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Hello, I'm calling Andy Leverenz. I design, code, and am a writer of things. Check out my agency called Couple of Creatives https://coupleofcreatives.com and my Web-Crunch blog https://web-crunch.com ??


Today marks the beginning of a new series which I titled "Let's build". The idea is to build something new and to screencaster the process while using new technologies so that you and I can learn along the way.

My hope is to document this with a variety of realistic projects so that you (the reader / observer) and myself can learn in real time. Some of the content in question will revolve around the design, others around the development, and others around the two.

To begin, I start with a consulting site.


The real purpose of this series is to establish a new parallel venture for my partner Alyssa with whom I work regularly at Couple of Creatives. A new website with a renewed brand is needed to help Alyssa's parallel project flourish. The services it offers today have since changed for years. She wants a new home to show what she can bring to the table as a brand / consultant strategist rather than a designer.

Overview / Backstory:

Alyssa has another independent business that she started long before she and I merged to create Couple of Creatives. The company was, and again, is known as Endlyss Designs. Initially, she specialized in providing graphic design services as well as in general branding support for companies of all varieties. His clients ranged from small businesses to corporations. She worked as a freelancer for about 5+ years and then decided to team up with me (Andy Leverenz) so that we could offer a one-stop solution to our clients. Myself, I specialize in web design and development, that's why I'm part of this project.

This project is also an entity of Couple of Creatives. Assuming that Alyssa wins from customers needing branding, web design, web development, and more, she can nominate Couple of Creatives as the agency to help to give life to things.


– Updated Branding
– Responsive website
– Website Style Guide

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