Fuse IQ, A full-service Digital marketing agency helping small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Below is the short interview we had with the team of  Fuse IQ:

Name Of The Company: Fuse IQ

Name Of All The Founders/Core Team Members:

Tim Godfrey

 Joel Meyers

The vision of The Company & Its Founders:

We aim to inspire change through meaningful, impactful projects. Projects that support sustainability, health, education, and community.

How Did You Start This Company?

Both owners -­ Tim Godfrey and Joel Meyers ­- shared a desire to do good while doing well, to work hard and earn a living while also impacting positive social change. Coupled with this driving factor, after the craziness of the startup world and the tech industry of 1990s Seattle, they sought to build a career and company with proper work-life balance. And so, the two embarked on a journey as business partners, with the uncertainty they knew the future would hold, but knowing they could survive it together with the trust of each other and friendship at the base

What Was The Trigger Point Which Happened To Start This Company?

In 2001, Tim Godfrey left a startup in the midst of the dotcom boom and stepped out on his own to develop websites for a variety of environmental organizations. Around the same time, Joel Meyers was seeking a new adventure after his own stint in the dotcom boom/bust cycle, working in UI/UX design. After years of mountaineering adventures together and an already inherent trust and knowledge of each other, Joel and Tim decided on an even more challenging adventure: going into business together.

What Is The Core Problem You Feel Many Of Your Ideal Clients Face In Their Business?

Many of our clients are looking for robust web solutions and don’t know where to start or what is even possible. Since every client has different needs, each website or application should be tailored to the specific set of functions to support the project’s goals.

Any Tips / Advice You Would Like To Share:

 If you have it, take the time to really analyze what you need and focus on what your users want. User Experience Research and Testing can tell you a lot about how your website should be set up. Exploring and analyzing all of your options for functionality will help you determine your best route to a successful project that meets your timeline, budget and goals.

What Are The Core Services You Offer:

  • Fuse IQ is a full-service digital agency based in Seattle, WA with local, national and international clients.
  • We focus on Content Strategy, Technology & Development (Website Design & Development, Custom Software Applications),
  • Creative & Design, and Support & Analysis.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Our ideal client is a company or organization who is ready to collaboratively work together to meet their goals. We are committed to projects that are impactful and meaningful: which is why we specialize in working with nonprofits, educational institutions, and mission-driven companies to give them a web-based platform to amplify their voice and grow their reach.

What Makes You The Best Compared To Your Competitors?

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to fine-tune our process and create consistently successful outcomes for our clients. We approach every project using the agile methodology which allows for greater collaboration and flexibility between our experts and your team, and ultimately a higher quality end product.

Best way to contact you?


Address: Impact Hub Seattle,220 2nd Ave. S, Seattle, WA

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If you deal with Fuse IQ, please do let us know your experience with Fuse IQ, through comments or use our contact us page if you are interested to contact them as an investor.


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