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Recently, I had an idea. What would happen if there was a Web system that allowed organizations to make decisions effectively? Despite recent technological advances, our government and our organizations still rely on time-consuming decision-making systems. My project idea of ​​top honors is to build a web application with which people can easily participate in democratic decision-making. I will provide search context, text and video content, and support capital, and I need your help with the software. I'm just starting out with programming, so I really need your help to turn this idea into reality. Here are the basic features that I anticipate: 1. A virtual forum for debate, where any member of the organization can address a topic of discussion. Once a subject receives enough interest (perhaps a Reddit-esque voting system?), A message will be sent to all members for a democratic vote. 2. He must be dead simple and super easy to learn. Potentially, millions of people will use this software, and most of them will be illiterate. 3. It should be very easy to sign up and start contributing. The integration of Facebook and Google is a must. 4. Possible integration with Livestream.com or a similar service where any member of the community could host a live webcast and other members could view and comment in real time. Before we continue reading, we both know that $ 800 is not enough to compensate you for undertaking this project. The fact is that I have a very ambitious idea and a very small budget. That's why I ask you, as a programmer, to take charge of this project by the kindness of your heart and your desire for wealth. In summary, if you propose to undertake this project, you agree to produce the software and be ready to make changes for one year after completion. You will receive $ 100 upon signing the contract with me, and $ 700 after completing the beta version of the software. I only have one requirement for my partner. You must be able to show me that you can do the job. You must be able to prove to me that you have the knowledge, the experience and the courage to develop world class software. How you choose to prove to me this is your choice. The following items would be helpful, but not necessary: ​​1. Years of training and / or relevant work experience. 2. Examples of software that you have designed that are similar to my idea. 3. Expertise in graphic design. I want the application to be beautiful and work well. So what are you waiting for? Write an email or make a video telling me why I should choose you! Send your answer to neilthenerd1@gmail.com I will choose 5 programmers in 1 week and contact them for more information. I will then proceed to choose the right man or woman for the job, based on demonstrable skills and references.

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