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These days, almost everyone dreams of working remotely. What do people who already work this way say? Listen to Joe Howard, CEO of WP Buffs, share his experience. Show notes ↓

0:48 – How to manage work remotely https://youtu.be/nDYQ6s7MEp0?t=48s

4:10 – Combination of remote work and family life https://youtu.be/nDYQ6s7MEp0?t=4m10s

5:18 – Tips for better productivity https://youtu.be/nDYQ6s7MEp0?t=5m18s

9:05 – Tools and applications that help stay focused https://youtu.be/nDYQ6s7MEp0?t=9m05s

2:22 pm – Finding time to rest https://youtu.be/nDYQ6s7MEp0?t=14m22s

18:04 – Managing a business with a spouse https://youtu.be/nDYQ6s7MEp0?t=18m04s

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Successfully working remotely when your significant other doesn’t


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