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The next type of paid web host is what I call a "mid-range" web host, which means they offer prices and services that will satisfy the majority of web sites available. Mid-range hosts like PowWeb, Your-Site.com and iPowerWeb offer packages ranging from $ 5 to $ 8 a month and provide the tools most webmasters will need to manage a website, such as: CGI-BIN , tons of e-mail addresses, FTP support, visitor stats and more. These hosts have monthly bandwidth limits, but the limits are quite high and most websites will never reach them. However, if your website offers hundreds of file downloads and gets decent traffic, you may be surprised at how fast you will reach these bandwidth limits. When you do, your site may be temporarily closed or you will have to pay excess bandwidth fees, which can be expensive. Overall, however, mid-range hosts will satisfy 90% of websites and will generally offer excellent availability / reliability. In fact, many web-based companies are running successfully using a mid-range web host. However, as mentioned earlier, websites that offer large files to download or sites that receive a lot of traffic may find that a mid-range host does not quite fit their needs. These types of websites may require "high end" web hosting solutions, the next topic of our discussion. Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/5547; Click here for the best mid-range web hosting package available: https://goo.gl/z6QBdv.

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