The Viral Colour Personality Test That'S All Over Tiktok

Ever wondered what colour your personality is? Us neither – but judging by the feverish response to a new colour personality quiz that’s doing the rounds online, it’s must-have information in 2021. And yep, just like everyone else, we’re hooked. (This author is dandelion, by the way.)

Currently all over TikTok, the delightfully simple website asks the user 12 questions, before revealing the colour of their personality – along with a detailed (and in our case, eerily accurate) description. Check out our best web design tools if you fancy designing a test of your own.

The website has a delightfully retro design (Image credit:

Head over to South Korean company Withsome’s Personality Colour Test, and you’ll be greeted by a series of multiple-choice questions, including “How do you behave with your friends?”, “What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?” and, everyone’s favourite brain teaser, “You were going to go home and study, but your friend wants to study together. How do you react?”.


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