

SnapNames is also a well-known domain name marketplace these days. They are currently a firm that offers a variety of over 30 million domain names at reasonable costs each year. If you are a seller,

SnapNames provides several alternatives for promoting your domains, including Showcase Auctions, Live Auction Events, and The Domain Brokerage.


Image showing Afternic logo

Afternic refuses to apologize for who they are.

They are a domain marketplace that focuses on making the purchasing and selling process as easy as possible. This is especially true for premium domains and fresh listings.

This is a busy site that performs an excellent job at rotating which domains appear on the site’s home page. Afternic is completely free to join, and they do an excellent job of ensuring that listings on their site are collected by other sites and forums that sell domain names.

This enables them to cast a wide net. Their sales page boasts of the industry’s “highest average sale,” although this would be difficult to substantiate.

However, Afternic is regarded as the world’s largest domain marketplace, and free listing is a significant benefit.

It provides sellers with a plethora of alternatives for selling their domain. There’s a reason why many people think it’s one of the finest locations to sell your domain.


Image showing logo

The top four Marketplace forums on DNForum are:

  • “Domains for Sale – Wanted Offers”
  • “Domains for Sale at- a Fixed Cost”
  • “Domain for sale – ccTLD and gTLD ”
  • “ Domains and Services Wanted”

In other words, there is no scarcity of domain purchasers in this place.

This is an excellent location to learn more about domains and gain confidence before selling to a competent audience. Website

Image showing bido logo

Bido offers clients the domain names they choose. Bido auctions off ads based on consumer preferences. Bido successfully handed out 9500 domain names voted for sale by the public on the first day of the auction in 2008.

Bido’s view on modern business is that it should be done for more than just profit. Bido’s website is built in a way that contributes to the communal aspects. Website

Domain Tools, Stats, News, Forum and Directory -

DomainState is a free resource for the general public to learn about various aspects of the domain industry. It provides a diverse set of tools and domain resources for your usage. It is a secondary market where domain names are purchased and traded. tracks domain name listings by the administrator, the nation of the registrar, and descriptive TLD. This data provides registrars with valuable perspectives on their associated effects, actions, and advancements.

NameJet website

Image showing Namejet logo

NameJet is a large marketplace that sells domains via back-ordering and auction. NameJet has attracted a sizable number of domain purchasers.

When you look into NameJet sales on NameBio, you will notice that there are significant daily sales that command high prices. This demonstrates that NameJet has a high potential for selling your domains.

Each domain listing is placed on a 10-to-30-day backorder. Bidders can make a minimum $69 back-order throughout this time period. If a listing receives more than one backorder, it is automatically moved to a three-day auction.

NameJet sells expired domains from its registrar partners. It also provides a drop-catching service that can recover dropped domains.

You may also join other helpful Domain Name Marketplaces

Steps regarding selling your domain name

The process of selling your domain name will involve many basic and common stages. This is sometimes handled via a marketplace serving as an escrow. However, there are occasions when you must deal with these issues directly.

Having said that, the processes are the same regardless of the platform.

STEP 1: Make the decision to sell

This may seem apparent, yet it is the beginning point. Examine the domain names you wish to sell.

Consider which domains in your portfolio you might be able to sell.

STEP 2: Select a marketplace

When you post your domain auction in one location, it is possible that it will be listed on other sites as well.

Other alternatives require simply the auction listing to be present.

You must pick whether you want your domain auctioned or listed. You may wind up selecting numerous regions, which is typically a good strategy to get the most eyeballs on your offer.

STEP 3: Establishing a price

This may be a difficult situation. You want a reasonable price, but you also don’t want to undersell yourself.

Domain valuation tools are usually worthless, but if the site offers free appraisals from real individuals, it could be worth a look.

STEP 4: Create the best possible listing

This is essential. Describe what makes your domain name unique. Mention any ancestors of the name that may be of assistance.

Set up your domain name for success with any tools you have available depending on where you sell it. Have a simple graphic to attract attention.

STEP 5: Have a safe payment system in place (escrow service)

Make certain that you are adequately protected. That implies having the money set up in such a way that it cannot be taken from you after the transfer.

The majority of these platforms will act as an escrow service to safeguard both parties. In most cases, this is the best option.

STEP 6: Make the sale

There is normally no additional process after the interested party purchases the domain, but you may need to approve the pricing.

If you receive a counter-offer to the advertised price, this may be a necessary step.

STEP 7: Transfer the domain name

The final step is always to transfer domain ownership. Before you begin the transfer process, payment should be in escrow or in hand.

Then pay close attention to the procedure. This is straightforward, but it frequently necessitates some back and forth before it is completed.

After that, relax and enjoy your money!


You can get your desired domains by using these finest domain marketplaces. All of them are simple to use and provide excellent customer service. You won’t have to pay any fees or costs upfront, and you’ll get a free transfer to your preferred domain registrar after making a successful purchase.

There is still a lot of room for profit when it comes to selling domain names.

Selling domain names can be a lucrative side business. Flipping websites is the finest option for selling domains if you want to buy and sell domain names quickly.

There are still some large payouts available in a few circumstances.

Learn the ins and outs of domain investing, gain some experience, and you’ll soon have an expert’s eye for which domain names have major value and which don’t!

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