Globally almost 80% of people have built their websites on WordPress due to its easy-to-use dashboard. As a result, WordPress users are not required to depend on others to build the website or make other changes. However, if they face any obstacles, there are several tutorials obtainable on YouTube through which they can crack their problems.

But every time, it is not viable to do everything single-handedly, sometimes, we need help, and there is no shame in it. You can hire WordPress developers and see which one is best to work on your project.

On the other hand, if you are running a development company, you are constantly on the hunt for Skilled WordPress Developers having several skills. Like WordPress theme development, programming, plugins customizations, and many more.

But the process is not as easy as it looks since many online platforms claim that they have skilled WordPress developers, designers, and programmers. Every other person is undercutting prices and wants to become first in the race.

Now, the question is how and where to find WordPress developers? Well, we have got you and many others like you.

In this article, we are about to disclose the top #10 online jobs marketplaces where you can effortlessly find and hire WordPress Developers. Not only this, we will share some valuable tips to find the perfect match for your project.

So, you can have a requirement of a single WordPress developer or a bunch of WordPress developers. You will never get difficulty in finding skilled and talented WordPress developers. So, keep scrolling till the end.

Why and When You Need to Hire a WordPress Developer?

WordPress is specially built for non-tech savvy individuals and makes their online presence effortless. When people start their online venture, they have limited funds and be extra careful about spending.

So, as a result, they choose a WordPress where they can do everything on their own, including picking a theme, downloading plugins, writing a post, Etc.

Small start-up owners build their clients’ websites and save costs by not hiring WordPress developers.

But when your website grows or business expands, you need to hire WordPress developers as your business grows and you have enough funds. Also, when you hire WordPress developers, you get free time, and you can use your free time to expand your business.

Also, when your website or client’s website grows, you need to customize the plugins themes, and if you are not that technically sound person, you need expert help. So, in such situations, it is advisable to hire WordPress Developers.

Trusted Sources to Find and Hire WordPress Developers

Finding the best candidate with the required skills becomes tricky when you do not have a concrete plan. Of course, you can hire a WordPress developer for your team or individual’s business, but they should have enough skills.

So, for this, you need an appropriate platform where you can get talented WordPress Developers.

Do you think about the same? Don’t! We have done the hard work on behalf of you. Below we have listed the best places to hire WordPress developers after deep research and hours of sleep betrayal. Logo
Codeable – a platform that aims to fulfill the demand of WordPress developers through their freelancing platform as it is entirely a WordPress freelancing platform. You will find top-notch freelancers here to meet all your needs, including theme development, theme customization, plugin development, coding, Etc.

Another reason to trust Codeable is that they have rigorous criteria for selecting WordPress experts. The person who wants to become a WordPress developer freelancer on the platform must undergo a six-step screening process.

The screening process steps are

  • Professional review
  • Technical exam
  • Behavioral interview & live coding test
  • The Codeable academy exam
  • 45-days trial period
  • Ongoing excellence monitoring

The best thing about the platform, you can post your job at no cost and get the best talent you are looking for!

Cloudways Experts [BETA]

Cloudways Logo
Just like its name, you will find WordPress experts here. All the WordPress developers and designers are handpicked to match your business demands.

You can have one problem or several problems in your WordPress website; you’ll find perfect experts to solve your issues. Therefore, many development agencies rely on Cloudways Experts [BETA] to find the best place to hire developers.

Now, you might be thinking about how to hire WordPress developers on Cloudways? First, you have to find a suitable candidate for your projects as they have a handful of professional WordPress developers. Contact them and discuss the project details. If the person fits your requirements, you are all set to make your next move.

Cloudways experts will never leave in the middle of the project or quote you the wrong prices. They will be with you till the projects get completed successfully.

Elementor Experts

Suppose you are searching for the most extensive web designers and developers network. In that case, Elementor Experts can become your partner in crime. The only thing you have to do here checks all the listed profiles, as every profile includes details like their past work. It helps you understand which candidate is identical to project requirements.

