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Learn how to install WordPress on Windows 7 with a complete step by step guide to install WordPress 3.8 on your PC.

Here is the video transcript how to install WordPress on Windows 7:

Hi, today I am going to teach you "how to install WordPress" on your computer.

We will install WordPress 3.8 and it's the latest version of WordPress.

Just in case you do not know WordPress, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world.

To download your copy of WordPress click here on the download button, then you will be redirected to the download page and here (https://wordpress.org/download/) you can see download WordPress 3.8 and it will download your copy of WordPress .

I have already downloaded my copy. So, I will not download again. To install WordPress on your computer, you will need an apache server. For our case, we will use XAMPP for Windows. You can download the software here: https://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html

Do not worry, the download link will be added with the video; just below the video. ok, you can use wamp server: https://www.wampserver.com/en/

This is another alternative for XAMPP, you can also use WAMP for this purpose. So, let's start!

Ok, my copy of WordPress is on my desk, here it is and it is the zip copy so I will have to decompress.

Right click on the file, I will unzip it here. It is uncompressed and it is WordPress 3.8.

The folder calls WordPress. All downloaded WordPress files are here I am going to copy this folder to my XAMPP folder. I have already installed XAMPP on my computer and this is inside the local drive C.

Here in the XAMPP folder i will go to htdocs and in the htdocs folder i will paste the files into the folder called WordPress.

So, I pasted it here and here is our copy of WordPress. Now, this htdocs folder is equivalent to localhost and since this folder is WordPress, then our installation folder URL will be localhost / wordpress. So, let's start.

I will start my apache server so I go to the XAMPP control panel and then start our apache server and for the database, we will have to use mysql. So, I activate it too. Ok, so see.

Open your browser and type localhost / wordpress. It seems like we need a wp-config.php file. But we have not created yet. So we will need to create the configuration file and click here and it has asked me that we would need a database name, database user name, word of database pass, database host.

Since we did not create this database, we will need to create one for this project. Okay, I go to localhost and here you can see an option called phpmyadmin. Click here and go to localhost / phpmyadmin.

We will create a database for this, we will call it wordpress. Our wordpress database has been created. Our database name is wordpress.

If you use XAMPP, your default user name is root and your password is empty. Host host is localhost and we install it on our machine. Prefix of the table, it will be the name of the table that will be created in the wordpress table. This will be prefixed with our table for example if we have a table named called posts, then the proper name of the table will be wp_posts.

Let's say we will not change that. Submit. Start the installation.

The title of our site is a great WordPress site. Agree, we use the generic user name admin, but never use it on your production site. we will use a simple 123456 password for this case; but never use this kind of password. It's very weak and here I am going to type my email address.

Agreement because it is on our local machine search engine can not access our site in fact. We will cancel this mark and install WordPress.

it takes time to install WordPress. Wow! we are done. Success!

Log in, agree, our username is admin and our password is 123456 and I will log in.

This is our copy of WordPress, we will visit, we will visit the site.

Click here and here is our installed version of WordPress. You can see it here: localhost / wordpress

We installed WordPress successfully!

If you are having a problem with the installation of WordPress on Windows 7, leave a comment below.

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