HTML Pro is an IT Solution Provider & Digital Agency helping Enterprises, SMBS, Multinational Corporations, Web Agencies, & E-Commerce Businesses.

Below is the short interview we had with the team of  HTML Pro:

Name Of The Company: HTML Pro

Name Of All The Founders/Core Team Members: 

Hamid Mahmood

Ahmad Jawad Butt


The vision of The Company & It’s Founders:

Digitally Transforming the World

How Did You Start This Company?

In 2013, after working with many digital companies, Hamid, Co-Founder at HTML Pro found a major lack of excellence in customer support in the industry. Companies remained focused in Tech Savviness, however, he brought the change and now, this uniqueness is what his team prides themselves in – a brilliance of combining tech expertise with customer service to ensure optimum results in client satisfaction.

What Is The Core Problem You Feel Many Of Your Ideal Clients Face In Their Business?

Clients do not know the journey to success in the digital world, the right steps that would boom their businesses. This is what HTML Pro focused and worked as a team to digitally transform the operations, and marketing of Start-ups to Enterprises, and SMBs.

Any Tips / Advice You Would Like To Share:

1. Value ethics and practice them as an entrepreneur. We all make mistakes but we shouldn’t be hesitated to follow the best practices where we can

2. Not taking the employees as a money-making tool but helping them to excel in their careers so they grow up at every step while we earn profits with their excelled experience

3. Being honest to your employees and customers despite being into the most difficult situations where you can suffer a loss if you speak the truth

4. Being respectful to your peers even in the most difficult situations

5. Keeping your eyes opened for bad people

6. Gathering the domain knowledge and expertise by going out of the comfort zone

7. Training and empowering people until an agent becomes a leader of many

8. Communication with internal and external stakeholders is the key

9. IQ to handle multi-domains

10. The desire of staying and hitting nothing but the best

11. Staying and helping smartest people to work together in a healthy environment they love to spend time

12. Keeping a low distance between employees and employer.

13. Taking ownership without cursing others and leading a charismatic personality

What Are The Core Services You Offer:

  • Web Design

  • Design to website

  • Digital marketing

  • Business Intelligence

  • Big Data

  • Web App Development

  • Mobile Applications

  • Internet of Things

  • Serverless Applications

  • Block Chain

  • Product Management

  • Product Engineering

  • Quality Assurance

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Ideal clients can be any Enterprise, Organization, Multinational, Entrepreneur or SMB’s.

What Makes You The Best Compared To Your Competitors?

Differentiation is being customer focused, prompt, professional, experts, certified, a few things client named us for.

Best way to contact you?

Address: 19th W 34th ST STE 1018, New York, NY, 10001

Message from  HTML Pro:

At HTML Pro we believe in empowering our stakeholders whether they are our employees or customers and this, the people-centric approach is what sets us apart from our competitors while allowing us to flourish.

Note from Editor,

If you deal with HTML Pro, please do let us know your experience with HTML Pro, through comments or use our contact us page if you are interested to contact them as an investor.


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