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I promised you a few small links:

The interview "Paste with Simone": https://www.facebook.com/MonSportsNet/videos/841529712656431/?hc_ref=SEARCH

The TV driver that I played in "Hype Squad": https://www.facebook.com/Wizards/videos/10154125970423741/?hc_ref=SEARCH

The show that I launched and produced called "Level with me" ft. Kelly Oubre Jr .: https://www.facebook.com/Wizards/videos/vb.29805028740/10154702656133741/?type=2&theater

+ CLICK HERE TO WATCH my series of college tips:

This week, I'm talking about interviewing Simone Biles in DC, how to start a YouTube channel and trust me, my favorite song, my post graduate secrets, and so much more! Thank you very much for all your questions – THERE WERE OVER 60! I love you so much, you do not even know it! I know that there are still some questions to ask – if you have more, keep asking and I will continue to do more! Thank you again, my loves.

Instagram: @yourstrulymia
Twitter: @yourstrulymia_
Blog: https://yourstrulymia.wordpress.com/

Be on the lookout for a video ACTUAL, REAL, CRAFTED this coming weekend! It's a great surprise because I've never done video like this before! I'm excited. Stay tuned.

Leave a comment telling me your old video FAVORITE POTENTiALcelebrity, and who to interview you if you've already had the chance! I can not wait to hear 🙂

With so much love, always,

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