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Learn ALL the key steps needed to create a dynamic website powered by AJAX Quick Update, which will be updated on the fly without refreshing the page.

Learn in LOGIC STEPS how: –

– Structuring a website with HTML5
– Apply a style to this frame with cascading style sheets (CSS)
– Download and install XAMPP, allowing your machine to work as a local web server
– Connect to a database using MySQLi and retrieve and insert records using prepared instructions, one of the recommended ways to ensure the security of the database
– Replace static HTML with dynamic content from the database using MySQL embedded in PHP
– Improve the appearance and functionality of the site with jQuery
– Combine CSS, jQuery and AJAX to update the database and HTML on the fly
– Put in place essential security procedures to protect the project against piracy
– Download the project to your host.

All the great technologies you need in this comprehensive, complete and perfectly organized course available in both video and E-BOOK formats to suit all learning styles.


What my students say about the course:

This is definitely the "Ultimate" course on web development

"I would like to thank the instructor Dr. Richard Stibbard for designing a web development course as well organized and comprehensive as possible, using the latest trends and techniques. This course is very well organized and Dr. Richard knows what He teaches: every lesson is meaningful and every word he says is in your brain.I'm a big fan of this course and I can not stop myself from writing and writing to rent enough about it. It's by far the best course on web development to take and I can say that because I've taken other courses on Udemy and trust me, they're disappointing all at one point.But 5 stars to Dr. Richard and his course.And finally, I want to add the best thing about this course is and every time you have a question, you write about it and you will get the answer specify in a day.

Thank you very much to Dr. Richard !!! "- Aprajita Sambyal

"The gold standard: this course is the model that other Udemy developers should use to develop their courses, very complete, very professional and I've also learned a lot!" Tony

"A comprehensive and challenging introduction to the development of dynamic and modern websites, one of the best on the Web, which should serve as a template for almost anyone planning to teach on the Web. The fact that you have done a complete end-to-end course is impressive: the fact that all code examples work to shame makes almost every programming book and most courses on the web. – Paul W

"One of the best courses available on this topic, Dr. Richard Stibbard does not rush into his explanations, his statements and his points are clear and concise, he lets you see what, why and how he asks you to working on the rest.I have followed many online courses and this is by far the nicest I have had the opportunity to participate in. For Dr. Richard Stibbard, all that that I can say, it's "thank you". – William P.

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Sign up for the full course at https://www.udemy.com/build-an-instant-update-database-interface-with-jquery-ajax/

Join more than 9000 happy students who are already taking the course! .

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