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Reports on website design trends are fun and all, but what if they could help you increase your conversions while staying up to date? That's our goal for this list of top ten web and UX design trends for 2017.

The reports on web design trends are fun and all, but what would happen if they could help you increase conversions while staying up to date? That's our goal for this list of top ten web and UX design trends for 2017.

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Whether you are a web professional or responsible for your company's website, this video is broken down for you.

Here is a list of what you can expect to learn:

2017 Web Design Trend # 1: Age-Friendly Design
Since different age groups have different expectations in a website, we will see more sites offering different experiences depending on the perceived age of the user.

Trend # 2: Skeleton Screens
This is a great way to make the site load faster for your users, by keeping the bounce rates nice and low.

Web Trend # 3: Bots of Engagement
Many companies are starting to use chatbots in a very interesting way, automating many of the processes necessary for good conversions.

Trend 4: Marketing the basket
By offering incentive sales, cross-sells and bundles during the payment phase, you can increase your turnover by 30%

Trend Web Design 2017 # 5: Buttons Animated CTA
There are many ways to bring out a CTA button, but we are starting to see the underdeveloped movement become a trend in 2017.

Trend # 6: Cinemagraph Hero Images
Party video, party photo, cinemagraphs are a brilliant turn-mind to entice users to take a second look.

Web Design Trend # 7: Persuader's Videos
By adding a video on your site that addresses all the major objections that customers may have before you buy, you can pave the way for more conversions.

Trend # 8: Value-Based Output Superpositions
While popups are annoying, they just work. So, by removing the most boring part, and making a really convincing offer, you can save a few sales that would have gone otherwise.

2017 Web Design Trend # 9: the death of the home page
If you focus on the home page and place it on multiple landing pages, you can send your message to different audiences, which increases conversions.

Web Trend n ° 10: Navigation of the trending assets
"Above the lap" is no longer what it was. By keeping more content on a single landing page, you can take customers on a well-planned journey to a conversion.

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