Sean Stennett Design, A full-service web and graphic design agency helping entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Below is the short interview we had with The team of  Sean Stennett Design:

Name Of The Company: Sean Stennett Design

Name Of All The Founders/Core Team Members: Sean Stennett

The vision of The Company & Its Founders:

Our objective is to create the very best in design driven by a passion for great design. We pride ourselves in being more affordable because we keep overhead nice and low. Experience quality of work with quick turnaround at the same time!

How Did You Start This Company?

Straight out of college with a lilt of naievity.

What Was The Trigger Point Which Happened To Start This Company?

It started as a portfolio site and an attempt to get a job out of college. Work was at an all-time low in my industry, so I started helping people in my network,  who were also starting businesses by designing logos, websites, etc. From there it took off and I have been designing on my own ever since.

What Is The Core Problem You Feel Many Of Your Ideal Clients Face In Their Business?

Budgets (or lack of funds to start a business). So we end up with do it yourself kind of branding and websites and it always looks bad.

Any Tips / Advice You Would Like To Share:

Don’t do it yourself! You could probably save a lot of money and building your own house but do you think it would look good or operate functionally? I know if I’ve built my own house it would look like shit and the toilet wouldn’t flush. Hire a pro!

What Are The Core Services You Offer:

  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Logo designs

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Any small, midsized, or large company that is looking for affordable and high-quality design.

What Makes You The Best Compared To Your Competitors?

I make quality projects in a speedy, affordable and effective manner.

Best way to contact you?


Note from Editor,

If you deal with Sean Stennett Design, please do let us know your experience with Sean Stennett Design, through comments or use our contact us page if you are interested to contact them as an investor.


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