Why Building An Email List Is So Important 2021

Building an email list has far too many advantages to be overlooked. An email list may have a significant influence on the traffic and income of your website. Don’t put it off.

In this post, we’ll go through the top reasons why building an email list is important in 2021?

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What is the definition of an email list?

An email list is just a collection of emails obtained from visitors/customers by a business. That would want to get digital versions of information, updates, discounts, and other facts about your company.

It is delivered to their email inbox.

Email lists are crucial. Because, in comparison to social media, email marketing is the most effective way to engage with clients. Emails, rather than tweets, are 6x more likely to generate more excellent click-through rates.

In addition, email is 40 times more successful than Facebook or Twitter in attracting new consumers.

What exactly is email list building?

To benefit from engaging with consumers via your prepared email lists. It would be best if you focused on growing your email list.

The act of obtaining more individuals to subscribe to your emails is known as email list building. Suppose your homepage has a call to action. It would serve as a source for growing your email list.

The more methods you can persuade people to join your email list, the better. The larger your email list, the more powerful it will be.

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Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

You’re probably thinking to yourself, What about social media platforms?

Indeed, we’ve questioned numerous times if email marketing isn’t kind of dead now that social media has taken over everything.

The most straightforward approach to answer this issue is to look at the information required by Twitter and Facebook before you establish an account:

Image Shows Sign Up Form

It is an email address.

These businesses understand that emails are the most direct method of communication. And a dependable way of communicating with their consumers.

Even if you use your phone number to join up, they’ll keep asking for your email address to help you discover pals and retrieve your password. Most importantly, we’ll send you personalized email communications.

The social tab in the inbox of a typical Gmail user looks like this.

Image Shows Social Tab

These emails are all from major social media networks to engage you with the information on their site. And persuade you to return to their app or website.

Every social media network is compiling an email list. Because they are astute businessmen, this raises the worth of their business when they sell it.

While social media is an excellent method to contact your target demographic, it is critical to consider the ever-changing nature of social media networks.

They appear and vanish.

MySpace, FriendFeed, Google Buzz, Plurk, and many other social networking services were formerly popular. The majority of them are either deceased or no longer relevant.

Today, we have robust social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, these platforms are not for everyone. Some people prefer Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Linked In, and other similar platforms.

Your users are dispersed across several platforms. According to surveys, at least 91 percent of customers read their email daily.

We are not dismissing the importance of social media. It is, and you should take advantage of any chance to reach out to your target audience.

However, you should put more time and effort into something that will yield better outcomes.

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What are the Opinions of Experts on Building an Email List?

Don’t just take our word for it; hear what the world’s top marketers have to say about email marketing:

Email consistently beats the majority of the channels I tried as a marketer.

– Neil Patel – Crazy Egg and QuickSprout

Obtaining an email address is the first and most crucial step in determining who my reader is, and ideally, my customer in the future.

— Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute Founder

You’re making a huge error if you’re not establishing an email list.

— Founder of Social Triggers, Derek Halpern

Many seasoned marketers admit that their biggest blunder was failing to develop an email list. When they initially got started.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, we hope you’ve concluded that developing an email list is critical for all organizations.

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How to Maintain and manage your email list

It’s critical to keep your email lists structured if you want to run successful email marketing. Suppose your mailing list has a large number of email subscribers.

They haven’t opened your emails. You’re going to have a low open rate. As a result, your findings will be skewed.

Use the following strategies to keep your lists organized:


The act of dividing email lists based on customized preferences is known as segmentation. You may have asked email subscribers to answer a few questions when joining up for your email lists.

A recent email marketing research found that tailored emails generate 18 times more revenue than generic ones.

You can segment their emails depending on any customized data they provided. Here are some instances of segmented email lists:

  • User demographics — such as geographical location, age, gender, and so on.
  • User email update preferences — discounts, event information, and newsletters
  • History of purchases

Study Email list data

Almost everything subscribers do with their email is monitored.

