These days, almost everyone has a YouTube channel. Maybe you want to work in Hollywood one day. Maybe you just want to set up movies at home and edit funny cat videos. Whatever the reason, you need the best video editing software you can find. So we put together a pretty solid list here. That goes from the expensive behemoths that Hollywood uses on your favorite blockbusters, to the perfectly competent free options that will make your kids' birthday parties dazzle the world in a 4k splendor better than real life.

Best Free Video Editing Software

If you are new to video editing, it may not be possible to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for an edition. Fortunately, some of the best video editing software is free. You do not have to pay extravagant prices to be able to create a professional quality video. Everything you splice together in these suites can stand next to almost anything you oppose.

1. Apple iMovie

  Apple Imovie

If you have a Mac, you already have a powerful video editing suite on your hard drive . iMovie is pre-installed on Apple computers. This is honestly one of the best options available, free or premium. It just happens to be free . The interface is simple and easy to learn, even for beginners. You get 4k support, a multitrack editing and a plethora of transitions / sound effects. The software itself is pretty bestial. iMovie can handle heavy enough files without bogging down (depending on your system specifications, of course). It also exports directly to online video platforms, and your projects are synchronized between the MacOS version and the iOS version. If you have already used Garage Band, you will know the type of experience you will have with iMovie.

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2. HitFilm Express

  Video Editing Software Hitfilm Express

Now this one … this one is a real contender for the title of the best video editing software. Not only for Mac, but also for Windows, HitFilm Express is a powerful and crazy application. It is rare that a free software is as complete as this one, but it is not really surprising. Although this is definitely a major reason – I mean, if she could not do just about anything, why include it? – but the real selling point for me is the ridiculous amount of documentation and tutorials that the company publishes for its software. They are actively engaged in your learning how to use their product to get really great stuff. From Iron Man HUDs to lightsaber effects to screen replacement on a moving accessory, you often do not find free software that is widely supported by the company and the community.

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3. VideoPad

  Best Video Editing Software From Videopad

NCH Software offers really solid stuff. Their WavePad audio editing software is simply excellent. And VideoPad, the video side of their library is not below this standard. There is a Windows, Mac and Android version of VideoPad. No iOS port, though. Regardless, the user interface is smooth and easy, get to all the controls is a child's game, and add a transition between scenes or cut out a section is not a problem. Color correction, audio mixing, adding narration … all you really need as an amateur author is in VideoPad. It also does 3D stereoscopic video, and you can even add 2D to 3D. Cool stuff.

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4. Adobe Premiere Clip

  Adobe Premiere Free Clip Mobile Video Editing Software

Here's an interesting take on free software. Adobe Premiere Clip is a mobile version only of the big and nasty Adobe Premiere Pro. That means it's obviously not going to go out of major releases for a billion dollar studio. For someone who is looking for the best video editing software that they can take with them, Premiere Clip is a competitor. There is an Apple iMovie app that works for both iOS and iOS. Premiere Clip being for iOS and Android bump the list for its own inclusion. Not to mention that it syncs with Adobe Creative Cloud and other mobile applications. ( All are free too, from elsewhere ). If you are an occasional videographer who just wants a video for the hero sections of your website, quick specials for a customer, or polite social videos, Premiere Clip is definitely something to watch. Among those that I've used, Adobe Premiere Clip is the best video editing software I've found.

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5. Avid Media Composer | First

The 10 Best Video Editing Software Options For 2018

Avid produces absolutely some of the best audiovisual software in the world. Their Pro Tools audio editing software is an industry standard, and they certainly have some of the best video editing software out there, too. And while the version of Media Composer used by Hollywood studios can be more than $ 1,200, this version is completely and completely free . You're limited in some things you can do (Media Composer | First can only do 1080p video, not 4k, for example), but the tools you have access to are the same in the premium version. options for these tools. If you watch video production as a career, you can not download Media Composer | First, if it is only to familiarize yourself with something you will definitely have to work with someday.

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Best Premium Video Editing Software

Talking about Avid Media Composer is a good transition to premium apps, since the version complete is definitely a leading competitor. If the free version interests you, try a one month subscription to Media Composer for $ 74.99 . This is definitely a premium app that you need to check. There are many more out there, ranging from the most affordable to a large tax deduction.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The 10 Best Video Editing Software Options For 2018

Once upon a time, a terribly powerful and highly sought after video editor called Adobe Premiere Pro . He could do anything producers and directors wanted (and more!), But it was so expensive that it made people flee even before they could try. Then, one day, Adobe Creative Cloud was launched, and instead of being hundreds of dollars in advance, publishers could use some of the best video editing software for as little as $ 19.99 per month. There was a lot of rejoicing around the world.