The platform has profiles of WordPress developers, Full-Stack developers, plugins developers, Etc. So, you find a solution for every problem as Elementor Experts is a pool of freelancers.

However, every Elementor expert charges a fixed fee for their services. However, you can still find the perfect developer that fits your project criteria and budget.

WordPress Jobs

WordPress Jobs is one of the best freelance marketplaces. Here, you can find talent for WordPress design, performance, front-end development, custom theme, migration, along with other jobs such as writing, data entry, and translation.

If you are a development company owner and finding a reliable WordPress expert, WordPress Jobs is a highly recommendable platform. Being an official WordPress job posting website, you’ll find talent for every project need.

Just post the job under the relevant category, and you will start receiving proposals from WordPress developers. This way, you can hire a suitable candidate for your development project, either full-time or part-time globally, as per your necessities.

However, after you post a job on a job board, it will go under review, and once it is live, it will be for 21 days. That means you have enough time to select quality WordPress developers. Isn’t this sound like a win-win situation?

Also Read: Most Popular WordPress Job Board Theme.

Smashing Jobs

Smashing Jobs Logo
Smashing Magazine is a recognized website and eBook publisher which took the initiative and founded Smashing Jobs. A place where you can find WordPress developers and designers for your company projects or individual projects.

However, you can post a development job for free. You have to pay $225 on this job listing platform for full-time positions and less for freelance gigs, i.e., $75. So, all the jobs posted here are from companies looking to hire highly efficient WordPress developers.

Moreover, the job you post stays active for 60 days – enough time to find the perfect fit. Also, presently, the job board has more than 4 million monthly users, which is a large audience.

Due to its audience and popularity, Smashing Jobs holds a good reputation with big brands, like Amazon, Electronic Arts, MIT, Tesla Motors, and many others.


Toptal Logo
Toptal is a popular platform for fulfilling your need. However, they hire only the top 3% of WordPress developers from the crowd, and their goal is to supply great freelancers having the required skills.

Toptal will not disappoint you when it comes to skilled WordPress developers. If any WordPress developer wants to become a part of Toptal, he must undergo its rigorous screening process. Due to this, only 3% of people can become freelancers on Toptal. Most importantly, those who get selected are senior developers or designers.

Are you looking for a WordPress developer for hire on Toptal? You should have a high budget as Toptal has the best talents. As a result, many big companies have collaborated with Toptal, including Microsoft, Motorola, Salesforce, Etc.

Stack Overflow Careers

Stackoverflow Logo
We all are familiar with the Stack Overflow forum platform, and if you are a developer, you might have pinned it. Apart from solving developers’ problems, it also has a job board. The needy can post their job requirements on this job board to hire WordPress developers, data scientists, Full-Stack developers, and more.

Unlike others, Stack Overflow does not have escrow. So, you can communicate with the candidate through the forum, email, or your desired platform. Also, it is quite a straightforward process as you are the one who is putting in all the hard work.

But, to find the best talent, you have to go through many steps, such as conducting the test, taking an interview, and then hiring. Since it is a forum platform, no one has tested their skills.

So, getting the best freelancer depends upon your hard work.


When someone searches for a WordPress-specific job board, WPhired ranks first. It connects undersized and oversized businesses with dedicated WordPress talents. You can fulfill your demands of WordPress migration, plugin development, theme customization, speed optimization, and many more.

On top of that, it is a free job board for potential hires founded by Jerome Degl’innocenti in 2010. He aimed to create a free platform that is accessible to everyone. This way, any organization can easily use this platform for the development process. It sounds like a perfect deal.

Remote okay

Remote Ok
Remote OK is a perfect platform for people who prefer remote work. You can work from anywhere and live your freedom. As a result, many WordPress developers register on this platform and apply to jobs posted by well-known companies.

So, to hire the best candidate, you have to post a detailed yet attention-grabbing WordPress job posting. You can include eligibility requirements, bonuses, perks, salary compensation, and anything else you think best to include.

