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I am currently pursuing my master's degree in computer science.

I wanted to become a freelance web developer but I have no idea about how to get my first job as a web developer. I learned a lot on the rails.

on a personal note
the channel you are doing is awesome gives us a moral boost to bearded guys like :).

So my advice on becoming an unemployed freelance web developer is self-learning or you can attend a Ruby on Rails Bootcamp.

#Number 1 is that you need to build a wallet and if you have never built a web wallet than go to your local mosque or church. Build websites for the mosque, church or for non-profit organizations.

#Number 2 if you are too shy to build normal humankind websites like saving the ocean, cleaning the sea or etc.

#Number 3 After that if you have 4 to 5 websites build that you trust you take on the Big Web Development Project.
Without a job, you can become an amazing web developer, but you can not be the master of all trades as Master One Programming Language Like JavaScript, PHP or Ruby on Rails.

#Number 4 If you get a web design project that is out of your skills than OutSource on Odesk (Upwork) or Freelance.

# # 5 Do not give excuses because a person is in check is only due to a reason that is excusable.
If you say you want to find a job that's why you can not build your portfolio of websites.

#Number 6 is the hardest part because you have to go to your local business area or DownTown and hand them your Web Design Services Flyers with your name card stapled to it.
Most customers will throw out your business cards and flyers.
Give the Freebie customer like shirts and coffee mugs with their company name.

If you go to 100 customers you will get a 1 customer so it's up to you how many customers you go to and give your freelancing web development services.

Stay confident and make sales rather than difficult sales.

#Web Design Nanodegree:

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