If recipients click on the links in the email, you send them. You could keep track of it if they opened your email. It is trackable. Suppose they responded to your email in any manner. It is trackable.

To develop an effective and profitable email list, stay on top of your email list statistics. And tailor your emails to the results of those analyses.

Reactivate old contacts

Send a re-engagement email to dormant subscribers if you see them in your email list data. It’s possible they merely wanted a break from your communications. And aren’t wishing to unsubscribe completely.

According to studies, re-engaging former contacts is around 50% less expensive than turning new visitors into email list members.

An example of a re-engagement email is as follows:

Image Shows Re-Engagement Email

What Do You Need to Get Started With Email List Building?

You should now understand why it is critical to establish an email list. And why ignoring it is a HUGE mistake.

So, let’s look at what you’ll need to get started developing your email list.

To build an email list, you’ll need three things:

  1. A blog or webpage.
  2. It is a service that provides email marketing.
  3. Opt-in forms with a high conversion rate

All three of them are pretty simple to set up, and none needs programming or design knowledge.

  1. A Blog or Website

Image Shows A Blog Or Website

  • BLOG

A blog is an online diary or instructional website that displays material in reverse chronological order, with the most recent postings at the top.

It is a platform where a writer or a group of authors may express their thoughts on a particular topic.

What do you need to get started with a WordPress blog?

To start a WordPress blog, you’ll need three things:

  • A concept for a domain name (this will be the name of your blog, i.e., wpbeginner.com)
  • An internet hosting account (this is where your website live on the internet)
  • For 30 minutes, you have my full attention.

Yes, you read that correctly. In less than 30 minutes, you can create a blog from scratch.


A website is a grouping of web pages and related information. A typical domain name identifies this. And it must be published on at least one web server.

Examples include wikipedia.org, google.com, and amazon.com.All publicly accessible websites that make up the World Wide Web.

What do you require to create a website?

To get your WordPress site up and running, you’ll need the three items listed below.

  • A domain name is the name of your website, for example, google.com.
  • WordPress hosting is where your website’s files are kept.
  • And Forty-five minutes of your full attention.

Choosing the Most Effective Email Marketing Service

There are several email marketing services available. Beginners frequently utilize the free option to save money, which is sensible.

Some of these free platforms, however, are not the greatest. Why?

Some platforms mislabel themselves as “email marketing services” when they provide a free blog subscription through email.

When you publish a new blog article, your users will receive an email notification.

However, this is not real email marketing. The following are some disadvantages of adopting a free blog notification service:

  • Private email newsletters are not permitted. To send an email, you must first create a new blog post. It implies that the information you intend to share must first be made public.
  • The email message cannot be personalized. It will frequently be supplied in the same format with no branding or customization.
  • Subscribers cannot be classified based on their interests, demographics, or content kind.
  • There will be no reporting. You have no idea how many people received the email. What percentage of users clicked on it? And how many of them visited your links?
  • If you later attempted to upgrade to a premium service. It will require your subscribers to re-confirm their subscription. Many of them will refuse. And you will lose subscribers as a result.

It is why we ALWAYS recommend starting with a professional email marketing service.

Yes, they are a little pricey; however, they are an investment in your company that will pay off handsomely.

The following are the advantages of professional email marketing campaigns:

  • You have the option of sending private bulk emails to your subscribers.
  • Subscriber activity is visible. In addition, you may categorize your subscribers based on the actions they do.
  • A/B split testing may be used to determine which email subject line and content are effective. And deals are most effective with your subscribers.
  • You may use reporting tools to determine which countries have the most subscribers. You have the option of changing your time zone choices. And send emails at the appropriate times.
  • Finally, and most importantly, you may view all of your subscribers’ email addresses.

There are a plethora of professional email marketing service providers to choose from. To make things easier for you.

For the benefit of small companies, we recommend Constant Contact since it is one of the world’s largest email marketing providers.

