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Hellow guy, it's SUDHARSAN.
"WELCOME TO MY AllDesignCreative.COM"
Thank you for visiting my channel, give your opinion and subscribe to my channel to learn whole drawings.
Visit our site for more tutorials: https://www.alldesigncreative.com
This training consists of more than 3,000 free video lessons, here showing you tips, tricks and techniques in all software like Photoshop, Illustrate, Coreldraw, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premier Pro, After Effect, Adobe Audition, etc. lots of advanced tutorials but also step by step tutorials.
For example, if you're still new to Photoshop, then you might have thought about how to start learning the tools properly.
Just subscribe to my video is everything!
And follow me so long that you will learn many things.
My internship consists of:
1. Photoshop- Introduction
2. Photoshop – Tools with explanation of example
3. Photoshop – workflow, tips and tricks
4. Photoshop-Effect, techniques
5. Photoshop-Beauty and Hair Retouching Techniques

And also I explain step by step all the tools to work in the tool palette and also in the menus, edit the file, the image, the layer, the type, the selection, the filter , the view and the window.
Finally, you will learn all the skills as a professional design in Photoshop. OK fine.

Now, see illustrating the training course:
Chapter-1: -Introduce the interface and configure
Chapter-2: -Documents of configuration, models and paintings of art
Chapter-3: -Creation of Objects, Guides and Layers
Chapter-4: -Object Editing Objects
Chapter-5: -Transformation, Duplication and Alignment
Chapter-6: -Color, Gradient and Patterns
Chapter-7: Different Srokes
Chapter-8: -Shape Builder and Pathfinder
Chapter-9: -Creation and editing of custom shapes
Chapter-10: – Drawing and refining paths
Chapter 11: -Type, Styles and Typography
Chapter 12: -Work with pictures and masks
Chapter-13: Trace Tips and Tricks
Chapter-14: -The Power of Appearance
Chapter-15: -Added polish
Chapter-16: -Print, export and pdf files
Chapter-17: -web Preparation and Exporting etc.

Like all software, we will cover as well!

Do not forget to subscribe to my channel! .

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