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How to manually add structured data to WordPress using typical basic template files. The code snippets illustrated in the video are here:

This video tutorial highlights the semantics of Google Structured data, now officially supported by Google.

To learn more about how Google uses this feature, visit:

Structured Data (Microdata, RDFa and LD + JSON) allows search engines to better understand the content of your website, which will naturally help your Google ranking (whether organic or not). paid).

This video tutorial session "How to Add Structured Data to WordPress" will walk you through each step and show you some basic ideas and examples for tagging WordPress theme template files (header.php index.php footer.php archive. php).

The level of knowledge required to follow these instructions is "intermediate"

If you're looking for other, perhaps simpler, ways to mark the content of your web page, you can use the Google Webmaster Tools feature called Data Highlighter.

To learn how to use this tool, watch this video: https://youtu.be/00Xd4d_UW5U

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