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SVG animation – Using HTML and CSS:

The JPEG image format was developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group in the early 1990s. JPEG images most often end with the .jpg file extension; although .jpeg, .JPEG, .JPG, .jpg, .jpe, .jfif and .jfi are also used. JPEG is a lossy bitmap compression algorithm intended primarily for digital photos. Lossy means that when JPEG images are saved, they are compressed to a size smaller than their original size, but this results in a loss of quality. Generally, when saving a JPEG file, compression is defined in percentages, with 100% being the highest quality but the largest file size. As an indication, 95% to 85% is good for logos and images used in formatting. Images of people or landscapes can go down to 65% without visible artifacts on the image.

For web designers, JPEG files save space and load time, and provide a good general image format for digital photos and some logos. When using JPEG files, care should be taken to avoid image degradation. If a JPEG is edited and then saved back to JPEG, the quality of your image will deteriorate as it has been compressed twice. Sometimes, in just two or three generations, this can render the image unusable. It is always best to save your images in a lossless format, such as .png, .tiff, .raw or .xcf, then, if necessary, save the file in JPEG format. JPEG files are widely compatible with all modern browsers and are the most widely used image format on the Web.

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