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Check your WordPress website loading time with all the test tools. Think about the Google Perfect web development and design environment with a Google page speed for your security and your SEO. Step by step web test tools to help you set up your excellent web development projects. How to increase the speed of the WordPress site?
It is very easy – only five important things to increase the speed of the page Here is the secret to the WordPress site without plugins, it's better for optimizing the page speed for seo. Google insight pages optimize images will show you which images need to optimize:

Number One – Make sure your website is error-free, fix errors with W3C validation (this is the official WordPress recommendation)

Number two – Optimize all images in wordpress. The jpeg file is better but you can use the png files if necessary. Number three – do not use free plugins. free site plugins better page speed and

fewer errors. good loading period of page Number four – Reduce all files css and javascript Number five – Test your WordPress site for "pagespeed" Here are the 10 best tools for optimizing speed

. First use of the Google page speed tool, then other speed test tools from the website Like: Pingdom, Gtmetrix, Yslow and others. Links used: 1) https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com 2)

https://www.webpagetest.org 3) https://yslow.org/ (Need to download) 4) https://gtmetrix.com 5) https://search.google.com/search-console (Search Google console – connect with a gmail account) 6)

https: //developers.google.com/speed/p … 7) https://tools.pingdom.com 8) https: //search.google.com/test/mobile … 9) https: / /validator.w3.org 10) https://www.alexa.com.

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