The internet is already crowded with various websites in today’s digital world, and new ones appear in massive numbers every day. 

It is believed that there are about 1.25 billion websites on the internet. However, these websites are dispersed around the World Wide Web like stars in a galaxy; there are already too many of them.

There was a time when websites were exclusively text-based and were used to transmit information by governmental bodies or some notable names. Still, now even the tiniest of enterprises have their website. Even though the quantity of these websites is staggering, they may be divided into 10 distinct categories.

This post will show you how to make 20+ types of websites using WordPress. And no need for any programming knowledge.

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20+ Types of Websites you can create with WordPress.

You’ll need WordPress hosting and a domain name to get started with your WordPress site.

You may install WordPress on your computer. Suppose you want to have fun with it. Make a list of at least 20 distinct website kinds.

Personal Website vs. Blog

Image Showing Personal Website Vs. Blog Of Types Of Websites You Can Create With Wordpress

WordPress began as a primary blogging platform. And it rapidly grew into a robust CMS.

Those blogging and personal website components have not vanished in the previous 12 years.

They’ve grown more refined, sophisticated, and mature. You may intend to start a blog or a personal website.

Then you’ll discover a plethora of tools. That helps you maintain and develop your WordPress fast.

Website for a Business

Image Showing Website For A Business

WordPress is the most user-friendly platform. It can create a professional-looking company website.

WordPress is so strong that many well-known businesses use it. And give power to their websites.

It provides simple tools for quickly launching a website. Then, when your company grows, you may expand it.


Image Showing Ecommerce

WordPress is quickly becoming the platform of choice. It can construct e-commerce websites. In addition, there are several fantastic plugins available, like WooCommerce.

WPEcommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. It transforms your WordPress website into a fully working eCommerce platform.

You can collect payments from the exact location. In addition, you can manage inventory, shipping, taxes, and users.

Job Sites

Image Showing Job Sites

Several well-known websites. Smashing Magazine and Problogger rely on job boards as an additional source of revenue.

A rising need exists for specialty employment boards. That is tailored to the needs of a specific industry or specialty.

Setting up a job board using WordPress is straightforward.

Where businesses can post job openings, and professionals may reply to them.

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Business Directory 

Image Showing Business Directory 

Niche business directories are in high demand on the internet.

There are a lot of excellent WordPress business directory plugins out there. That makes it simple to establish a company directory.

You may even establish a web directory that isn’t just for businesses.

Website for Question and Answers

Image Showing Question And Answers

Do you want to make your own Yahoo

Answers, Stack Exchange, or Quora? Then, you may easily construct a question and answer website using WordPress.

You can use it in conjunction with other tools. You may also create a vibrant online community.

Websites for Non-profit  and Religious 

Image Showing Websites For Non-Profit  And Religious 

WordPress is free in the sense of liberty. Therefore, it makes it an excellent choice for non-profit organizations.

Donation forms may be added using WordPress plugins. In addition, you may collect funds by taking PayPal donations.

There are some excellent WordPress themes available for churches and non-profits.

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Websites for Portfolios

Image Showing Portfolios

Do you need a location to show off your work? For example, You may quickly add a portfolio to your WordPress site.

You can create fantastic picture galleries and sliders. In addition, You may use wordPress to create a slick website. For example, it improved the user experience on your portfolio site.

Also, make it simpler for people to view your work and learn about it.

Online Communities 

Image Showing Online Communities 

By using the lightweight bbPress forum, WordPress can be utilized as an online forum.

With plugins like BuddyPress, you may even add social elements to your WordPress site.

Coupon Site

Image Showing Coupon Site

Would you want to earn affiliate earnings from thousands of websites? Does that provide special discounts on their products and services?

Create a coupon website with WordPress. It makes it simple to add, manage, and expire coupons. In addition, coupons may be voted on and rated by your users.

And it all fits neatly into your WordPress administration area.

Auction Sites

Image Showing Auction Sites

Do you want to start your eBay-style auction website? You may use WordPress to construct a fully functional auction website.

Users can bid and pay online. And you get paid only for providing a forum for your particular sector.

Websites that are available in several languages

Websites That Are Available In Several Languages

You may install WordPress in a variety of languages. However, you may also design a multilingual website.

Discover how simple it is to develop multilingual websites with WordPress.

Websites with a knowledge base or a wiki

Image Is About Websites With A Knowledge Base Or A Wiki

Do you want to include a documentation section with a knowledge base or wiki-style articles? WordPress has a plethora of useful plugins.

This rapidly converts your website into an easy-to-navigate knowledge base wiki.

