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Learn how to create a membership website with WordPress, step by step. I have been asked several times to set up a tutorial to teach people how to make a membership site, so there you are!

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Theme download: https://colorlib.com/wp/themes/sparkling/

0:01:02 – Live Membership Demo

0:06:42 – Acquire www. Domain and Hosting – https://goo.gl/HrHj1U
EMEDIACOACH (up to 60% discount)
1DIRTYCENT (1 cent first month)

0:13:52 – Installing WordPress
0:21:27 – Connect the domain to the hosting (if the domain was purchased elsewhere). Important!
0:23:56 – Initial settings and installation of design
0:31:50 – Posts vs Pages, and when to use them

0:37:08 – Install the membership plugin
0:38:43 – Generate Membership Site Pages
0:39:00 – Add a new level of membership
0:47:44 – Accept payments !!

1:09:18 – Improved members login page
1:11:50 – Add a member to the sidebar
1:13:25 – Add a connection to the menu (and customize the menu)

1:17:33 – Create additional membership levels
1:22:32 – The paying user cancels membership – How it works
1:25:36 – Configuring the cursor image of the home page
1:29:22 – Custom drop-down menu
1:35:31 – Configuring the sidebar
1:39:55 – Configuring the image gallery
1:44:37 – Add a contact form
1:47:41 – Congratulations! You have now created a membership website.

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