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In this lesson, I will teach you how to design your website. We will talk about the colors you should use. This is a pretty important element because you know on my site that I use a lot of pink and you will understand Why in a second, why, but in this lesson we will really talk about how to design your site Web because it's something that a lot of people have gotten hooked on. So, some of the things we will talk about during this lesson are the colors to use to take advantage of your competitor site data and it's a real key thing that I've already talked about in the past. 39, intro, but it's really the key will also talk about leveraging data from similar sites. So maybe your customers are also shopping at Macy's calm or at other similar sites, maybe it's better to buy calm and I'll show you how you can actually research what's going on. They make and use it to your advantage. To talk about designing your site to convert I've talked about it a hundred times, I mean the only purpose of your ecommerce site is to make people into buyers make them into customers. So we'll talk about it later. So first what colors to use. So, here is a table of a lot of different colors the main primary colors and what their meaning is. So, depending on the kind of thing you are selling or the type of message you are trying to convey, you can use different colors. So, I did it using the pink which, as you can see, represents the tenderness sympathetic emotional tenderness love these are the great things that I was trying to convey with my website, I 'd like to say. were trying to target moms who buy a product for their daughter. So, the rose was an excellent choice now look eCommerce effective well what represents blue represents confidence calm calm natural stable power all I want to convey especially trust in the smart with e-commerce effective I want to convey to you guys who you love can trust me, you know that I am a smart guy, I know what I am talking about and, finally, that you will gain some power through your own ecommerce business. So, try to understand what you are selling and what color should go with it because it's going to be an essential part of your website of all you do your marketing things like that. So you can find a ton of this kind of data online doing your own research see what colors represent your website your business all of which the next thing is talking about is exploiting data from your competitors' sites and I'm going to give an example, but let me first explain what it is. So, basically, you're going to borrow all the design elements of your competitors borrowing quotes and what I mean by that, is that they've already done all the work for you, they've done the research that they have done the data collection and trying to understand what is the best website for your niche. So the first step is to say what I ended up doing to be honest and that 's my story, I went to one of my competitors' website one of the less known and more or less copied their site, then I kind of changed things that I thought that they were hurting. So, they have once again spent millions of dollars designing their site and doing research to make sure it works in your niche, because, obviously, for competitors, you share a niche . So why not see what you can take from there now everything might not be perfect there could be problems with it

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