Remote OK is a popular platform for remote work and finding the WordPress developer.


Dice is new in the market but growing too fast. It has a massive database for technology professionals managing a database of over 9 million profiles in the USA. It helps employers find out the best tech talent and make things happen fast.

Dice allows you to hire WordPress specialists for several tasks like WordPress development, website design, Woocommerce development, web application development, Etc.

Plus, making a profile on a Dice is free. It gives access to Dice’s insights tool to check estimated salary and other data to boost their career as a WordPress developer.

Moreover, you can filter through a title, skill, and category and find the best WordPress developer according to your job requirements. It is an easy-to-use and intelligent way to do your work quickly. Due to this, it is trusted by both tech talent and employers.


Okay, here is a twist. WPKraken is a company based in Poland that offers WordPress solutions to seekers. The company itself has a team of WordPress developers, and their services structure somewhat looks like a freelance job board. So, here first, you must post your job with all the job details.

After this, they will go through your job details thoroughly and accordingly provide you with a quote. Once you both are agreed, they will start the work immediately.

Also, they have mentioned some big names on their website, claiming they have worked with them. A few of them are Exus, Suzuki, Twitch, and Euromaster. So, through this, you can have an idea of their quality of work.

Above all, they have good reviews, which is always a plus sign. Hiring a WordPress freelancer is a lengthy process and getting a perfect one is a tough job. So, switching a development company is never a harm to your deal. Moreover, they have experts in their fields.

Elance and Odesk were two individual platforms before integrating into the one, i.e., Upwork. To post your job, you are required to make an account on Upwork as a hiring manager, post a job, and accept proposals as it is a bidding site.

You have to select the most qualifying proposals, contact them, ask them essential questions, see their past work, check reviews. Then, if you feel like you have got your fit, you can make an offer instantly.

Upwork has freelancers worldwide, India, the USA, Canada, and many other countries. So, while selecting the candidate, make sure he fits into your criteria.

The best thing about the platform is that you can either post the fixed-rate job post or hourly, depending on your budget. If you are sure about your budget, it is better to go for a fixed budget. However, do not fall for a low budget. It will not provide you with suitable candidates, and you can have a bad experience.

So, Upwork is all about quality and better price. If you have a price, you’ll indeed receive quality work.


Less probability that you haven’t heard the name of a Freelancer site as it is the longest-running freelance marketplace in the world. And the platform is more likely used for hiring a WordPress developer. Here, one can find many WordPress jobs from plugin development, front-end development, theme customization, and many others. From this, you can understand the Freelancer platform’s popularity.

Being a freelancing platform, this platform has competition at its peak. Due to this, candidates get selected based on price rather than skills. So, if you have a reasonable budget, you are more likely to get the best fit here.

Also, the platform is simple to use, almost similar to Upwork. So make your selection and get your project done.

HubStaff Talent

HubStaff talent is a growing freelance marketplace that includes WordPress freelancers as well. You might have seen that the freelancer platforms mentioned in this article either take a fee from a freelancer or employer (most of them), but HubStaff is a different one. It does not take a single penny from freelancers and employers.

HubStaff does not involve any middle person between freelancer and employer. Instead, freelancers create their profile on a platform showcasing all the essential details, and if someone gets in touch with them can start the work.

However, recently they have launched a “Jobs” section where they can post a job and hire a WordPress developer.

The platform does not have a selection process for freelancers. However, they have to focus because many employers are looking for the best talent. For this, they should give chances to the right talents on their platform. Otherwise, the platform is perfect for both freelancers and employers.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is different from other bidding sites. Here, you do not have to post a job, and rather than you have to select the freelancers based on the services they provide.

Suppose you are looking for a developer for theme customization; you have to find a freelancer offering the same service. So, it is a little time-consuming, and you have to put your efforts into finding out the best skill.

