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Hi, I'm calling Lilly Ghahremani and I'm Web Strategist for Tiny Frog Technologies. I wanted to talk today about the main mistakes made by restaurants with websites.

You know when we are hungry, or that we are planning an evening, it is a common practice to check a restaurant website and in fact, it is a joke in the industry that the websites of restaurant do not do these restaurants. The bad restaurants are everywhere and you've probably met them yourself. So, today, I really want to talk about how to avoid these pitfalls and how to make your restaurant website extremely strong.

On the website of your restaurant, people are looking for two things: first, they are looking for information to determine if they want to eat there. Second, they may be looking for information because they have already decided that they will eat there and they need a little more information. The essential features of the site of your restaurant that will make the difference between a good site and a poor website:

First of all, you want to have your menu there. You want it to be clear and straightforward and ideally it does not take a lot of time to download. Sometimes the restaurant menus will be beautifully designed, but because of the webcast, they are not downloaded properly, or it takes a lot of time. People are hungry, they want to see what you offer, make it easy.

Second, you want information about your hours and you want information about take-out options if it's an option. If you offer takeaway orders or deliveries, it's important to clarify things and make sure you have the right integrations, that is, away from the language of the Web, ensuring to have the functionality on the site. to a system that helps them do it easily and that is where there is a strong team capable of doing web development and embedding that kind of features for that. they work well on your website so important.

Then, if you're organizing events, you have to think about how that's happening on the website. Do people want to see what this space looks like? Do you need a photo gallery? Do you need information for holiday organizers? Determine if this information should appear on your site. One of the greatest things that restaurant websites need on their site is a phone number that you answer. You'd be surprised how many have a phone number that rings and rings. Once people have made the decision to go from your website to the phone, you want to make sure that someone is there to receive

Mobile compatibility is another problem for many restaurant websites. Fortunately, the sites we use here at Tiny Frog are all compatible with mobile devices, which means that no matter they're watching a phone or tablet, they'll be able to benefit from the web experience you want .

Finally, if you have good restaurant reviews, feel free to link these review sites or encourage website visitors to consult you to continue to grow your business. Once you have a good website, the secret sauce is to make sure to check from time to time, to be sure that it always reflects exactly what your business does and what you offer. So I recommend from time to time, say every quarter that you plan a little reminder on your phone to check the website, check out the menu. Are you still at the service of all these things? Are the hours always correct? Etc. You want to make sure your website is up to date and that it is as beautiful and wonderful as the meals you create.

To get the most out of your restaurant website, the process really needs to start with careful planning and a thoughtful strategy. To that end, I'm Lilly Ghahremani, web strategist for Tiny Frog Technologies and if you're looking to make a new restaurant website, we'd love to talk to you. .

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