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Tap, drag and stretch your fingers on OscilloScoop to create endless tracks of electro, dance, hip hop and techno. With OscilloScoop you make real musical grooves by simply sliding your fingers on spinning crowns; then the sequences in a real-time performance with some taps. As simple as a toy, OscilloScoop offers you the same tools that DJs and musicians use to create complex tracks, but with an intuitive interface inspired by video games and animation. OscilloScoop is an organic and generative way of making music in a process that looks more like dance than composition: it's addictive, fun and original.

OscilloScoop features a continuous tone tune; Quantification of 16 and 32 beats; low pass filter; volume control; selection of loopable beats in techno, hip hop, electro and house; tempo control from 60 to 140 beats per minute; integrated purchase of additional time sets; predefined backups for live performance; and fine-grain editing when tilting in the landscape.

OscilloScoop is designed by Lukas Girling, a creator of interactive music interfaces that has worked with world-renowned musicians and music technologists, including Laurie Anderson and Max Mathews. The application was created in collaboration with artist and interactive programmer Scott Snibbe, author of the successful applications Bubble Harp and Gravilux; and Graham McDermott, noted video game and application developer.


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