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So, it's really official. For those who only watch my YouTube channel, here is the official announcement for you all. I am writing a new book!

So in the last few weeks, I drop all the chapters of my book for free on the Simple Programmer website.

This new book will be titled "The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide" and I will talk about everything a software developer should know when it comes to building a successful career. and amazing.

Career is definitely one of the most popular topics here, in my YouTube channel and among most programmers. And that should not be different. Knowing how to manage your career and go through all the processes of becoming a software developer is a must for anyone who wants to succeed as a software developer.

The goal of putting everything on my blog is to reach as many people as possible and get returns directly from you.

You can get all the chapters published here: https://simpleprogrammer.com/career-guide-yt

Let me know what you think, tell me your opinions and help me create an incredible resource for you.

If you have a question, email me at john@simpleprogrammer.com

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