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In this video, we will delve into Joe Rogan's interview style and how his peculiar way of asking a question has catapulted the Joe Rogan experience into story books as the ### 39, one of the most successful and profitable podcasts of all time.

In reality, Rogan is a talker rather than a typical interviewer.

Maybe it's his years of training in the intricacies of martial arts or maybe he's just having a gift for it. Whatever it is, he is able to shoot down the defenses of his subject in an almost undetectable way.

It's easy to be caught off guard by Rogan's self-proclaimed ignorance but again, in reality, you're dealing with a dedicated host who knows how to provoke a reaction.

Today, we will break down some of the long – standing interview tactics that Rogan has managed to incorporate into his most successful interviews.

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