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Welcome to the first chapter of the FPDF tutorial series.
This series is about how to generate a PDF file in PHP.
PDF generation in PHP has enabled a Web-based application to represent a fixed-format printable document with millimeter precision.
Like printable invoices, printable reports, printable manifests and other printable documents.
In short, PDF generation is the best method to represent a printable document, compared to any other method such as html, which is by definition "dynamic layout".
The disadvantage is, we can not edit the product document and it depends on the PDF plugins of the browser.
In this chapter, I will show you how to make a PDF invoice in PHP using the FPDF class.
You can download the fpdf library package and extract its contents to your htdocs directory.
This package contains the php fpdf library, sample tutorials and documentation.
FPDF has many methods for making and manipulating PDF content as you can see in its documentation.
but in this chapter, I will explain only the most basic functions needed to build a PDF page.
In this example, I will use portrait format, A4 paper with mm measurement unit.

Source code: https://gestyy.com/wQ9nwo
Subtitle: English, Indonesian.

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