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Add a video to your WordPress site. My equipment suggestions: https://kit.com/BrightonWest/basic-home-video-studio-kit

If you are in a business based on personality, such as a life coach or business, it is very important to have a video on your website so that you know exactly who you are and what you offering.

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How to add a video to WordPress

The addition of a video to WordPress can be done in two ways:

1. Choose a video to embed. You can choose any video on YouTube. 0:45

2. Click "Share" and copy the given link. 0:59

3. Go to the dashboard of your website 01:16 and choose Messages or Pages, then "Add new". You will see that there is a "Visual" tab. and & # 39; Text & # 39 ;.

4. Paste the link into the Visual tab. 01:37 Here, one of two things can happen – either you can see your video, or you'll get a clickable link. Make sure that it is not a clickable link by selecting the Delete Link icon on the first line of your toolbar.

Or you can do this less simple method where you can have more control:

1. Choose a video to embed.

2. Click on "Embed" and then on "Show more". 02:10 By default, the option "Show suggested videos at the end of the video" is checked. If you uncheck this box, your video will return to your thumbnail after the reading is complete, instead of suggesting videos from other people.

You can also enable and disable player controls, as well as enable enhanced privacy mode. This refers to the information YouTube collects from visitors to your website.

3. Select the code just below & # 39; Embed & # 39; and copy. 3:12

4. Go to your web site's dashboard and select Messages or Pages, then "Add new." 03:24 You will see that there is a 'Visual' tab. and & # 39; Text & # 39 ;.

5. Paste the code into the Text tab. 03:35 This will create a box in the Visual tab, which means that the video is embedded in the publication / page.

6. Bonus TIP: 03:49 Autoplay insertion = 1; (including the semi-colon) between "& # 39; and & # 39; rel & # 39; in the embed code will allow the video to play as soon as someone opens the web page.

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