Further, don’t fall for a low price-taking freelancer; this way, you’ll end up getting nothing. So, it is always advisable to go for the right talent and pay a fair amount for their skills. is a favorable marketplace because of its range of skills available. You can either post the job to find the talent or directly contact the freelancer by scanning through profiles. Whatever perfect suits you!

Recently, they have launched a Work Room that works somewhat similar to Upwork. You can chat, special milestones, make payments, everything in one place.

Like other freelancing platforms, you have to select the candidate on your own by taking tests, interviews, Etc. However, with, you can find the appropriate WordPress freelancer.

WPMU Dev Job Board

Are you looking for a platform that is entirely devoted to WordPress jobs? If yes, we have good news for you. WPMUDev is a platform that you have been looking for, for a long time. With jobs, you’ll find many skilled WordPress professionals under one roof.

WPMUDev has an integration of both users and coders. So, you’ll never find a deficiency of skilled WordPress developers. Moreover, the job board makes it easier for everyone to post and hire developers.

Similar to this platform, you have to find out the developers yourself. However, it is a good thing because you have the power to decide which one is capable of doing your job or not.


Are you a WordPress user and looking for round-the-clock support? Have you heard about ClickUp? Yes, ClickWp is known for its reliable and instant support. Also, they have monthly plans for some services. So, you can pick any of them per your budget.

The most popular services you can get here are WordPress development, theme customization, front-end development, website migration, Etc. The good thing about it is that you can grab a good deal at an affordable rate.

The founder of ClickWP, David Wang himself, is a blogger and marketer with ten years of WordPress experience. For basic development tasks, we highly recommend ClickWP as it saves your precious time. You can effortlessly get your work done on ClickWP. However, for complex tasks, you should go with other listed options.

Google search to hire WordPress developer

When it all depends on finding a freelancer or a specialized agency, Google search is the best way to do so. When you find their websites, you have to look at their portfolio and testimonial and talk about the development projects.

For that, you don’t need to break a mountain. Only go to Google and type “WordPress developer for hire,” and you will get the results on it. You may be looking for results-relevant websites of web development agencies and freelancers.

In actuality, you may end up with a result of blog posts that include a topic of WordPress developer for hire. Also, you may get the bidding sites that come with a keyword you put on the Google search bar.

And the question is remaining there as it is. So, how would you use your Google to find a WordPress developer or freelancer? At this point, we would suggest you stop the common search and enhance your search query through operators like “inurl” and “site.”

For instance; here’s how we would find a WordPress developer for hire on Google who is now open:

Inurl. “hire me” WordPress developer -site:

Then you will get the results of the pages that include the word “hire me” in the URL. Apart from that, it will stop showing the pages. Therefore, this search way is relatively better to get results on Google.

Also, you can make any changes as per your desire in the search query. But your focus will remain on finding the results of the list of freelancers so you can compare their services without any issues.

To help you more, we have the following section on how to get a top-quality WordPress developer.

How to hire a top-quality WordPress developer

You will have to pay for hiring a WordPress developer significantly if you increase business activities. But, you have firm time control and a budget, project needs like theme development, and customer satisfaction goals. So, you need to plan and follow to hire a WordPress developer in less time to get all these things done. But, don’t forget to make a good clarity on what you have to look for in a potential hire.

You can hire a development company, but it is the better choice for your business’s web development needs if you choose a WordPress developer. The following thought-out plan is ready for you to go with.

Create a Comprehensive Outline of the Project Before Hiring WordPress Developers

Suppose you want simplicity about the project profile and needs. In that case, you should make a complete profile for short you’ll provide to your WordPress developer. It will help you catch the skills you need in a WordPress developer.

You can make your basic format like below. After that, follow your project to make a complete project outline. But, do it before hiring WordPress developers for hire from popular platforms.


It is assumed that proper planning means half of the process is done. And it is the right time to get the previous project shorts and one of the current ones as well. You can note down the unique needs to make a complete project short to assess your goals.