They provide a 30-day free trial. You’ll have plenty of time to put things up. And begin to notice the effects at the end of the 30 days.

Your email list would most likely pay for itself (at $20 per month). Begin your free trial.

Image Shows Trial

If you want something more complex with vital marketing automation, look no further. Then we propose sending emails with Sendinblue or ConvertKit.

They are both well-liked by company owners. They also come with free trials.

Once you’ve joined an email marketing service, the next step is to include opt-in forms on your website so that your visitors may subscribe.

Increasing the Size of Your Email List and the Number of Subscribers

Did you know that more than 70% of visitors who leave your website will never return? Just have a peek at your Google Analytics. Also, consider the proportion of new vs. recurring visitors.

That is why, before they go, you must convert every website visitor into an email subscriber. So you may offer them relevant messages to entice them to return.

The average internet user only spends a few seconds on a webpage. It leaves you with very little time interacting with them if your email sign-up forms are not easily visible.

Users will then abandon your website without ever subscribing to it.

The most common error we see novices make is failing to place high-converting opt-in forms strategically.

Some WordPress themes have sidebar widgets. They do not, however, convert as well.

Your email marketing firm may also supply you with codes to use in your theme. However, you must be able to code.

That is why we suggest OptinMonster to our users. It is the most powerful conversion optimization program available. That assists you in converting dissatisfied website visitors into subscribers and customers.

Instead of cramming your sidebar with uninteresting sign-up forms, Lightbox popups and floating headers are simple ways to construct high-converting opt-in forms.

Also included are footer bars, slide-in scroll boxes, a full-screen welcome mat, inline forms, and other features.

The behavior automation and personalization capabilities, however, are what make OptinMonster truly powerful. You may use OptinMonster to offer various opt-in forms based on where the user is coming from.

Which page are they looking at? What they’re doing on your website, too.

For example, the Exit-Intent® function monitors your users’ mouse movements. And display them a tailored opt-in form just as they are ready to depart.

It will help you turn abandoned visitors into subscribers.

Exit-intent is used on influencers such as Michael Hyatt, Neil Patel, and Social Media Examiner. It helped Social Media Examiner attract over 95,000 new subscribers in only seven months.

Nicolas Gagne, a small company owner, doubled his email list by combining Constant Contact with a single exit-intent optin.

It enabled him to quadruple the money generated by his internet store (see the entire case study).

There are several other case studies. There are also OptinMonster reviews that you may read.

List Building Techniques and Resources

Having the appropriate tools is essential, but understanding how to apply them correctly makes the most impact.

The most crucial aspect of any email marketing approach should be segmentation.

That has already been mentioned in the article.

The Advantages of Building an Email List

As a result, there are a lot of business owners and bloggers. Those who are just starting are unaware of the value of an email list.

The strength of email lists lies in their sheer size. Email marketing has a 4300 percent average return on investment (ROI) for firms in the United States. According to the Direct Marketing Association.

Here are some more compelling reasons why having an email list is critical:

  • You’ll Easily Get Messages to Customers
  • Encourage Visitors to Return
  • Email Is Private
  • Email lists are precious to big companies.
  • Your email list is entirely under your control.
  • You, Will, Earn More Money
  • Email builder trust.
  • Learn About Amazing Marketing Automation Software

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these advantages of creating an email list.

You’ll Have Easier Access to Customer Messages

According to Radicati Group, there are more than 3.6 billion email subscribers worldwide. That equates to more than half of the world’s population. By 2022, that figure will have risen to 4.2 billion!

Furthermore, statistics reveal that at least 91% of customers check their email at least once each day. You can go several days without checking social media. These figures help to explain why having an email list is a no-brainer for competent firms.

When you send a message via email, your thoughts are delivered directly to someone’s Email mailbox. However, because of the nature of social media.

Your consumer is far more likely to overlook your post in their feed.

