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Learn how to create a website with GoDaddy! In this video, I show you how to register a domain name and then create a website with the same software as Fortune 500 companies and celebrities. Do not worry, no technical experience required, everything is 100% friendly to beginners.

If you have a GoDaddy domain and want to create a website, this is the perfect video for you. Learn how to save money on a godaddy website by making a WordPress site and using a web host (HostGator) that is actually cheaper in the long run. Of course, we will learn a lot of WordPress skills from scratch too.

See the WordPress site we are doing https://goo.gl/UTYwZp – Imagine all your content there instead and keep in mind when you start a godaddy website you can create a website you want later.

The basic steps

1. Register the domain – 2:14
2. Get Web Hosting – 15:15
2.1 Connect it all – 27:48
3. Install WordPress – 32:50

What is WordPress? WordPress is the CMS # 1 (Content Management System). A CMS allows you to change the appearance of your site and organize your content (text, images, videos, etc.) without having to look at the code. Instead, it looks like Microsoft Word but on the Internet.

Update: Many have asked so I add this price comparison

OPTION 1 (recommended, we use it here): save Godaddy domain for less than $ 10. Then get hosting hostgator. As you will see, hostgator is much cheaper at 36 months, 12 months and 1 month with our BigBonus coupon. I'm using this combo of godaddy and hostgator and I enjoy knowing how everyone works separately. It's good because they specialize in each respective component and I can easily move away from a place if I want it later.
OPTION 2: (more expensive, but you get to keep the whole website related to godaddy): godaddy domain register and godaddy hosting. The cheapest monthly accommodation is $ 7.99 / month, or $ 4.99 / month for 12 months. It still works.

Whatever it is, the workings of this tutorial on a GoDaddy site are done at 37:07 because we have a real website, so we pause. We then go on to design your website professionally and add your own content. Please see below.

Additional steps to design your GoDaddy website with WordPress:

How to connect 38:40
Visit of WordPress Dashboard 40:00
Remove the plugins 42:42
Make your first basic edition to godddy wordpress 43:56
Change template / theme 45:50
Create pages 48:25
Get free images 50:00
Create a navigation menu 54:16
Image Galley Slider Setup for Godaddy's website wordpress 56:40
Resize images 58:00
Edit the sidebar 1:07:44
Add Facebook Like Box to make the site 1:10:20
Post blog posts 1:16:01
Put in a subscription form 1:19:10
Create a contact form 1:32:35
Insert an image into a page 1:37:39
Edit footer / Copyright for brand our website at Godaddy 1:40:27
COMPLETED! 1:46:47

If you want to learn even more tips on how to build a website with the GoDaddy domain name, how to make money on a website, and how to rank in Google, I've done everything myself myself and my readers. Subscribe to my channel here: https://goo.gl/U5oEa4

Our free forum is also free and fun, so check too.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a wordpress site with godaddy !! =)


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Thank you very much for watching !! – Greg

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