After planning, research is the central part where you make your decision. After making your project shorts, you should look upon the other WordPress development projects. It will give you data about a new trend of project needs in business. Digitalization is increasing day by day, and you should stay up to date with any further updates.

Design ideas

So, after that, outline some rough designs and concepts. It will give the WordPress developer an idea about what you want from him. It will help WordPress developers with the excellent design idea you expect. First, you have to speak on a design you want from the WordPress developer. There are basic level, mid-level, and advanced levels of web designs available to go with.

Design development

Write down the tools and software you want in your WordPress developer. It will help you work comfortably. Also, it will help you to come out with a proper candidate who has expertise in completing your project in less or no time.


Write down the strategies you want to apply your design ideas in your business activities. After this, make sure that your design is the same as your desire. It may be a process of making your questions when you are ready to interview a potential hire. After getting a project to take it to the completion stage, negotiate with them about their process.


Check whether the WordPress developer you hired is responsive or not. He should be responsible for handling adjustments and revising projects on time.

Finalize a Detailed job Description to Hire WordPress Programmers

Make a job summary to post on the various platforms we have provided earlier on this blog. You should include job details, responsibilities, and eligibility. You can follow a standard template for a WordPress developer job description.

Conduct a Background Check, Check Reviews and Ratings, then Shortlist

Only a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is not enough when a candidate is applying for your job post. It will help if you demand their work portfolio and Linkedin profile. Check out all the reviews of their profiles and request two submission letters. It will help you to confirm their ethics.

The submission letters and profiles will help you shortlist the best among them.

Aim for Seamless Collaboration and Communication

Ensure that your selected developer can negotiate with you and the team for a project. You should take a screening test to check the language and personality, technical skills, live exercise, problem-solving ability, depth of experience, negotiation ability, and creativity.

Assign a Paid Task Period and Discuss the Offer Package

Providing a test project is another best way to make sure that WordPress developer has the needed skills. Ensure that the project duration is not lengthy, and it should be between one to three weeks. It will give enough time to research the candidate’s competence, toughness, professionalism, and more.

After this, you should have a team review it, and as per the reviews, you can offer a package to the selected candidates.

With that, let’s move to see the standard sample of the job description to hire a WordPress developer.

A Sample of Job Description to Hire WordPress Programmers

Suppose you are finding a WordPress developer for your business needs. In that case, you will need a complete job description of what the job entails. We have a complete sample to follow for your hiring process.

Position description

You should set a position description like the following example.

Example: We are hiring a skilled WordPress developer to make and implement functional websites for our clients. You will be answerable for back-end and front-end development along with the employment of WordPress custom themes and plugins, including site integration and security updates.


Start with a short description of what your company does and why you are looking for it. See the following example.

Looking for a junior/senior/part-time/full-time/intern/freelance WordPress developer to join a group of four in-house programmers to enhance their ability and skill set. Our focus is on filling these openings with full/time/part-time/ freelance/remote/on-site programmers.


He should develop custom, often complex WP-based answers with PHP framework-based solutions. In addition, he must help sales staff, account managers, and others with web project planning and common technical questions.

He should guide in finding new technologies and ways to increase the company’s web offerings.

Key Skills

He should possess a degree in a relevant field or experience the required web development. He should have considerable experience in working with the same technologies and environments. He should know about PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Databases, PHPMyAdmin, DNS, and other needs you want.

He should have experience in WordPress development. Ensure that he should have the ability to handle clients and develop a software solution from the system design to implementation.

He should work with the Principal, brand strategies, brand managers, designers, WordPress programmers, development, account service, copywriters, online marketing team members, and other posts of your company. In addition, he can be engaged in internal and client meetings to see and confirm the project scope.

Specific developer skills

  • He must have a robust understanding of PHP full-stack/front/back-end development.
  • He should have a Decent understanding of front-end technologies with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrip, and jQuery.
  • He should know the PHP framework.
  • He should know how to link with RESTful APIs and formats a plus.
  • He should know about change control systems, especially Git, a plus.