But seriously, Adobe Premiere is one of the best suites in video editing, period. However, this is not a novice software, like most Adobe products, but it is not too difficult to learn if you are ready to take the time to understand how it works. While the interface looks awesome, the workspace is intuitively configured – for Adobe. And the tools you have are powerful enough to produce Hollywood hits, as well as the perfect dance recital. If you have ever used Photoshop or Audition, you will be at home with Premiere, and your learning curve will not be as stiff as a totally new user.

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2. Adobe Premiere Elements

The 10 Best Video Editing Software Options For 2018

Premiere Elements is the unadorned version of Michael Premiere . It is more accessible, easy to use and completely powerful in its own way. Like iMovie above, this application invites beginners and makes them comfortable while giving them access to features that can produce a truly stellar videography. Premiere Pro draws attention to Premiere Pro by drawing attention to the lure of the user interface for people who are not video professionals. Everyday users can use Premiere Elements and create high quality videos. Adobe even offers an integrated tutorial called Guided Editions, which will guide you through the use of software features and effects. Elements costs $ 99.99 for the application (no subscription here), but that's a lot and helps you every step of the way, which really justifies the cost.

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3. Apple Final Cut Pro

The 10 Best Video Editing Software Options For 2018

As Garage Band is at Logic Pro, so is Final Cut Pro . Apple is really good at offering a very polite free version of their software to really get people to invest in their ecosystem. As I said above: iMovie does so much, and it is so easy to use. When you watch Final Cut, you can really see that it's a premium version of what might be its little sister app. It costs $ 299 and is quite the industrial grade software like Media Composer or Adobe Premiere. The things you can do in iMovie are faster thanks to the workflow improvements, and you have many more options to tweak and get specific details. Final Cut is a professional grade software suite, and there is a huge community of plugins and extensions. Apple is constantly introducing new smart features to make colorization and gradation faster and more transparent.

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4. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

The 10 Best Video Editing Software Options For 2018

Corel is a software company that dates back several decades. I remember when I had my first computer at home, and my mother went crazy on Corel's PaintShop, and later, WinZip was almost a necessity before Windows understood the decompression of the archives natively. Now, Corel really improves their game by setting up two really great video editors: VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio . In many ways, they are both worth being recommended. Pinnacle just defeats VS by simply doing everything his little brother can do and more. And for roughly the same price (according to Corel's offer, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate sells for $ 99-129 and VideoStudio for $ 89-99 ). For the price difference, opt for the suite with more power and options, has arguably the best interface, and is up to his little brother in overall power. You can not get Hollywood quality videos from one or the other. But Corel is typing on the heels of Apple and Adobe with this one.

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5. Lightworks

 Best Video Retouching Software

One of the least publicized video editors, Lightworks is professional quality software . I should note that Lightworks runs on Linux. There are many video editors running Windows or Mac exclusively (or both). Few people are running Linux. Because you can really configure Linux to be a power plant, know that Lightworks takes advantage of your hard work. In addition, you can set up real-time collaboration on projects, such as Google Drive. You and your team can work on the same project simultaneously. And the project manager can give different permissions to team members, so that team members can walk on someone else's feet. Best of all, there are plenty of price options: the free option is surprisingly complete, but it is limited to 720p. The full suite of Lightworks Pro can be purchased by subscription (monthly or annual, $ 24.99 and $ 74.99 respectively ). You can buy the pro version for $ 437.99 – but this is limited to publication points not to major versions.

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… impossible to determine! Really, I think so. The characteristics are similar across the best contenders, and much of the final verdict will come down to both individual taste and budget. Free options like iMovie and HitFilm Express will be more than enough for some people and even for some small businesses that just need some smooth videos from time to time. And the premium offers are all so incredibly close to each other in terms of performance, UI / UX and output quality that you simply can not go wrong. Since most of them offer a free trial period, it is in your best interest to give them a shot and see what clicks with you and your team.

What is the best video editing software you have come across? Give us recommendations in the comments!

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