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Let's learn how to create an automatic CSS image cursor using CSS3 animations and transform them without using a javascript or jquery line. Creating a pure CSS slider or carousel HTML and CSS has never been easier. And if you're thinking for the first time, you may be wondering how the slides will move without js or jquery, well that's the magic of CSS animation, the @keyframe rule and transformations .

I'll start by creating a simple HTML structure for our Auto Image slider and then we'll stylize it using CSS. This CSS image slider will contain four different images, which serve as slides for each lap, these slides will automatically slide after a few seconds apart. This will make it look like an AutoPlay slideshow that we created only with CSS.

This simple CSS image slider is great for demonstrating the power of the css3 animation property. The purpose of this video is to show the possibilities of CSS animation. You can take this image slider further to make it look like a content slider by adding extra markup.

=========== SLIDING SOURCE CODE CSS ==============

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