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There is no shortage of training materials for future web developers. Thousands of videos, books, podcasts and other media compete to get your attention as n00b – but does any one of them actually apply to a job as a web developer? Tonight on the RealToughCandy channel, Chris shares his experience of a web dev “real” and dispels some myths about what he does at work.
Chris’s experience as a self-taught web developer: 3:24
The importance of finding your web development direction: 6:01
What are you worth financially as a dev? 7:50
The realities of entering the job market as a self-taught dev: 11:10
Chris’s experience as a beginner (he gives coding examples): 13:00
It’s OK not to have the job: 15:00
Do I have a better chance of being hired if I went to X Bootcamp or College? 4:00 p.m.
What goal should I have in mind when building a portfolio? 5:06 p.m.
I did it at the interview !! Does it have … a deeper meaning? 6:35 p.m.
Practical knowledge against all knowledge: 20:05
Programming vs syntax: 22:30
What are you really * doing * during a real development work? 25:04
Do I need to know Bootstrap? 35:00
What tools should I use in the workplace? 38:18
What about the workflow and code standards? 42:29
You will make (large) coding errors. How is it OK? 53:42
I come from a career field that has nothing to do with web development. 57:47
Questions from the audience: 1:03:23.

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