It highlights the significance of email lists. And far more successful than social media in getting your message in front of your customers.

Encourage Visitors to Return

It’s a terrible but actual fact:

It is more than 70% of those who leave your website never come back. Take a peek at your Google Analytics for proof. Also, look at the ratio of new vs. returning visitors.

And your visits are priceless among all the websites on the internet. They’ve landed on yours.

What you don’t want to do is pass up the opportunity to convert a casual web surfer into an ardent devotee. Who is always visiting your website?

People are far more inclined to return to your website when they notice an email from you in their inbox.

Invite them back with another excellent content, a well-written notice, or a limited-time offer.

Email Is Private

Don’t you think an email that begins with your name piques your attention more?

Image Shows Email Formate

Customers adore this.

Personalization takes your email marketing from average to exceptional. Don’t let customization cost you money.

Of course, you may use email marketing services to customize your communications to your email list. Constant Contact and Drip are two examples.

Furthermore, email is quite direct. Every individual on your list receives an email in the same manner as receiving a piece of mail.

It’s not the same as seeing a message in a newsfeed as they scroll past.

Furthermore, the act of receiving an email is personal. People, for example, get emails from your company in the same mailbox. Their parents send them emails.

Email lists are precious to big companies.

Take a page from the digital marketing playbook of the world’s largest businesses. They spend a lot of money on advertising efforts merely to persuade individuals to sign up for their email list.

Consider the last website you visited to purchase items such as clothing, shoes, or jewelry. They most likely requested your email address.

These large businesses are wise to use social media to create an email list, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They devote so much time and effort to growing their email lists because they’ve seen incredible outcomes.

They understand that email lists are essential. And that establishing an email list may assist improve revenue. Big-name corporations are aware.

Email lists are excellent long-term investments. That provides significant yields at a cheap cost.

Your email list is entirely under your control.

Except for your website, the only thing you have control over is your email list regarding your internet company.

You could have thousands of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn followers, for example. Those followers, on the other hand, are the property of those companies.

However, one of the most significant advantages of developing an email list is that your list is entirely yours.

Of course, you do not influence when a social media platform’s regulations change. These modifications may have an impact on your marketing.

Taking complete control of your subscriber list. And concentrating on growing your email list is a wise business decision.

You Will Earn More Money

Consider every one of your website visits to be a leader. Isn’t it logical to get their contact information so you may follow up with them?

You already know they’re interested in your area of expertise because they’re on your website.

As a result, subscribers are far more likely to convert to purchasers because these folks joined your email list through your website. You already know they’re interested in what you’re giving.

Your subscribers have worked hard to hear from you!

Furthermore, the average return on investment for email marketing is 4300 percent. It ends up being extremely cheap.

Email Builder trust.

Sending emails to your customers fosters a relationship of trust between you and them.

When individuals read your emails, they do it in the privacy of their mailbox. It is not a message that the general public can see on a billboard or social media timeline.

It’s a more personal method of communicating.

Because email lists give customers the impression that they are a part of private dialogue, by responding to your message, they may comfortably ask you questions.

It contributes to the development of trust and a relationship.

Learn About Amazing Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software is a type of technological platform. In addition, there is a service that automates monotonous online chores. It is intended for marketers.

And for businesses to more successfully advertise their brand via websites, email, and social media.

Revenue increases by 10% for businesses that use automated lead management systems. As a result, marketing automation software is essential, even in a tiny company.


Here are a few other things we’d like to mention towards the end of the post.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. What type of website do you have? Or what business you’re in.

Tell us about your website if you have one. And you want your visitors to become repeat consumers. Then you must add them to your email list.

We hope this post has helped you understand why it is vital to create an email list.

Ad placement may be more successful in driving visitors to your website. Creating an email list also aids in generating the most leads from advertisements.

A high-quality newsletter should be part of your email marketing plan.

Users may unsubscribe from your email list if the information they get from you does not help them. You may win by creating exciting newsletters.

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