an introduction to dropshipping with woocommerce

These days, creating an online store is relatively simple, thanks to platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce . The problem is that the supply and shipping products can still take a huge amount of work. This means that scaling your store is often a complicated process.

Dropshipping solves this problem with services that help you find products to sell and ship for you. In this article, we will explain what is WeshCommerce dropshipping and how it can be beneficial to you. Then we will teach you three ways to implement it. Let's start!

What is Dropshipping (and How It Can Help You)

Dropshipping is a way of doing business where you (the store) do not keep the products you sell in stock. Instead, when you receive an order from a customer, you pass it on to the manufacturer who is handling the shipment.

It may sound like a strange way to do business at first, but it gives you many advantages as a shop owner. Let's talk about what they are:

You do not have to worry about storing products. This means that you do not need to get storage space, organize items, keep inventory at hand, toss the products defective and more.
The shipping is supported by a third party. All you have to do is sell the product, pay a portion of the profits to the manufacturer and let them worry about shipments. In some cases, they will even manage the payment and you will receive a percentage of each sale, much like an affiliation agreement .
You may not need sources for your shop. There are entire platforms dedicated to helping online stores find products that they can sell via dropshipping.

On paper, it looks like a perfect arrangement. However, dropshipping is not without drawbacks. For example, some manufacturers have long shipping times, which can lead to unhappy customers (with whom you must then deal). You will not have direct control over the quality of the items you sell, so you need to be picky about the suppliers you work with. Finally, it may not be possible to find the products you want in your store.

With this in mind, we do not recommend jumping into dropshipping if you have not done some research on potential suppliers first. If you set up a WooCommerce store and then start looking for dropshipping options, you're mistaken.

As far as we are concerned, dropshipping is a fantastic arrangement if you know your way in online marketing, and are ready to do the necessary work right off the bat. Removing shipments from the equation means you can resize your business as fast as you can to find new customers.

3 Ways to Implement Dropshipping with WooCommerce

Now that we've covered the basics, we'll explore three ways to implement dropshipping with WooCommerce. In the first example, we will see how to use dropshipping services to help you manage shipping if you already have a product of your choice. For the next two methods, we'll introduce you to WooCommerce's dropshipping services that you can use for both source items and shipping, so all you need to worry about is marketing and store management.

You will need a functional WooCommerce store before you embark on any of these methods. However, we recommend reading them first, to see which one best fits your needs and goals.

1. Use Printify to sell drawings on demand

One of the main disadvantages of dropshipping is that you usually treat with third-party products, which means you have no creative control. There is, however, a branch of dropshipping services available if you are already selling designs of any kind. We are talking about printing on demand:

an introduction to dropshipping with woocommerce

What do these services do, is take your creations, print them on a shirt, a hoodie, a cup of coffee, or just about anything you want, and handle the l & # 3939; shipping for you. You still need to buy sales through your website and offer new designs, but you do not consider manufacturing and shipping.

These types of services typically charge a flat fee per sale, and prices and quality vary widely. In other words, you'll want to shop before you settle on one of them. If you use WooCommerce, Printify is a solid option to check. It allows you to connect your store to an on-demand printing service of your choice. In fact, we have already written a complete article on how to use this service with WooCommerce .

Keep in mind that Printify only manages the integration between your store and the print – on – demand service. You will have to choose one. You can take a look at the suppliers recommended by Printify and choose the one you like the most.

If you plan to sell your designs online, but you have not made the jump because you do not want to take care of product management, this could be the perfect approach for you . You will have to pay a fee to your print-on-demand service for each product you sell, but you will save a lot of time and resources.

2. Dropship AliExpress Products using WooDropship

AliExpress is an international e-commerce giant similar to Amazon, but mainly composed of small Chinese companies. Most of its products offer international shipping. This platform has become a bit famous, thanks to its massive product catalog and very competitive prices:

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Many dropshippers use AliExpress precisely because of these low prices. If you use WooCommerce, you can technically offer AliExpress products on your store, then buy them on the platform when you receive an order and send them directly to customers.

However, this approach is not easy to scale, which brings us to an alternative solution: the extension WooDropship :

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This plugin allows you to link your AliExpress account to WooCommerce, and to import products from the platform into your store. When users make a purchase, the extension will process the sale automatically. Then the original seller will be informed, so that they can make the shipment.

The configuration of WooDropship is simple, but you will have to follow a guide for linking your shop to AliExpress . Then you can start importing products and put yourself to work to promote them. Keep in mind that it is a premium extension, and the basic subscription will cost you $ 14 a month . With this plan, you will be able to import up to 3,000 products for sale, automatically fill up to 100 orders per month and keep the synchronization of your items.

There is also a free trial that lasts up to seven days, which you will probably want to test before committing yourself to full service:

1519821572 605 an introduction to dropshipping with woocommerce

AliExpress offers one of the most comprehensive product catalogs in the world, making it ideal for dropshippers. Again, you will want to do some research in decent suppliers before subscribing to WooDropship. Otherwise, you risk selling poor quality items to your customers, which is not good for the long-term health of your store.

3. Use YouDroop to Dropship from unique providers

At basic level, YouDroop works a lot like WooDropship. It allows you to import products into your WooCommerce store, sell them and have them shipped by manufacturers. The difference is that you have access to a private catalog of selected manufacturers;

1519821572 861 an introduction to dropshipping with woocommerce

Suppliers must register with YouDroop before their items appear in the product catalog that you can import. In practice, this translates into a smaller variety of products. However, you generally experience fewer quality problems than when buying a massive store like AliExpress.

To begin using this extension, you will have to install it and configure it . Then you can look through the YouDroop catalog, add the products you want, and work to market them.

1519821572 763 an introduction to dropshipping with woocommerce

As for our previous choice, it is a premium extension, and it is not really cheap. The basic plan of YouDroop starts at a whopping $ 73 a month (or 59 euros) and allows you to import up to 500 products a day in your store:

1519821572 111 an introduction to dropshipping with woocommerce

Before you subscribe, we recommend you to try the demo version of YouDroop (you will have to register first). With it you will be able to check all the products available in the platform catalog, and see if the selection is a good fit for your plans.


Even if you have a strong technical reputation who runs an online store using WooCommerce shipping management is a different ball game. Your store can handle thousands of customers and their orders. However, the manual work involved in shipments can still take up a lot of your time.

WooCommerce dropshipping is a smart way to tackle this problem, and it can even help you find products to sell if you just started. Here are three innovative ways to implement dropshipping on your WooCommerce Shop :

Use Printify to sell your designs on request.
Dropship AliExpress products using WooDropship .
Use YouDroop to get submarines from different suppliers.

Do you have any dropshipping experiences you would like to share? Let's talk about it in the comments section below!

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