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Let's see wat are the 5 best programming languages ​​to learn in 2018.

At number 5, we have PHP.

You may be wondering why PHP exists in this list of 5 programming languages?

Let me give you some interesting facts about PHP.

It's very easy to learn and free to use (open source).
open source means that the original source code is available for free and can be redistributed and modified.

PHP is installed on almost all web hosting servers.
So, if you have created your website using PHP and want to make it available on the internet, you can choose
just any hosting provider and deploy your website to the server .. and it works well.

Did you know that almost 30% of all websites that exist on the Internet are powered by Worpress? .. it's massive no?
WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and maintain simple and beautiful websites without the need to learn to code.

WordPress uses PHP as a programming language.

So, there are a lot of clients who have a WordPress site and most of the time, they need to add a feature to their website. So there is a lot
an opportunity to work for these clients by helping them to improve their worpress website using PHP.

At number 4, we have C #.

C # is mainly used to develop applications that run on the Microsoft platform.

C # is becoming more and more popular now because with C # we can not only create a desktop
and web applications, but also mobile apps for Adroid and IOS phones using Xamarin.

According to a survey by StackOverFlow, nearly 38% of developers use C #.
According to Gooroo Worldwide's salary analysis, the average global salary of C # developers is over US $ 73,000.
and more than 11,000 jobs are announced each month.

number 3 is for Java.

From time to time, many new programming languages ​​are introduced.
But even after 22 years, java has not lost its popularity. One of the reasons

why Java is so popular is because it's platform independent. What does it mean, it can work on almost any device.

Even Android apps are written using Java.
According to Gooroo Worldwide's salary analysis, the average global salary for Java developers is $ 94,000 and more than 19,000 jobs are advertised each month.

At number 2 we have Python

Python is an extremely easy language to learn.
Python is becoming more popular in recent years because it is perfect for data analysis applications, machine learning and in-depth learning.
Python is also popular for Webdevelopment (using django), game development, and image processing. So, python has a lot of libraries or packages to
do almost everything.
According to Gooroo Worldwide's salary analysis, the average worldwide salary of python developers is over 95,000 US dollars and
more than 11,000 jobs are announced each month.

It's no surprise that at number 1 we have Javascript

Javascript has always been the best programming language for a long time and it will continue to be in this position.
Each browser supports javascript and almost all websites use javascript. Javascript was originally designed to work on the client side. But with node.js,
javascript knowledge can also be used to work on the server.
1) According to a survey by StackOverFlow, nearly 85% of developers are actively using Javascript.
2) There are more than 20,000 monthly job postings worldwide for JavaScript skills.

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