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This is a slightly controversial main topic for this week's show however, the main reason why we wanted the panel to discuss it because we have recently been thinking about what is a frame versus a theme ?

The main reason why we emphasize this is just to look at the Astra Theme Referred version (of which Adam from WPCrafter one of our major regular panelists) recently produced a number of training videos on which became very popular in the WordPress community is not really a traditional theme or setting we personally feel that it has become one of the two!

Also keep in mind that many WordPress consultants / developers use Genesis and Beaver Builder together to produce a powerful development stack. What I really think is that what has been seen as a framework and a theme really merges into a new concept before our eyes!

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Gutenberg Contributors Explore Alternative to Using iframes for Meta Boxes

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3 – From 21 000 € to 44 000 € / month: the company is rising


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