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In this video, we will see how to make a membership website with WordPress using the free Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin and OceanWP 2017 and Accept payments module.
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★ Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin – https://bloggdude.com/member
★ OceanWp Free Theme – https://bloggdude.com/oceanwp
★ Download images and CSS codes – https://bloggdude.com/make-wordpress-website-2017-using-elementor-hestia-free-theme/

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00:00:00 Visit of the demonstration site
00:08:14 Get the domain name and the web host
00:17:44 Installing WordPress
00:22:49 OceanWP theme installation
00:24:48 Installing Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin
00:27:22 Creating Dummy Post with the help of FakerPress
00:29:16 Using the inner tray to hide messages or part of the message
00:32:23 Changing the design and content of the Locker form
00:35:45 Create plans and a subscription page
00:50:23 Registration page and form design
01:01:57 Social media connection and registration
01:11:14 Page Terms of Use
01:13:16 Payment Integration – PayPal, Stripe etc.
01:17:27 Redirected Page
01:30:44 My account page
01:39:37 Sidebar
01:51:03 Website design

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