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How to speed up the WordPress site – Improve the performance of your site with Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and free WordPress plugins.

Test sites
PageSpeed ​​Test: https://ow.ly/KYwU309GFkZ
Testmysite: https://ow.ly/wokS30baL9c
Mobile-friendly test: https://ow.ly/ku9j309GF9N

GPSI messages and WordPress plugins recommended
"Eliminate JavaScript and CSS blocking rendering in above-the-fold content" – Async JS and CSS https://ow.ly/YwQHr (or Autoptimize)
"Enable compression" – GZip Ninja Speed ​​Compression https://ow.ly/YwJcX
"Take advantage of browser caching" – W3 Total Cache https://ow.ly/YChvU
"Minimize Javascript, CSS, HTML" – Better Wordify Minify https://ow.ly/YwItm
"Optimize Images" – ShortPixel Image Optimizer https://ow.ly/YwKM0
"Reduce server response time" – Autooptimize https://ow.ly/YwKh8

Other page speed plugins
Expiration header of the distant future: https://ow.ly/2dpt3067wQH
JCH Optimize: https://ow.ly/9dDI3067wRn
Gzip WordPress Compression: https://ow.ly/Iodf3067wS4
WP Performance Score Booster: https://ow.ly/WDxi3067wSF
WP Super Simple Speed: https://ow.ly/5NxI3067wTb

– "Eliminate rendering-blocking …" I use a popup on my site that causes a "fix it" message. You must decide what is important to you, ie the speed score or the functionality of the page.
– I recommend to fully understand the details of any GSPI factor by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the problem.
– Installing a high quality cache plugin and its correct configuration can dramatically improve your score, for example, W3 Total Cache.
– Your theme can influence your page speed score for better or worse. A clumsy, poorly designed theme will slow down your site.
– Plugins can cause conflicts with other plugins.

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