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Delray Beach WordPress Website Design


Hi, I'm calling Jeff Klein, President of Power Play Marketing. We are an internet marketing company based in Delray Beach, Florida.

We help businesses with their Internet marketing needs.

Today, I want to talk to you about WordPress website design.

First published in May 2003 as a blogging platform, WordPress has become a powerful content management system for over 60 million web-based websites.

The WordPress platform offers many powerful features such as themes and plugins.

Themes allow users to easily change the look and functionality of a WordPress website without changing the content or structure of the site. Thousands of WordPress themes exist, some are free, while others and premium or paid for templates. Once installed, themes can be customized to create a unique design for your site.

Perhaps the most popular feature of WordPress is its plugin architecture. The plugins allow users to extend the functionality of WordPress beyond the basic installation. The WordPress database offers over 26,000 plugins. Each plugin allows a specific feature allowing users to easily add extended features to their sites.

When it is used to populate a website, the WordPress Content Management feature allows you to easily update your site without knowing HTML. You can post your own stories or photos whenever you want. All you need to update your WordPress site is a simple editor and a web browser.

WordPress provides a solid foundation for ranking in search engines. While not being a replacement for a search engine marketing campaign, the user-friendly search engine structure of WordPress will create a site search engine that will be able to easily explore and understand.

A professionally designed website is the most effective way to attract and retain customers in the current world of the internet.

The power, customization and support offered by WordPress make it an attractive choice for many companies.

At Power Play Marketing, we are experts in WordPress website design. If you would like to know more about how WordPress can help your business, visit our website at PowerPlayMarketing.com or contact us by phone at 561.749.9172.

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I am Jeff Klein. Have a nice day.

Power Play Marketing
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Delray Beach WordPress Website Design
Delray Beach WordPress Website Design
Delray Beach WordPress
Power Play Marketing
Jeff Klein

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