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How to make a website in 2018 for free – If you want to make a wordpress site in 2018 then watch this video until the end because I break down the pros and cons of creating your own website and most people will not say it not you the truth about wordpress or website creation.

How to Make a Website That Earns Money – You must have a sales funnel attached to your website because the sales funnels are what will really make money and here is why.

Maybe you've seen Lazy Ass Stoner Jay show you "How to make a website in less than 10 minutes" then you try to create your WordPress site and you realize how frustrating it is to create and make sales profitable. to your problem.

Pro to have your own WordPress site:

1) Improves Credibility – When you approach other companies and ask them to see your website if you have it set up correctly, this can improve your credibility.

2) Diversifies Revenue Streams – On your website, you can insert all your affiliate marketing businesses into one place for your prospects to buy so that they do not have to go anywhere else.

3) Can be ranked on Google – If you SEO your website properly, you can rank on google to be seen organically by more people.

Against creating your own WordPress website:

1) Takes TIME & MONEY to configure properly – If you do not set it up correctly, your website will be neglected and will not make sales.

2) Terrible for Cold Traffic – If you are running Facebook, Youtube or Instagram ads directly on your website in the hope of making sales, it will not work because cold traffic needs to be warmed up before it 's cold. be presented in front of a website that does not work. t even convert to 1st place.

3) Creates confusion for sales – Most websites have dozens of tabs and tons of information that overwhelm viewers and make them confused as to what they must do to to start.

Here is the solution to create your own WordPress site so that you can actually have a process that converts leads into sales.

Create a sales funnel.

Disadvantages of creating your own sales funnel:

1) Can seem neglected if done wrong – If you do not set your funnel correctly, it can actually damage your brand, so you have to make sure to set up your sales funnel in the right way so your credibility.

2) Will not be converted unless it's done correctly – Not only does your sales funnel seem sloppy if you do not set it up properly, but it will not convert unless you have the right sales psychology so make sure you pay attention to this video you see what I mean.

3) Limited options for product sales – This is both a con and a pro to create your own sales funnel because people have to go to other funnels to buy other products, but this will increase online sales for the specific products you want to sell. ladder.

Benefits of creating your own sales funnel:

1) Limits options for product sales
2) Build your email list for tracking
3) Cut all the distractions
4) Sales can easily be tracked and scaled
5) Quick to set up with the right software

How to make a website – watch our new video here this video shows you the fastest way to make a sales funnel before you start, first go to https://RunLifestyle.com


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