  • He should be responsible for adding to the space of building conversations with the development team, project managers, designers, and other peers.
  • He should be responsible for combining sliced PSD files into WordPress and another proven open-source system.
  • He should be responsible for developing custom web applications that run business activities.
  • He should be responsible for setting up an eCommerce application.
  • He should be responsible for leading the health and uptime of servers.
  • He should be responsible for collaborating with designs, strategies, and the sales team to solve client site projects.
  • He should be responsible for giving support to current client websites.
  • He should be responsible for taking part in routine company-wide and team meetings.
  • He should be responsible for taking an active part in on-site and off-site client meetings.
  • He should be responsible for increasing best practices, recommending, exploring, and implementing better ways to provide.
  • He should be responsible for negotiating with the customer when necessary through communication.

Examples of projects the WordPress Developer will work on

  • He should work on installing multi-site site builds.
  • He should work on Combine feeds from social networks.
  • He should work on custom making blogs.
  • He should work on combining with third-party APIs.
  • He should work on customizing the CMS to help specific functions.
  • He should work on combining shopping carts.
  • He should work on making out responsive layouts.
  • He should work on developing new plugins.
  • He should contribute to making and developing the internal web application to run internal systems and processes.
  • He should work with offshore designers on particular project deliverables to assure scope, quality, and timely delivery.
  • He should work on developing documentation for complex systems.
  • He should work on mini content migration.
  • He should work on mini front-end development Services.

Additional requirements

  • He should be an excellent communicator and collaborator.
  • He should arrange and run meetings, leaving with a good goal and tasks.
  • He should be comfortable talking with clients through means of communication.
  • He should have been detail-oriented in the context of a fast-paced environment.
  • He should have the ability to hit daily deadlines.
  • He should have exceptional analytical skills.
  • He should have vital interpersonal skills.
  • He should have a pleasant, personable manner.
  • He should have the ability to multitask handlings.
  • He should be a capable planner and possess a teachable spirit.
  • He should have a strong vocabulary and a better sense of humor.


How do I hire a WordPress expert?

To hire a better WordPress expert, start searching for a WordPress expert with a better scope in your hand. Also, you need to find the best places to hire WordPress developers to get the best WordPress experts. We have mentioned some marketplaces over here for your comfort to get the candidate who is best for your business.

Where can I find a WordPress designer?

You have to test your candidate differently if you want a better WordPress designer at your business place. The hiring process is similar to hiring any WordPress freelancer. But, you have to inspect WordPress designers based on their decorative sense and visual design skills. And the test and trial projects will be different from assigning them according to the work you need.

How Much Does it cost to hire a WordPress developer?

The rates can be negotiable for hiring a WordPress developer from $15 to $40 or more for an hour. But, a few developers don’t always charge an hourly bill. So, maybe you can demand a fixed charge for your site based on your project needs and the level of customization you want.

How much does a WordPress developer charge per Hour?

The prices of WordPress developers vary in states. Therefore, it is a bit tough to know about a per-hour charge of a WordPress developer. Also, it depends on various factors, like hiring them for a part-time or full time, on a contract basis, and more. However, the average hourly rate for WordPress developers is almost between $40 to $80.


WordPress is an official professional specializing in the infrastructure and ecosystem of the WordPress platform. They can target enhancing the WordPress software itself or making new products and themes.

But, when you start an organization, there are many things to look at. Therefore, you need to hire a WordPress developer who will help you with web development and other problems.

As a result, you can see this entire blog and meet with our trusted 18 best portals to hire dedicated WordPress developers. Along with that, you can look at the following bullet points that we have included in this blog.

  • Why and when you need to hire a WordPress developer.
  • Google search to hire a WordPress developer.
  • How to hire a top WordPress developer.
  • A sample job description to hire WordPress programmers.

We want to help you more with this blog and are waiting for your responses. But, in the end, we hope that this article will help you find the best place to hire developers.


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