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Learn to install the complete AWS EC2 instance with the latest updates from 2018. Learn how to create an Ec2 instance by installing PHP, PHPmyadmin, Apache 7.0, MySql in Amazon AWS account that you will get for free for 1 year . You can register in Amazon aws with all debit and credit card details. We will use the amazon linux distribution to execute the commands that will install PHP, Apache 7.0, Phpmyadmin and my sql. You will use putty.exe and puttygen.exe and winscp to create a complete ec2 instance configuration in your aws amazon account.

You will create an elastic IP address and allocate it to the running instance that will disable your public IP, do not worry about this warning and allocate your elastic ip to your instance. What is the elastic ip in amazon aws and how it works is very easy ip elastic is not random and ip public amazon every time that we establish the connection. We will generate the private key with the help of the public key .pem .ppk

Configuring the Amazon Ec2 2018 Instance | Amazon Ec2 Instance video configuration complete step by step | Amazon ec2 updates 2016 | what is elastic ip in amazon aws

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