If you’re looking for some joyful news to top off your week, maybe this will do it for you. Eurovision’s 2021 logo has been released, bringing with it a sense of normality. Now, given 2020’s logo never actually got to be used (despite it winning two major design awards), we weren’t surprised to learn that the new logo is largely based on the previous incarnation  – after all, the poor thing deserves to have its moment in the sun.

In case you didn’t know, Eurovision will be held in Rotterdam this year (after the event was cancelled last year because of, well, you know). And while last year’s design was a data-driven manifestation of the competition’s 65-year history, 2021’s edition has been tweaked to be based on the composition of the world map, with Rotterdam at its heart. Does it rival the best logos ever?

Created using software developed in-house by design agency Clever ° Franke, the logo is based on themes of connection and “coming together”. Gert Franke, the agency’s co-founder, explained that they “extended the style from last year to 2021”, retaining the “simple, intelligent, minimalist and experimental” elements. Check out the versions side-by-side below.


Eurovision’s 2020 logo (left) and the 2021 version (right) (Image credit: Eurovision)

The agency explained the logo in a tweet (below).

We really enjoy the data-driven approach to logo-ing as the software makes for striking, meaningful design, which is open to endless analysis. And the responses to Eurovision’s tweet (below) proves how well it works as a talking point. However, the style is not for everyone, and there are certainly some fans who are unhappy with the design, or see how it could be tweaked further.

Eurovision is determined the event will take place in some form next year, whether virtually or in person so hopefully this logo will have its chance to shine. What do you think of the new design? And how do you feel it compares to last year’s version

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