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Does your website cost you new business?

Modern technology has improved at an alarming rate over the last decade, with the Internet at the forefront of each of these advances. Smartphones and tablets are now part of everyday life and you can even now use them to do your banking and pay for items and services. You can even pay for items and services using digital currency, ie the coin. Yes, technology is most definitely the king and for that reason, if you want to have a chance to succeed in the business world, you have to adopt and do it over time.

Regardless of the size or size of your business, the simple fact is that if you want to have a chance to succeed, you will need to own a website for your business, and if you want your business to thrive in these new times, your Website will need to do more than seniority days. He will need to work for you.

If your website is obsolete, neglected or just poorly designed, it could cost you thousands of revenue losses each month.

If your business suffers and you're not quite sure why, maybe, just maybe, your website might be to blame? Here's a preview of 5 ways your website could cost you new business.

– The layout of your site
– Your design is obsolete
– You have no social networking link
– Your site is not mobile-friendly
– Your contact information is hard to find

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