We got this video for you so that you don’t need to spend your time in the search.

I am an exclusive user of Microsoft Edge. This video from Google Chrome is installed one or two days before this video is made. Since I do not use Google Chrome, I do not know about other issues Chrome has.

First of all. I use the Microsoft website for this test because generally other sites intentionally send IE / Edge waste web pages. For example, in one case, the AT & T website returns a Web page designed for IE5 because it can not recognize the new IE. I have to F12 lie on my IE like older IE9 or Google Chrome to get the webpage working. As a result, I do not use any third-party websites that may have the same problem.

Now, the test is not right for Google Chrome because I use the Microsoft website, but Google Chrome works better anyway. The videos are separated in four different test cases. This is the second of 4 videos.

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