Websites for Podcasting

Image Is About Websites For Podcasting

WordPress and podcasting are inseparable. The majority of prominent podcasters use WordPress. In addition, they use it on the internet for their websites.

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Affiliate Websites in a Specific Niche

Image Is About Affiliate Websites In A Specific Niche

Do you want to earn money by referring your visitors to products and services? Here are the finest WordPress affiliate marketing tools and plugins.

These tools will increase your affiliate profits. And make your life a lot simpler.

Websites for Photographers

Image Is About Websites For Photographers

Are you a pro or an amateur photographer? Do you want to share your vacation photographs with your family?

You can construct stunning photography websites with WordPress and Envira Gallery. You may include galleries, albums, titles. And also subtitles, lightbox popups, slideshows, and other features.

There are also a plethora of photography templates for WordPress.

Websites for a school or college

Websites For A School Or College

WordPress is used to power hundreds of school and college websites worldwide. It is safe, secure, and simple to use.

Personal Blogs

Image Is About Personal Blogs

Do you want to keep your WordPress blog private? Run team projects, journals. Or whatever you desire away from prying eyes in a secure atmosphere.

Blogs for Families

Image Is About Blogs For Families

WordPress is ideal for creating modest family websites. Its built-in media and user management system.

Make beautiful wedding websites, post family photographs, and share family gossip. WordPress can give hours of entertainment for all family members.

Website for Government

Image Is About Website For Government

The flexible capabilities of WordPress allow you to express any message. Including official declarations. Governments use WordPress all around the world.

It displays information in a straightforward yet effective manner. WordPress optimizes the user experience for both visitors and site administrators.

The capacity to display various pages is undoubted. It is appealing to governments, from breaking news to current happenings.

Specific extensions even support multilingual websites. Ideal for countries that share more than one common language.


WordPress is used to build the country’s official website as it showcases the nation’s modernity. The government uses a basic layout using picture tiles and modern typography.

News Website

Image Showing News Website

It brings news stories to life by combining them with photos and videos. It catches the reader’s attention and draws them in.

It optimizes news sites. Various techniques are available—both in terms of extensions and themes.

The custom WordPress themes available enable content authors. It appeals to their intended demographic. It is for fashionistas or affluent broadsheet readers.

Comment section features allow readers to offer their thoughts. Thoughts on current events and initiate dialogues.

Furthermore, secure payment methods and extensions are available. Finally, the editor has complete control over the content limitations.

Website for Musicians

Website For Musicians

Musicians rely on self-promotion. And WordPress offers you the freedom to design a website. That is a reflection of your voice.

It includes audio, video, photos, and blog content. Even a forum may help aspiring musicians develop into full-fledged superstars.

WordPress can do so. All of this makes it an excellent choice for musicians seeking to display their skills.

Websites for Magazines and Digital Publishing

Websites For Magazines And Digital Publishing

Magazine and internet publication can include a mix of news. And tales, entertainment, and other forms of reporting.

Suppose you consider the surfing patterns of people. You will see that most of the websites they visit are solely for news and amusement.

Of course, you may profit from a publishing platform as well. That is based on using the WordPress platform.

Most of the time, this is done through programmatic advertising. That appears on the sites rather than selling items and services on the website.

Amazon Affiliate Store

Image Showing Amazon Affiliate Store

You may sell your items through Suppose you have an Amazon-affiliate store. Earn a portion of each sale as an affiliate.

It is one of the simplest methods to get started with WordPress. You may drive visitors to your WordPress site as the store owner. It includes affiliate links in your articles.

Customers will click on the link and buy the merchandise. And the purchase will earn you your commission.

WooCommerce can help you start your Amazon affiliate business as they are the most often used approach.

Follow the installation and activation of the WooCommerce plugin. You must first create an Amazon affiliate account.

Use your Amazon affiliate ID to begin selling items.

Navigate to the Amazon Affiliate Program website. And then click the “Join for Free” button. 20+ Types Of Websites You Can Create With Wordpress

Source:- Amazon. Com

Set up an account, and you’re ready to go.


Image Showing Saas

SaaS is the ideal way to provide an app service. In exchange, prospects may use the program without bothering about upkeep or installation.

They have it available on the internet via your WordPress installation.

You can use a SaaS solution in a variety of situations. B2B, HR, CRM, Management, Finance, and so on.

DX Sales CRM is a well-known platform that enables undersized and medium-sized company owners. It organizes internal dealings from their WordPress dashboard.


We hope that we have now supplied you with several suggestions. Then, you may use it to jumpstart and expand your business with the most powerful CMS!

Whatever your specialty is. WordPress has you covered with limitless features and development prospects!


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