From scarily realistic deepfakes to attention-sucking algorithms, there’s no shortage of talk about the nefarious potential of AI. But every now and again something comes along to show us just how use useful and important machine learning can be. Something that immediately makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. Something like opera singing blobs.

Google has revealed its latest machine learning experiment, Blob Opera, and the internet is already going wild for the fun and festive distraction. By dragging one of four blobs up or down, you can control the pitch of their singing – and with all four blobs automatically harmonising, it’s hard to create something that doesn’t sound beautiful. (Check out our best web design tools if you fancy creating your own weird and wonderful website.)

Google Blob Opera

Google’s adorable opera singing blobs (Image credit: Google)

Google explains that interactive designer and developer David Li created the tool by recording four opera singers for over 16 hours. You don’t hear their actual voices in the Blob Opera experiment, but rather the Google AI model’s “understanding of what opera singing sounds like, based on what it learnt from them”.


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