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In the LMScast episode of today, Joshua Millage and Chris Badgett explain how consultants can add a revenue stream to their consulting business by producing services and selling them as online courses. .

Productizing your advice simply means packaging solutions in service packages that meet the specific needs and targeting each package to customers who need this approach.

Offering these services products as an online course opens a source of income that does not take much time for the consultant, while most consulting services require a lot of time from the consultant. Building an online course is not difficult, especially with a course development platform like our LifterLMS plug-in WordPress Learning Management System.

Online courses also make this information more affordable, so you can access a segment of the market that can not afford to pay your regular consulting fees.

You can even use an online course as a lead generation tool for your consulting business.

Tim Paige and Damian Thompson also spoke to the conversation. .

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